Monday, January 06, 2020

Non-Surgical vs. Surgical Hair Replacement

Losing hair is a widespread thing for most people nowadays since most people do not live and eat the right way. In case one has developed bald areas on their scalp, he or she can always try surgical or non-surgical hair replacement. Although all these types of hair treatments seem new to some people, people must know and understand them thoroughly.   So, what is the difference between surgical and non-surgical hair replacement? Which one is the best? In this article, we will be comparing and contrasting non-surgical and surgical hair replacement.

Surgical Hair Replacement 

It is essential that we first clarify a misconception that exists in people's minds. Yes, performing surgical hair restoration will never sort all your hair loss issues. In case the client lacks enough hair donors to be transplanted from one scalp part to another, the hair loss issue will never be sorted out using this treatment type.  When considering the decision of whether you should, or you should not go for a surgical hair transplant, you should always consult a hair expert or dermatologist. There are hair transplant services that are still willing to offer surgical hair transplant services.

Always go to a doctor that has some experience in conducting surgical hair surgery. It is because several donor hairs might have been left, and there are chances they can be implanted incorrectly, leaving you with a baldness patch.  The process can be painful and can be expensive and time-consuming. There are always side effects since you will be getting into surgery.

Non-Surgical Hair Treatment 

Although the hair transplant is a surgical option, non-surgical hair treatment will enable you to get your scalp treatment just in case you are suffering from hair loss. Whenever clients visit a clinic, they will always compare the two available options by putting a surgical hair transplant vs. a non-surgical hair treatment in the picture.  Several clients will always stress that they are not interested in getting their lives affected by the treatment they will be receiving, and in such a case, doctors do opt for non-surgical procedures.  Non-surgical treatment will highlight how their daily life is of great importance to people, and that is what leads to quick, painless, and effective results.

Wigs, sensigrafts, and extensions are some of the non-surgical hair replacement options.

i.    Wigs

These are a perfect hair replacement option for anyone to experience complete or severe hair loss. They do offer an entire full head of hair immediately, so they are the best option when immediate results are needed.

ii.    Extensions 

These are perfect hair replacement options that will help add extra hair to any place it is needed most. They create fullness and volume of hair on your head with the security of knowing the extension will always stay in place.

iii.    Sensigraft 

This technology helps in bridging the gap between traditional hair replacement and surgical hair replacement options. It is usually fused to the scalp by the use of a medical-grade adhesive.


We do hope that the article has helped you to know the difference between the non-surgical and surgical hair replacement. Both of these options are a great option. However, for permanent results, surgical hair replacement is the best, while non-surgical hair replacement is recommended for temporary hair replacement.   Feel free to consult a hair growth expert when you need more details.

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