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What's the difference between sports therapy and physiotherapy?

Sports therapy or sports physiotherapy?  Most people are known to get confused on which one to go for including most of the top athletes and sports people.  So what is the difference between the two? Who is best place to help you with your injury or recovery?  In this article, we will be looking at the difference between the two to enable you make an informed choice when choosing who can help you with your injury and recovery so that you can live and play well again.

Sports Physiotherapy 

For sure physiotherapy is a broad subject.  It is what you need in many instances after you have an injury.  Technically it refers to disease, deformity or injury treatment by physical methods like heat treatment, exercise and massage instead of surgery or use of drugs.

Sports physiotherapy refers to a certified and licensed physiotherapist who specializes in sports conditions. Most people do confuse it with sports therapists.  There are chances they may or may not have extra qualifications which are related to sports.  Sports therapy focuses on musculo-skeletal parts right from the start. Sports physiotherapy Toronto is not bound by any particular guidelines and can always use the best methods for every person.   Sports therapy frequently uses kinesiology techniques.

Sports Therapy 

Sports therapy is an aspect of healthcare that is specifically concerned with the prevention of injury and the rehabilitation of the patient back to optimum levels of functional, occupational, and sports-specific fitness, regardless of age and ability. It does utilize the principle of exercise and sports science as the pathological process does prepare the participant for competition, training, and work where applicable.

Sports therapists do work in fitness centers, gyms, sports clubs, hospitals, and similar areas where they can easily access both the amateur and professional sports people. Most of the time, athletes together with fitness center members do visit sports therapists for advice and consultation on how they can deal with things such as a sprained ankle to something that can be severe like broken rib. The sports therapy field is quite interactive when it comes to clients and patients meaning one will be spending lots of their time advising, examining, treating,  visiting, counseling and treating patients.
In most cases, you will be spending lots of time with people instead of using computers, machines or sitting behind the desk throughout the day.

Depending on the sports therapist level of expertise, one can find him or herself working at a popular sports club or even the national team. This is a very rewarding, challenging and exciting job. In case an athlete gets injured or is in need of extensive medical treatment like physiotherapy or surgery, you might have to work closely with the surgeons or specialists to ensure your patient recovers.


There is little difference between sports therapy and sport physiotherapy.  There are people who never mind if they go to a sports therapist or a sports physiotherapist. All that matters to them is getting someone they trust who can help them get back to their normal shape and fitness level.  However, for top athletes, they are always keen on who they hire or who works with them.  Also, top sports clubs and national teams are always keen on the level of experience of who they contract as they always want their players to be in their best shape possible.  We do hope that you are now able to differentiate between the sports therapy and the staff at sports physiotherapy Toronto can tell who is best suited for a particular task. 

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