Saturday, April 13, 2013

Biggest Surgery Myths and How Medical Technology Continues to Grow

We live in a society of great myths, and these myths have transcended traditional folktales into medical science. But the fact is that innovations in medical technologies and procedures are fast putting an end to these myths, especially as they relate to surgery, and rendering them unfounded in the face of modern medical procedures.

Now, with the rise in the interest for cosmetic surgery and the many successes with plastic surgeries, we also have surgery myths that center on all aspects of plastic and cosmetic surgeries – from breast reduction/enlargement to anti-aging and facial reconstructions. What then are some of these surgery myths and how have medical technologies and procedures been able disprove them?

i. Plastic and cosmetic surgery make you look like someone else: This is not really true. There is no way you can entirely look like someone else in spite of the amount of cosmetic surgeries done on you. It is possible that you have undergone reconstructive surgeries because of some injuries you have sustained on your nose, eyes, lips and ear among others, but a perfect cosmetic surgery cannot make you look like someone else after all else has been done. With laser treatments, facial marks would be reduced.

ii. They cut you up with all surgeries: The idea that people are cut up during internal surgeries is not entirely true, because depending on the kind of surgery required, it is possible to employ non-invasive methods to operate on your vital organs without cutting you up. While it is quite normal to fear being cut up and the resultant scars that might follow, you might request for non-invasive surgeries that do not require elaborate cuts or leave scar tissues. But even at that, laser treatments could remove scar tissues and relatively restore your skin.

iii. A face lift reverses the aging process:
A face lift cannot reverse the aging process because after some few years, the toll of aging starts to set in again. A face lift would definitely make you look younger and radiant than your actual age, but it does not stay the hands of aging or reverse its encroachments. You can sure look 5 or 10 years younger, but you will surely feel the hands of aging on your body and spirit. Botox and filler injections may deal with the hollows and laser treatment or microdermabrasion may also deal with scars and wrinkles, but they wear off after some years.

iv. Liposuction induces weight loss: This is never true because you can never lose weight with liposuction. It is true that through liposuction, excess fats could be removed from your body and you feel temporarily light and thin, you still start to put on weight if you continue at those factors that tend to weight gain. Liposuction removes body fat, but it does not stop you from gaining weight again.

v. The plastic they put in you causes discomforts: It is true that they might put plastics in your nose, ear, and other parts of your body if you are undergoing facial or reconstructive surgeries, but it is not true that it causes discomforts or really harms you. When it is used to reshape your nose for instance, it does not interfere with your breathing or even affect your sight, and this is where LASIK eye surgery has come to stay. They only help in reshaping your tissues and firming up your features. This does not mean that there are no risks involved, but you might have to speak to your doctor for reassurances and clarifications if you are ever scared of anything or wish to dispel any hearsay.

These are just a few examples of how, when it comes to surgery, reality is a lot less scary and extreme than the myths circulating in pop culture would portray it. This isn't to suggest you should run right out and have an unnecessary surgery. But don't let unfounded fears delay a serious operation you or a loved one needs.

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