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5 Ways To Boost The Effectiveness Of Thermogenic Fat Burners

Thermogenic fat burners are a popular category of supplements that aim to boost the fat burning process that your body naturally performs. Many popular thermogenic supplements contain research-proven ingredients like Caffeine and Capsaicin.

While the metabolic boost of many of these thermogenic ingredients is proven to be effective in research, the results for the user still depend on other actions taken throughout their daily lives.

According to Legwork, anybody who is looking to lose fat is a good candidate for using a thermogenic supplement. To ensure that thermogenic fat burners do their job of improving rates of fat loss, you must focus on a few things to make the whole process effective.

Here are the 5 ways to boost the effectiveness of thermogenic supplements.

#1 – Ensure A Caloric Deficit

Thermogenic supplements will raise the rate of fat oxidation within fat cells. However, that doesn't automatically mean you will be losing fat.

Instead, the fatty acids enter the bloodstream and are either burned off as energy or stored again, as fat, for later use. If you aren't eating a caloric deficit daily, the increased thermogenic effect will just move fatty acids around in your body instead of burning them off.

Eating in a caloric deficit requires the body to increase available energy from its stores, which could be glycogen/glucose, amino acids, or fatty acids. Since the thermogenic compounds are already working to boost the rate of fat oxidation, there will be free-floating fatty acids readily available for energy.

This is the most critical factor in ensuring that the thermogenic works to lose fat.

#2 – Exercise Regularly, Especially Around The Time You Take A Thermogenic

Exercise, whether it be weight training or cardiovascular exercise, can boost fat oxidation. If you take a thermogenic before your workout, perhaps in the form of a stimulant-based pre-workout, you are increasing your rate of fat oxidation by utilizing more pathways.

Since you need more energy during a workout than when you are at rest, it's best to have the most free fatty acids available to ensure more fat loss. By providing you are in a calorie deficit, you are already burning fat during the day.

But, the additive effect from timing a thermogenic around your workout can lead to more results over time.

All you need to do is ensure you are exercising daily, even if only for 20-30 minutes. A simple set up is to alternate strength training and cardio each day.

#3 – Try More Than Just One Thermogenic Supplement

Thermogenic ingredients don't all work in the same way, even if they end in the same result. That means that using more than one ingredient may boost the overall thermogenic effect more than using one ingredient in isolation.

While there isn't much comparative research testing the effectiveness of combinations of thermogenic compounds versus one in isolation, knowing that many of the ingredients have different pathways to boost thermogenesis means that it can't hurt, and will likely boost progress.

A good way to utilize this strategy is to use stimulant-based thermogenic ingredients, like Caffeine and Yohimbe early in the day so it won't affect your sleep. Then, later in the day, you can opt for non-stimulant ingredients, like Capsaicin, leading to an increased thermogenic effect throughout the day with different methods of action.

#4 – Eat Foods That Contain Thermogenics

You don't need supplements to use a thermogenic realistically. Instead, you can focus on natural food sources of these thermogenic ingredients.

For example, Coffee and Green Tea are great sources of natural Caffeine, one of the most efficacious thermogenic compounds available.

If you are looking to increase your Capsaicin intake, you can opt for peppers when prepping your meals. The spicier the pepper, the more capsaicin is present.

Cinnamon also shows promise for fat loss in research. You can sprinkle this in wherever you would enjoy the flavor.

A simple meal plan to include all of these foods could be something like this:
  • Breakfast – Oatmeal with Cinnamon and sweetener of choice, Coffee
  • Lunch – Steak & Pepper stir fry, Green Tea
  • Snack – Protein Shake with Cinnamon sprinkled in
  • Dinner – Chicken Tacos with Peppers
  • Snack – Cottage Cheese with Cinnamon, fruit of choice
This is a simple way to get useful dosages of thermogenic ingredients without even taking a supplement. You can use this idea alone, or in conjunction with supplements to boost dosages and results.

#5 – Be Realistic With Your Goals

This is less about optimizing the use of a thermogenic and more about the fact that realistic goals and timelines lead to better results.

Thermogenics are not magic and aren't going to produce drastic results without hard work and adherence to a plan that is built for fat loss.

Knowing that a thermogenic can boost results should be motivation to stick with an exercise and diet plan that builds on that possibility.

However, many people don't change their lifestyle or eating habits and simply take a pill hoping for fat loss to just happen. That's not how supplements work.

Be patient and consistent, and a thermogenic will do its job!

Final Thoughts

The more effort you put into utilizing all of these 5 ways to boost the effectiveness of thermogenic supplements the better results you will get. The cumulative effect of using all 5 will be much higher than using just 1 or 2 of these methods.

Thermogenics may work for you if you put in the work required to make them effective. Good luck on your fat loss journey!

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