Monday, January 06, 2020

How to Naturally Treat COPD

COPD, known otherwise as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, is a type of lung disease that makes it harder to breathe. The two most common types of COPD are chronic bronchitis, which causes a persistent cough and overproduction of mucus, and emphysema, which can inflame and damage the lining of the lungs over time. You can use this resource to find out more about the symptoms of COPD.

While COPD is incurable, there are a number of treatments your doctor will suggest that will make it less difficult to live with. These include inhalers, oral steroids, and antibiotics. You can also naturally treat your COPD alongside these medications. Natural treatments shouldn’t be practiced on their own, as you may risk causing more harm to your health in the long run. However, studies have shown that they can be beneficial to patients with COPD when used in combination with medical treatment plans.

Here are the simplest ways to naturally treat your COPD:

1.       Quit smoking

When smoking is the biggest cause of COPD in the US, the best thing you can do for your health is quit. Research indicates that quitting smoking is as hard as quitting heroin or cocaine, so if you’re struggling to quit, it’s perfectly normal.

The key is to not give in – and seek external support where you can. You don’t need to quit smoking on your own. Look for groups to join where you and your peers can motivate one another, speak to your doctor about medical support, and prepare to give the quitting process several goes before you see ultimate success.

2.       Practice breathing exercises

If you’re suffering with COPD, your breathing muscles probably aren’t as strong as they should be. This is where breathing exercises can be really effective. Try diaphragm breathing, where you focus on expanding your stomach when you breathe in, and deflating it while you breathe out.

You’ll find that breathing exercises can also improve your ability to carry out physical exercise, which is difficult for many COPD sufferers.

3.       Improve your home’s air quality

The quality of the air you breathe in is all the more important if you have COPD. Make sure to open your windows every now and then to allow ventilation throughout your home, and avoid common irritants like paint fumes, cigarette smoke, dust and chemical cleaning products.
You can naturally improve your home’s air quality by regularly dusting and vacuuming, investing in an air filtration system, and washing cushions and bed linens frequently.

4.       Manage your stress levels

Many people don’t realize that COPD is linked to mental health, and that stress, anxiety and depression can increase the risk of flare-ups. Deal with the problem at its source and work to reduce your stress levels where you can.

Try out mindful meditation, which is a great stress management technique that can help improve your emotional function and reduce the physical effects of stress. Practicing yoga, taking walks in nature, following a healthy diet, and committing to therapy can also help to reduce stress in the long run.

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