Sunday, April 28, 2013

Top 10 Daily Medical News Stories (4/28/13)

Here you will find listed the top 10 daily news stories from reputable sources across the internet. No more searching multiple health websites for health news as they are accessible from here. Only at the MedFriendly Medical Blog. Bookmark for future reference.

1. Second Man Arrested in Tainted Letter Case, Officials Report: First man appears to have been framed by the latest suspect for sending ricin-laced letters to Obama and others.

2. China reports new bird flu case in Hunan province: China on Saturday reported its first case of H7N9 bird flu in the southern province of Hunan, the latest sign the virus that has killed 23 people in the country is continuing to spread.

3. Medical examiner searches for human remains amid landing gear debris near World Trade Center: Police say the alley near the World Trade Center where landing gear believed to be from a Sept. 11 hijacked plane was found remains a crime scene until medical examiners finish looking for human remains.

4. Merger of drugmakers Valeant, Actavis on hold: source: A proposed merger of Valeant Pharmaceuticals International Inc and Actavis Inc was put on hold after the two drugmakers failed to agree on terms of a deal that would have created a healthcare giant with a combined market value of $35 billion, a person familiar with the situation told Reuters on Saturday.

5. U.S. agency moves against Nevada hospital cited for "patient dumping": Federal authorities have taken disciplinary action against a Las Vegas hospital cited for improperly sending newly released psychiatric patients by bus to neighboring California and other states in a practice called "patient dumping."

6. Clenching Your Fist Can Improve Your Memory: Clenching your right hand may help create a stronger memory of an event or action, and clenching your left hand may help you recall the memory later, according to a new study.

7. Lying to doctors could be harmful for patients: Telling a white lie to a friend is not always the best idea. Telling one to your doctor could lead to serious health problems, but many still seem to do it.

8. Eating recommended protein linked to weight loss: A relatively high proportion of U.S. women who reported "eating more protein" to prevent weight gain were linked to reported weight loss, researchers say.

9. Reviving A Foe Of Cancer: New research reveals how the tumor suppressor p53 is shut down in metastatic melanoma--and how it can be revived.

10. Justice Breyer Has Shoulder Surgery After Bicycle Accident: According to Supreme Court spokesperson Kathleen Arberg, Associate Justice Stephen Breyer underwent reverse shoulder replacement surgery for a proximal humerus fracture at MedStar Georgetown University Hospital on the morning of April 27th.

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