Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Top 10 Daily Medical News Stories (4/16/13): Boston bombing and more

Here you will find listed the top 10 daily news stories from reputable sources across the internet. No more searching multiple health websites for health news as they are accessible from here. Only at the MedFriendly Medical Blog. Bookmark for future reference.

1. Boston blast injuries required battlefield savvy, experts say: For the doctors, cops and other emergency personnel who responded to the Boston marathon bombings Monday, it was nothing less than a war zone, disaster experts say.

2. What government tests found in your meat: When you shop for turkey burgers for dinner tonight, you may be buying more than meat.

3. 4-year-old boy in China found to be carrier of bird flu: A new case of bird flu in China's capital, a 4-year-old boy who displayed no symptoms, is adding to the unknowns about the latest outbreak that has caused 63 confirmed cases and 14 deaths, health officials said Monday.

4. Arkansas fails to muster Medicaid compromise seen as U.S. model: Arkansas lawmakers rejected on Monday a compromise measure that would have extended health insurance to more of its low-income citizens, turning back what some saw as a possible model for other states also wrestling with opposition to U.S. government expansion plans for Medicaid.

5. Newtown Families Back Study for Clues to Violence: On Monday, they announced a scientific advisory board for the Avielle Foundation, which was established with the goal of reducing violence.

6. Justices wary of wide human gene patent ruling: The Supreme Court justices on Monday signaled reluctance to issue too broad a ruling about patents on human genes, and some indicated they might seek a compromise distinguishing between types of genetic material.

7. Luminous Bacteria Control Clock Genes In Host's Body: Another new study takes a further step toward revealing the pervasive influence microbial communities that inhabit plants and animals have on their biology. Scientists in the US have discovered that the luminous bacterium Vibrio fischeri regulates the daily rhythm of its host, the Hawaiian bobtail squid, by interacting with its clock genes.

8. Just tasting beer may make you want to drink more: Just tasting cold, refreshing beer -- with no influence from alcohol -- make increase your desire to get drunk.

9. Are Pricey Computer-Aided Mammograms Worth It?: Early breast cancer found more often in large study, but not more cases of invasive disease.

10. Study: Live Music Soothes Premature Babies, Leads to Health Benefits: It's been said that music cures the soul, but research is showing that it might actually help premature babies in a medically verifiable way. By helping decrease stress in infants, several important health benefits have been measured in a study of preterm newborns, according to the journal Pediatrics, published on Monday.

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