Friday, April 19, 2013

Top 10 Daily Medical News Stories (4/19/13)

Here you will find listed the top 10 daily news stories from reputable sources across the internet. No more searching multiple health websites for health news as they are accessible from here. Only at the MedFriendly Medical Blog. Bookmark for future reference. 

1. Dozens of Okla. dentist's patients positive for hepatitis: They went to the dentist to get a wisdom tooth pulled or perhaps have their jaw realigned. But they may have also contracted a blood-borne virus.

2. Food poisoning on rise in US, survey finds: A crackdown on slaughterhouses has helped cut rates of certain types of food poisoning, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported on Thursday. But other causes of stomach upset are on the rise – a trend that indicates better regulation of meat from hoof to plate is needed, as well as stricter regulation of produce and processed food, the CDC says.

3. Boston Medical Center copes with aftermath of marathon bombing: Physicians at Boston Medical Center said their experiences overseas helped prepare them for Monday’s bombing at the Boston Marathon, according to a news conference Thursday morning.

4. FDA chief defends budget, says agency is taxpayer 'bargain': The head of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration asked Congress for more money on Thursday to improve food safety, police imports and develop countermeasures against chemical and biological threats.

5. Once Doubted Tourniquet Seen As Boston Lifesaver: As people lay badly bleeding in the smoke of the Boston Marathon bombings, rescuers immediately turned to a millennia-old medical device to save their lives - the tourniquet.

6. Experts unclear how China bird flu infects humans: Almost three weeks after China reported finding a new strain of bird flu in humans, experts are still stumped by how people are becoming infected when many appear to have had no recent contact with live fowl and the virus isn't supposed to pass from person to person.

7. New Alzheimer's Treatment May Come From Discovering How Plaques Lead To Tangles: A new study published in the latest issue of Human Molecular Genetics appears to have uncovered an important clue about the link between plaques and tangles in Alzheimer's disease.

8. Light drinking during pregnancy may not harm the baby: Pregnant women who consume one or two drinks a week may not cause any harm to their fetuses.

9. Hard Physical Labor May Boost Risk of Heart Disease, Stroke: Researcher says higher mental stress, lower income could be factors

10. Guideline Changes Have Asperger's Community on Edge: Change in psychiatric manual will fold it into autism spectrum disorders, leaving many unsure about getting needed services

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