Monday, January 06, 2020

How Surgical Headlights Can Improve Physician Productivity

Apart from the traditional operating overhead lights, it is advisable that one also uses an extra source of light capable of providing sufficient amount of illumination like surgical headlights. The BFW Surgical Headlights do offer several benefits than any source of operating light. With the room of operation full of challenges, it can be a bit difficult for one to have a better operating region view.

Surgical headlights refers to a portable light source which is always worn by operators on their head. It can be mounted on the surgical loupes carrier frame or attached to the wrap surrounding the head strap to the eyeglasses frame or to the protective surgical shield. In most cases, surgical headlights are powered by a rechargeable battery. The bulb is made from an LED or a light emitting diode.

Below are some of the ways in which use of surgical headlights helps in improving the productivity of a physician.

1.    Portability 

These headlights are very portable. It provides one with more freedom of movement when compared to the typical overhead lamp. Since they are usually worn on the head, it is possible for one to move around with them from one station to another without having to adjust the light direction manually.  It is small in size and portable hence, does not require big space for storing it.  It also never takes up lots of space in the operation room so you should never be bothered about the space it will occupy.

2.    Economical

The BFW Surgical Headlights are normally powered using a rechargeable battery. Depending on the capacity and the type of battery used, it is possible for one to use the headlight for up to 17 hours in a single recharge. Since recharging of the battery needs a small energy amount, one is capable of cutting down the consumption of electric energy.

The LED bulbs are also known to last longer when compared to the light bulbs in overhead lamps. It means that you do not have to replace the bulbs more often as it is done on the overhead operating lamps.

3.    Ease of Use 

Using the surgical headlights is very easy. One just has to attach them to a frame and turn them on then start using them. It is also very easy to adjust the light direction. In order to adjust the angle of light, one has to move their head towards the right direction.  There is no need of adjusting the direction manually from time to time like other people do with the overhead lamps. With this, they are in a position of focusing more on what they are performing without being interrupted by frequent manual adjustments.

4.    Shadow and Stable Free Illumination 

One common problem with most of the operating lights is that they do cast a shadow on the field of operation. It can be the operators head shadow or the shadow of the surgical instrument. However one good thing about using surgical headlights is that they do offer free illumination. There is no way it will cast a shadow of any body part since they are mounted on the head.


Surgical headlights do offer a uniform and stable illumination. This is one thing you will never have with the overhead lamps.   Overhead lamps tend to produce illumination that is ultra bright at the center while dull on the edges. This can easily cause distortion of color on the operating field. The high quality BFW Surgical Headlights are capable of producing stable light which have uniform brightness throughout the illuminated field.

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