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10 Things You Should Know About Holistic Dentistry

Going to the dentist every 3-6 months has become the norm nowadays. It is a practice that has been reinforced in our minds from an early age and we are, in turn, passing it to our children. What isn’t the norm, however, is the many options that we now have when it comes to dental care. A wide range of new approaches such as holistic dentistry are becoming more and more popular. And speaking of holistic dentistry, here are 10 things that you need to know should you choose this amazing dentistry approach.

1. The mouth-body connection

Holistic dentists believe that any procedure that they perform on the teeth will have a long-term effect on the rest of the body. They also believe that whatever goes on in the body—whether positive or negative—have an impact on the mouth. Because of this important connection, holistic dentists take into consideration factors such as lifestyle, diet, emotional and mental health to determine the best approach for a patient’s dental health and overall well-being.

2. Use of natural remedies

Holistic dentistry focuses more on the use of natural, preventive remedies instead of invasive procedures to take care of common dental issues. This is why Rejuv dentist New York and other holistic dental clinics neither provide crowns and root canals nor use common procedures that are typical of traditional practices. For instance, they use x-ray sparingly.

3. Goes beyond the administration of treatment

Besides the administration of treatment, holistic dentistry advises and educates patients on how dentistry can influence or be influenced by the overall health of their bodies. For instance, they are shown how oral conditions like gum diseases and tooth decay can impact pregnancy and cardiovascular health. In other words, holistic dentistry also focuses on the physical, nutritional, and environmental aspects that may influence a patient’s life.

4. Uses White fillings instead of amalgams

Since they believe that the mercury in amalgam fillings may have a detrimental effect on health, holistic dentists tend to use white fillings instead of mercury-based fillings. White fillings are not only less visible but are also made from safer composite materials.

5. Use of pre-tested dental materials

Although holistic dentists use biocompatible materials, they don’t favor any dental material. They pre-test every filling material to figure out whether it is suitable for the patient, especially based on his or her dental health status and medical history.

6. They shun fluoride treatments

In holistic dentistry, the use of fluoride, particularly in children is associated with weakening of bones, thyroid damage, white spots on teeth, and increased risk of fractures. So, you will seldom find a holistic doctor using fluoride in children.

7. Strict removing of silver amalgams

Holistic dentists follow strict guidelines like those set by the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology when removing silver amalgams. A nitrile or latex is often used to isolate the teeth when being worked on by the dentist to prevent accidental swallowing of mercury and other harmful materials.

8. Use of zirconia implants

Holistic dentists favor the use of zirconia implants as an alternative to titanium implants. Although they are technically considered to be metal oxides, they have a wide range of benefits, including:
  • They don’t conduct heat and electrical energy like titanium implants
  • Gums heal fast and well around them
  • They are less visible
  • Suitable for allergic patients
  • They don’t corrode in acidic environments like titanium.
9. Limited use of painkillers

The use of painkillers is common in the health care industry, including dental care. However, holistic dentists tend to avoid the use of painkillers after most of their procedures. This is part of the whole body care approach that these dentists resort to in a bid to find natural remedies after such procedures.

10. Embraces technology

Contrary to what most people believe, choosing holistic dental care doesn’t mean sacrificing technology-based treatments. It is only focused on minimally-invasive treatments. So, you are likely to find a wide range of state-of-the-art procedures in a holistic dental clinic, including same-day crown technology, high-tech ceramic dental implants, and laser treatments for gum diseases among other technologies.


As you can see, holistic dentistry focuses on the health of the whole body and the use of natural remedies for dental care. Hopefully, the above-highlighted aspects have shed some light on what you should expect when you switch from traditional dental care to holistic dentistry.

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