Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Technological Advances in Medicine in The Past Decade

Technology and medicine go hand in hand. The advancements in the technology sector are making a host of opportunities possible in the medical world, improving success rates in complex procedures and treatments. There has been some significant advancement in the past decade, and the trend is set to continue as professionals come up against different diseases and health issues.

A lot can happen in ten years. So take a look at some of the top pairings of technology and medicine to showcase how important each has been for the advancement in medicine.

Fitness and health wearables

Since the inception of Bluetooth at the turn of the century, people are using this technology to track a host of different things and communicate information, including health statistics. For many individuals, this might just be a case of monitoring what calories you burnt at the gym. However, this technology is proving beneficial when used in connection with monitoring health issues. People with chronic problems such as diabetes and cardiovascular problems can use wearables to improve their health and fitness levels. In 2018, Apple also launched a new watch, which featured ECG technology. It was said that people used it extensively during the first few weeks and has been reported to detect some heart variations that the user may not have been aware of previously.

Tailored treatments

Everyone is different, so treating patients in an individual manner has always been a top priority for physicians. In recent years, this is being made possible with biotech such as translation control therapeutics. These drugs can select target proteins to offer a more targeted approach to treatment. This also helps to improve the success rate of treatments for cancers and other diseases and reduce damage to other healthy cells. Moving forward into the next decade, we’ll see this technology developed further to improve the success rate of a range of health issues.


If you’ve heard of 3D printing, then this technology goes a step further with the introduction of bio-printing. To the average person, it may sound like something from a sci-fi movie. However, since its creation, it has been used to regenerate skin cells for burns victims. It has also moved onto more complex areas such as creating blood vessels, synthetic ovaries, and other organs. As professionals progress with this technology, they will be focusing on ways to ensure the body does not reject replicated organs. This alone could save millions of lives across the globe.

Smart inhalers

Many people have asthma, and it is common to carry various inhalers around in case of an attack. However, technology is helping to make sure these individuals use inhalers correctly to manage breathing problems successfully. The introduction of Bluetooth-enabled inhalers gives the user information such as the date and time the last dose was administered. Plus, it tells you if it was delivered correctly. By monitoring this, trials show that using this type of device helped to control symptoms and reduce inhaler use.

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Thursday, April 23, 2020

Staying Mentally Active During Tough Times

There are many times in life when the unexpected happens and you are forced to stay home much longer than you are normally accustomed to. At the time of this writing, the coronavirus pandemic is a big reason why millions of people across the globe are stuck at home. Other reasons for staying at home unwillingly includes loss of a job, lack of transportation, and a medical condition.

Although there are some people who enjoy being alone, continued isolation can result in depression, anxiety, and/or anger. Left untreated and without any intervention, mental illness can result in someone’s regular daily functioning becomes significantly compromised. Emotional disorders can result in cognitive problems such as difficulty paying attention and memory difficulties. They can also result in physical problems such as sleep disturbances, unwanted weight changes, fatigue, and deconditioning.

During tough times, it is very important to remain mentally active in order to stay emotionally healthy. One way to do this is to maintain close social contact with family and friends but being sure to remain a safe physical distance during a pandemic. Active mental engagement differs from passive mental engagement because the former involves being an active participant (such as reading) while the other merely involves being a recipient of information (such as watching television).

Other common type of active engagement includes Suduko puzzles, word searches, jigsaw puzzles, video games, board games, and responsible use of online casinos. When it comes to online casinos, it’s hard to look past slots.lv (see slots lv online casino review) for an impressive assortment of over 160 games and generous welcome offers.

Participating in tasks that are fun, rewarding, and mentally stimulating can go a long way in keeping people mentally active during tough times. However, if you are still experiencing emotional difficulties during tough times despite active engagement, you should talk with your doctor and ask about a referral to a psychologist or other mental health provider. Psychotropic medications can also be considered. It is important to remember that there are now many telehealth providers available so you can receive treatment without leaving your home.

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

What is Digital PCR Testing?

When listening to the news about the coronavirus pandemic and COVID-19, you may have heard the term “PCR testing” used and wondered what it was. PCR stands for polymerase chain reaction. While that sounds intimidating, the term is not as complicated as it sounds. We just need to break down the component parts.

Chain reaction: a sequence of reactions caused by the product of a prior reaction.

Polymerase: refers to an enzyme in DNA that causes it to replicate.

A PCR test is one that takes a very small DNA sample (such as the genetic material within a virus) and quickly makes millions to billions of copies of it so it could be more easily studied and identified. This process is known as amplification. Samples can be taken from a variety of sources depending on the condition. For example, in coronavirus, samples can be taken from the upper nasal cavity.

Different PCR tests can be created depending on what genetic material is targeted by the test. It usually takes a few hours to do a PCR testing. The reason why it may take a week or more to get the results has to do with transportation time to the lab, preparation time, and a backlog of other samples that need to be tested. Some PCR tests can more quickly copy the genetic material and provide faster results.

Unlike standard PCR, digital PCR can partition a sample into thousands of reactions, some of which contain the molecule of interest and others of which do not. During amplification, the amount of target material from a particular person can be quantified as the process is measured in real time. In fact, the total number of positive reactions is directly proportional to the number of positive molecules in the sample.  As a result, a digital PCR coronavirus test can identify the viral load (amount of virus present) in a particular patient. This can better inform people on how contagious someone is.  It can also help detect rare mutations and genetically modified organisms.

Digital PCR avoids the undercounting of target molecules by applying a statistical modelling technique that makes is capable of analyzing complex mixtures. By increasing the volume of samples analyzed, digital PCP can identify rare individual targets, increasing sensitivity. Digital PCR is also more accurate and precise than standard PCR. Further, it does not require reference to an external reference standard. Discover the simplicity of digital PCR with https://www.stillatechnologies.com/

Friday, April 17, 2020

Common causes of death in the over-65 range

Around the age of 35 to 40, doctors begin to take slightly greater interest in our bodies. This is because we have entered a risk category previously unknown to us in our youth. We’re not talking about the onset of advanced seizures and our various organs exploding without any warning whilst standing in the queue at the post office. No. Think more along the lines of cholesterol, diabetes, and depending on our lifestyle, early stages of cancer (cancer comes in different stages, see stage 4a lung cancer for example). Let’s look at some of the leading causes of death in the over 65 age range.  

Heart disease

Heart disease is an umbrella term that covers a host of issues relating to the thing that goes thump in your chest. If you have diabetes, high blood pressure, weight issues, drinking problems, and if you smoke and don’t eat a particularly healthy balanced diet, you could be at high risk of heart disease above the age of 65. The conditions covered by the terminology include heart arrhythmia, heart attacks, and heart failure.


People who suffer from cardiovascular and respiratory diseases (some of which are mentioned above) are at increased risk of suffering the onset of symptoms of pneumonia. In simple terms, pneumonia is a type of chest infection that results in a swelling of the lung tissue. Viruses and other conditions known to cause pneumonia are more prevalent in the colder winter months, meaning that those at risk should seek to avoid the disease by seeking vaccinations, by stopping smoking, and by practicing good personal hygiene (i.e. washing hands).

Accidents in the home

Believe it or not, falls represent more than 50% of accidental recorded deaths in the over 65 bracket. As we age, our ability to renew our cells becomes less than perfect. This means that, over time, our bodies and our senses in general begin to deteriorate. For example, you could experience a combination of certain disorders relating to balance, eye sight, and your reflexes, which together contribute to a higher risk of falls in the home. Fractures that result in immobility can mean that you are unable to seek help, and could mean an untimely demise as a result of a simple trip. Exercises are available to assist with strength and balance. Try to wear flat soled shoes for extra balance and grip.

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Readjusting Your Relationship to Stress

There are many people who believe that you have to operate with stress in your life. It's just a necessary evil for many people. However, stress is actually a silent killer. You don't want to cultivate a lifestyle where stress becomes your norm. While you can't always control the number of stressful experiences that come into your path, you can control your response. Consider some of the effective ways you can readjust your relationship to stress.

Listen to understand
If someone has criticism for you, listen to understand. Don't just focus on ways that you can retort back with a hurtful comment or an argument in your defense. Really take time to listen without reacting. Everything doesn't need to turn into an argument. When you yell or become emotionally engaged on a negative level, this can wreak havoc on your immune system. Instead, focus on listening to understand. Process what others are saying, and calmly do your best to respond.

Be mindful of your emotions
Your emotions will run wild if you allow them to. This is why it's so essential to maintain a strong sense of control. You have the power to control your emotions. Even in the times when things feel out of control, you can always take a moment to take a deep breath. If you feel yourself getting upset, take a second to figure out why. Then, discover if the trigger is worth that emotion. Anger and other negative emotions can be so energy-depleting.

Improve your nutritional habits

When you're consuming tons of caffeine, sugar and empty carbs, you're not giving your body or your mind a chance to thrive. Instead, fill your body with the foods that will empower you to feel your best. When you're able to feel and think clearly, this will make a difference in how you respond to certain situations. It's also okay to take vitamins and supplements to regulate your mood. If you struggle with focusing, this might be an indication of a mental health issue that's more serious. As you work on improving your nutritional habits, consider CBD products that are shown to help with improving mental health. You can take supplements and other forms of CBD in order to gain the health benefits.

Take more time for vacations and rest

No one should work for weeks without rest. Even if it's just one day each week, it's so important to have downtime for relaxing and decompressing. When you're constantly on the go, you're going to burn yourself out. Instead, regularly schedule one day a week to relax. Remember to take vacations as well. Even if you just travel to the neighboring state for a weekend trip, getting away can help you experience some reprieve from the hectic pace of life.

As you work towards incorporating these methods into your life, you might get some resistance from those around you. This is because you're actively working to improve your life. When you're trying to change your life, some people might want you to remain the same. Even when you get resistance, know that this is for the best. Your life will be better because you've adjusted your relationship to stress. When you focus on the way you're improving your life, the other voices won't matter anymore.

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Tuesday, April 14, 2020

The Benefits of Hand Sanitizers During a Pandemic

Fight Coronavirus with Hand Sanitizers
Source: Pixabay

Today, the world is in shambles over the COVID-19 pandemic as it has cost thousands of lives across the globe. But there are ways you can protect yourself from the coronavirus. Proper hygiene is one of the best methods to protect yourself from getting infected. Aside from hand washing, hand sanitizers can help clean your hands. Let’s learn why hand sanitizers are important during this pandemic.

Benefits of Hand Sanitizers
Handwashing is important to reduce germ transmission. But there are moments when we cannot find access to soap and water. With the effectiveness of hand sanitizers to disinfect ourselves, they are now found in the entrances of establishments.

Reduces the Risk of Transmission
According to statistics, 1 out of 5 people does not regularly wash their hands. 3 of those who wash their hands do not use soap. Thus, the presence of hand sanitizers in key areas, like airports, public bathrooms, and offices, can help people clean their hands and kill harmful bacteria.

There are several studies conducted that claim that hand sanitizers have decreased the risk of spreading diseases. It has mostly helped those families who suffer from gastrointestinal infection and respiratory infection. Moreover, schools have presented their data. It shows that classrooms with hand sanitizers reduce student absenteeism.

Moisturizes the Skin
The routine of handwashing removes oils on our skin leading to dryness. Hand sanitizers are commercially prepared and have ingredients that help with skin dryness while fighting off germs. They have antioxidant and organic-formulated ingredients to soothe the skin cells.

Sometimes, we want to do things quickly which is why we do not practice good hand hygiene. Hand sanitizers are convenient to use as they are easy to use and portable. You can bring them anywhere to sanitize your hands. They are convenient, especially when you are outside the house without water and soap available for handwashing.

Reduces Waste
Some people use extra precaution by using paper towels or gloves to groceries, opening doors or touching something unsterile. More so, when these precautions are not properly used, this will lead to cross-contamination. Thus, using hand sanitizers after work, groceries, and doing chores will not only help reduce the chances of getting infected but also help in controlling waste.

When to sanitize your hands?
In the context of preventive measures for COVID-19, it is important to wash your hands and use hand sanitizers during the following situations:
  • Before and after you eat a meal.
  • Before, during, and after you nurse a sick person.
  • After you sneeze, cough, or blow your nose.
  • After you visit a public place.
  • After touching surfaces outside the house.
For us to avoid catching the coronavirus, sanitization is the best prevention. If you cough or sneeze with people nearby, practice cough etiquette, and wash or sanitize your hands with hand sanitizers.

When you get home from grocery shopping, sanitize the clothes and shoes you use. Disinfect your home from time to time, as your movements from the outside will bring microorganisms to your home.

How much sanitizer should you use?
When using hand sanitizers, it is advised to only use a small amount. Thus, to effectively apply the hand sanitizer, only pour a thumb-sized amount on the palm of your hands and rub them thoroughly. Do not forget to include nail beds. You will know if you used enough sanitizer as it will take more than 15 seconds to dry on your hands.

However, before you use or purchase a hand sanitizer, make sure to check its active ingredients. The type of alcohol content should be isopropanol, ethyl alcohol, or ethanol. More so, be attentive to the alcohol concentration, it should be between 60 percent to 95 percent. Alcohol content that is less than 60 percent is not effective for killing microorganisms.

Handwashing vs. Hand Sanitizers

Source: Pixabay

The body parts that most in contact with surfaces, people, and ourselves are our hands. We need to keep them clean to prevent the spread of disease-carrying germs. With handwashing and hand sanitizers, we are already limiting the transmission of germs.

Hand sanitizers are stapled in bags and purses making them always accessible. You can immediately sanitize your hands in the absence of water and soap.

Most hand sanitizers are effective in neutralizing viruses and bacteria, but not all. Also, some have residues making them uncomfortable. Hand sanitizers are more expensive than hand soap. That us why it is best to check the quality of the hand sanitizer first.

Meanwhile, hand washing effectively kills and removes viruses from your hands. It can thoroughly remove debris and dirt on the skin by physically rubbing and rinsing your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.  As much as possible, washing hands with water and soap is recommended to ensure that all areas of the hands and wrists are clean.

When correctly used, handwashing and hand sanitizers are both good hand hygiene practices. They are both effective at killing pathogens, bacteria, and germs. But, when it is not convenient to wash your hands, such as in public places like grocery stores and banks, having a hand sanitizer is the most convenient option.

Final Thought

The COVID-19 pandemic has given stress to every aspect of our lives. Regular hand washing and hand sanitizers have a great role in preventing coronavirus. Proper hand hygiene with a hand sanitizer has several benefits - it reduces transmission, moisturizes the skin, and you can bring it anywhere. Keep yourself protected!

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Monday, April 13, 2020

How to Automate Patient Care Workflow

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Thursday, April 09, 2020

CBD Salve & CBD Topical - The Difference Between CBD Salve Products

For the longest time, people have suffered immensely through the problematic issues of having a chronic pain disorder and having to live with it daily in their lives. This can be problematic for a number of issues as those in manual labor jobs have to work and lift boxes and other products. This can be troublesome due to the immense pain and stress they have in the specific areas which are affected. 

Products such as deep heat and other muscle-relaxing products can only go so far to control the pain and have to be applied daily and early to really affect the person and improve quality of life.  Therefore, a lot of these people have been turning to CBD oil products such as topical creams for help in controlling pain when it is associated with either chronic pain disorder or arthritis. These products have been slowly but surely making the rounds as more and more consumers are becoming aware of the benefits and positives of the products available in the marketplace. As such, manufacturers and suppliers have been ramping up production of these products and trying to invite them so they are more consumer-friendly.  However, the main problem with these products is that there is not enough information out there as to what the benefits are to the consumer in question.

Many people still have a stigma around and CBD oil and its association with cannabis. There is still a very strong group of people who feel that CBD will get them high but this article is here to help deal with some of the myths and differences that can be found between CBD oil topical creams and CBD oil salves.

What are CBD topical creams?

Topical creams are that which moisturize the skin by means of applying it to a specific area that has been inflamed or has swelling within it. When the CBD oil-infused topical cream is then applied to the area, it helps with reducing the inflammation in the area and also provides soothing pain relief.  Some of these products are used in accordance with other moisturizing creams as sometimes they can contain other elements which users can benefit from. This can include essential oils that moisturize the skin or prevent spot outbreaks.

The main difference between CBD oil topical creams and CBD salve is that moisturizing creams are usually water-based whereas cells contain more fatty oils which in contact with the skin will not provide moisturization. They will provide a better feeling of contact on the skin when the area is inflamed and usually provide a better delivery method in terms of dealing with swelling. Therefore, when recommending a product for muscular pain, CBD oil salves are considered a superior product than that of CBD oil topical creams due to the fact that they better control pain than the latter. If you need to purchase any kind of lotions or creams then please visit here: https://www.akcannabisclub.com/best-cbd-salve-for-pain.

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Saturday, April 04, 2020

Things to Avoid After Going to a Chiropractor

You go to a chiropractor for possible adjustments. You will receive an assessment first before the procedure begins. It could take a while, depending on the severity of the problem you experience. Some people start to feel better after only one visit to the chiropractor. Others require regular care to alleviate the pain.

The key to a quick recovery isn’t only the choice of a chiropractor, but on how faithful you are in doing the post-procedure care. These are the things to avoid after the adjustments.
Sitting down for a long time

You have to try your best to avoid sitting for a long time. Try walking around first to give your spine more range of motion. As you start to keep walking, your body adapts to the adjustment. It enables you to recover and avoid pain when you change your movements quickly.

Not drinking enough water

You have to keep yourself hydrated all the time. Water is essential in helping your body heal. You need to drink at least half your body weight in terms of ounces each day. After the adjustments, you might need even more.

Sleeping on your stomach

Be conscious of your posture when sleeping. You need to sleep on the side or back, and not on your stomach. It helps align the spine and keep the adjustments in place. Make sure that you choose a pillow that allows your head to stay even with your shoulders. If you continue this proper posture even while asleep, it helps in maintaining correct spinal alignment.

Doing rigorous activities immediately

You have to wait for a while before getting back to your routine. If you love going to the gym, you need to select the equipment to use. Don’t strain your body. If you feel exhausted or if the adjusted area hurts, you have to stop. You can return to your regular schedule later once you fully recovered. It might take a while, but it’s best for your long-term recovery.

Not having another appointment

You might feel a lot better on the first appointment with your chiropractor. It might send the wrong message that you don’t need help anymore. The truth is that if you wish to recover fully, regular chiropractic care is necessary. If you don’t, the pain goes away for a while before it comes back. You also need to update your chiropractor about how you feel. The next adjustments depend on the success of the previous sessions.

Hopefully, you will soon recover from the pain and start to feel better. Don’t hesitate to contact your chiropractor if you suddenly feel pain. You can also compare the choices if you’re uncertain whom to partner with. Check out the best chiropractor Surrey has to offer - if you live in the area.

Several people stopped feeling bodily pains because of regular chiropractic care. There’s no need for you to undergo surgery or medication if you will start feeling better with chiropractic.

Image: https://unsplash.com/photos/a9pFSC8dTlo

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Thursday, April 02, 2020

Why Fitness Is the Essence of Overall Wellness

Fitness, fitness, and fitness! Why does everyone always talk about fitness? Because it is the bottom-line when it comes to keeping up with our overall wellness. A great many people carry the idea of fitness in the wrong way. They think that it is very daunting to stay fit and well whereas it is not as difficult as it seems. Fitness is not calculated by the outer side of a person. Fitness levels are not something that the fittest people cherish about. This is why it is absurd to have impractical views towards fitness. The health of your heart determines how  fit you are in reality.

There are times when people happen to be fit without a fit-looking body. It is not always important to look fit. The internal fitness is something that actually matters. In other words, cardio fitness is the king when we talk about fitness. A person who is serious regarding his fitness will surely direct his energies to enhance his heart health. The overall wellness depends on how healthy your heart is. All other aspects including strong muscles, lung capacity, strong bones, weight loss, etc. highly depends on your heart health.

The Theory of Fitness

In this modern world, the idea of fitness has been complicated. We have already forgotten the legitimate definition of fitness. What we often think is that a fit-looking body is everything that fitness revolves around. Well, that’s not quite true. The ability to carry out all of our daily chores without any complication is what the legitimate definition of fitness is.  A person who is cautious about his/her fitness will surely be able to accomplish all daily chores with vigor and alertness. People in the 80s or 90s used to be a lot more fit than we are right now. They had been quite active both physically and mentally.

In the old days, fitness was almost unknown to a great many people. However, in today’s world, we are filled with a lot of diseases in the world. Many people do not engage enough with physical activities. Many people also sit down on the chair at the office all day long and do not get a chance to engage in any physical activity throughout the day. This is the main reason that we are jampacked with plenty of lifestyle diseases. The diseases that pop up within our bodies are the main reasons that we talk about fitness levels a lot these days. The absence of physical activities in our lifestyle made us susceptible to numerous health problems in today’s world.

The Importance of Fitness

Many of us tend to lead a life that resembles laziness. The lazy or sedentary lifestyle is the main culprit behind many of the diseases that we come across throughout our lives. People have already come to a point where they admit that physical activities and exercises are important to remaining fit and well. But, unfortunately, all of us cannot engage in these exercises as we tend to have a hectic job life. One method of staying away from some diseases is to engage in regular cardio exercises.

Cardiovascular diseases or heart diseases are the silent killers that have been killing a lot of people all over the globe to a great extent. There are some other health issues such as diabetes, stroke, colon cancer, etc. that are led by the lack of physical activities in our daily life. Regular exercises can help us with numerous health advantages. More importantly, these exercises can help us to fight our ageing as well. For people who  are super-busy with their job life, there are programs like SETINC that may come in handy to manage a daily eating routine, or exercise routine so that they don’t miss anything by any chance.

Exercises for Mental Health

Not only is physical health benefited by exercise but mental health is as well. Regular exercises helps release feel-good hormone endorphins throughout the body. As they release, our brain becomes able to get rid of the stress that we carry. It helps to boost our mood and fight depression and anxiety as well. One secret to having a positive attitude towards life is doing exercise regularly. These exercises can also help to improve our self-esteem. We can finally become able to get rid of insomnia by doing exercise and it can also reduce fatigue, It likewise helps to have a better memory over the long haul.

How Long Should I Do Exercise to Stay Fit?
This is one of the striking questions that keeps the debates going on for years and years. Of course, you are not going to get the same answer from everyone. But, one thing you can be sure that many people are going to suggest is that you engage in exercises regularly. Regular exercises, okay, but how long? Half an hour every single will do the job for you for sure. It is even better if you can continue doing workouts for more than half an hour. Some might also say that doing workouts five days a week is a good strategy. But, if you can manage to engage in those exercises every day, then do it.

Doing exercises makes you feel enthusiastic. Once you start feeling good by engaging in them, you may become addicted to them. Your brain also starts reminding you of doing workouts every day because it can determine what it takes to remain fit and healthy. Hence, engaging in regular physical activity is what you need to make your life easier and more beautiful.

Fitness is the king when it comes to keeping up with your overall health. It is high time that instead of steering clear of it, we embrace it to lead a happier life!

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