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Exercise Helps Conquer Addiction, Says Harvard; San Diego Treatment Center Reacts

Drug poisoning is now the leading cause of unintentional deaths in the United States. According to the Center for Disease Control, in 2016, over 63,632 people died from an overdose on drugs in the United States. And of course, opioids singularly were the reason for at least 42,249 of these deaths. It is mostly for this reason that professionals in the addiction industry remain scrambling to attain more research and methods to treat dependence on drugs or alcohol.

Currently, addiction is one of the hottest topics in the media regarding healthcare for these very reasons. With so many (annually and population-adjusted) increasing rates of fatalities, citizens of the US increasingly wonder what can be done to help stop the wave of dependence - no matter the size of the action.

According to Harvard Health Publishing, one simple activity taken often can assist in someone’s recovery from drugs or alcohol - and there is sufficient evidence to support this claim. This action, perhaps arriving surprisingly to some, is exercise. Harvard, in their article assessing whether exercise can help conquer addiction, speaks about the way physical activity can positively affect a recovering brain.

Claire Twark, MD, the author of the above-mentioned article states: “Animal studies have shown that regular swimming reduces voluntary morphine consumption in opioid-dependent rats, and access to an exercise wheel reduces self-administration of cocaine in rats dependent on the drug.” She continues that “In [her] experience, many patients with various substance use disorders have found that exercise helps to distract them from cravings. Workouts add structure to the day. They help with forming positive social connections, and help treat depression and anxiety in combination with other therapies.”

Most studies on the efficacy of exercise positively affecting addiction were conducted on animals. Although not many human studies exist yet, the results of existing experiments are still quite compelling.

No matter the reason, exercise appears to help curb cravings for drugs and alcohol. One San Diego treatment center is building upon the facts that studies from across the globe, such as the studies cited in Harvard’s article, suggest.

Healthy Life Recovery, a San Diego-based rehab, decided to incorporate exercise into its four pillars to everlasting sobriety. The Four Pillars of their recovery program serve as cornerstones that Healthy Life Recovery’s treatment goals and modalities are based around. The other three (just as vital) pillars involve community, education, and nutrition.

Drugs and alcohol can cause long-lasting changes in an addict’s brain. Luckily, exercise has the potential to reverse this. At the least, exercise can curb cravings, as suggested above.

Exercise, in line with treatment procedures at Healthy Life Recovery, rehab in San Diego, California, increases the amount of the “feel-good” chemicals in one’s brain and provides clients a great foundation

Some academics, doctors, and addiction professionals believe that addiction is a disease, while others believe it is a result of “deep learning”. Either way, addiction is a chronic mental illness that often lasts for one’s entire life. It’s a tough battle to beat, and the statistics exist to prove it.

However, multiple treatment modalities are emerging to help someone recover and stay abstinent from drugs. Now, exercise proves to be one of them.

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CBD Oil Determined By Scientists To Treat Nerve Pain

With the opioid crisis on the heels of America's population, CBD offers a genuine alternative to addictive pain medications when treating nerve pain - without concerning risks for addiction.

At least two million adults in the United States suffer from chronic neuropathic pain. Pain caused by nerve dysfunction is downright one of the most challenging and mysterious types of pain to treat. It seems as though scientists and doctors currently don’t know precisely what causes many types of neuropathic pain and nerve disorders, leaving many sufferers from this chronic pain to fend for themselves.

Scientists have conducted various studies to attempt to discover the source of nerve pain, but it seems that all people can do right now is find ways to treat the symptoms. Luckily, there are some options for those suffering from chronic pain besides pain pills and NSAIDs, like Ibuprofen.

Cannabidiol, or CBD, in particular, is an alternative to pain medications and other chronic pain treatment that has gained significant popularity in the past few years.

This popularity is not without warrant. Scientists are regularly conducting clinical trials and surveys that show, more and more, that CBD oil isn’t merely the new rage. Although a popular and in-trend product, CBD oil might be here to stay because of its legitimately high potential in the medical arena.

Specific studies are shedding a lot of light on CBD’s abilities. Take, for example, one study’s statement about how CBD has more antioxidant properties than Vitamin C and Glutamate, two potent natural antioxidants. This same study also proceeds to mention that CBD is a powerful anti-inflammatory.

In Canada, a particular spray containing one part CBD and one part THC, was recently approved to treat pain. “Sativex®, a cannabis derived oromucosal spray containing equal proportions of THC (partial CB1 receptor agonist ) and cannabidiol (CBD, a non-euphoriant, anti-inflammatory analgesic... was approved in Canada in 2005 for treatment of central neuropathic pain in multiple sclerosis, and in 2007 for intractable cancer pain.”

It seems that the United States is just beginning to catch up in terms of research and media coverage of CBD’s benefits. With minimal, if any, side effects, CBD oil is an extremely safe alternative to many other pain relief treatments, therapies, and medications. CBD oil, against contrary assumption, does not produce any psychoactive side effects, unlike its sibling, THC.

Some other uses of CBD relating to the central nervous system include the treatment of epilepsy and seizures. When used alone or with other phytocannabinoids, CBD has been shown to significantly reduce convulsions. CBD is also able to reduce muscle spasms and relieve anxiety. Unlike many pharmaceutical company medications, using CBD is practically without risk, when taken in proper dosage.

When used in replacement of opioids, CBD tinctures prove extremely successful for treating pain. CBD, a practically non-addictive substance, encourages no dependency, unlike its counterparts in the opioid industry.

Chronic pain can dampen the life of the sufferer and their surrounding loved ones, making it nearly impossible to live life to its fullest, most joyful potential. If you or someone you love is suffering from neuropathic pain, nerve damage, or other types of chronic pain, CBD oil and other CBD treatments could be the answer (or, at least part of it). Be sure to speak with your physician before trying any alternative treatment for nerve pain.

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Postpartum Abdominal Exercises to Regain Core Strength

During pregnancy, your body starts to experience incredible things, including the beautiful addition of a baby in your womb. As you go further into your pregnancy journey, you may notice some changes within your body and muscles. Your abdomen, in particular, goes through the most changes as it expands to house your growing baby.

After childbirth, your body does not necessarily go back to the way it used to be. Aside from the changes in your musculoskeletal system, you also need to give yourself time to recover and nurse your baby.

Once you start feeling up to it, you can go back to exercising. Doing postpartum abdominal exercises will help you regain strength and function in your core for stability. It’s normal to see changes in your post-baby belly, but there are ways to restore its function. If you’re not so sure where to begin, you can also find several exercise programs specifically designed for postpartum recovery.


Taking deep breaths may seem like a simple task, but this is something often overlooked or forgotten. Proper breaths are the foundation for postpartum abdominal exercises since you need to maintain your breathing whenever you do any form of exercise. Whether you’re standing, sitting, or lying, you can take deep, diaphragmatic breaths. As you inhale, feel your abs contract and open up, and as you exhale, feel your abs relax and close.


Lie down on a mat with bent knees, hip-width apart, and arms by your sides. Tighten your core and press down to lift your hips up and squeeze your glutes into a bridge position. Additionally, you can place a small pillow or ball between your thighs and squeeze it, ensuring it does not fall. Bridges help strengthen your hip area, which in turn supports your core area.

Heel Slides

Lie on a mat with your legs straight and your arms by your side. Inhale as you bend your right knee and then slowly slide your right foot until it is parallel to the ground, and exhale as you return to your starting position. Do the same with your left foot, then alternate between the two sides. Make sure to keep your spine in a neutral position throughout the exercise.

Heel slides will help you lengthen your limbs while still supporting your core. Throughout the exercise, you have to keep your core engaged to ensure you do not overarch your back.

Toe Taps

Toe taps are one of the best postpartum abdominal exercises to engage the core while still moving your legs, rather than using your quadriceps or hip flexors to lift your legs. To do the exercise, lie on your back on a mat, then raise your legs to a tabletop position. Be careful and don't arch your back or tuck in your pelvis.

Inhale and exhale as you bring your right foot down and tap it to the floor. Inhale as you return to your neutral position and exhale to tap your left foot this time. Alternate between left and right, and you will slowly feel the effects on your core.

Before you engage in a rigorous postpartum exercise regimen, make sure to consult your doctor and ask if you are ready. Once you receive the green light, you may start by exercising at home for five or 10 minutes, then gradually increase the duration when your body feels ready. Remember not to overexert yourself and only start if you have fully recovered. This way, you will finish every exercise routine feeling refreshed rather than depleted.

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Saturday, January 11, 2020

What to Know When Getting a Medical Aesthetics Certification

Medical aesthetics is a billion-dollar industry. It is one of the 21st-century's most up-and-coming careers. In the US alone, the American Society of Plastic Surgeon (ASPS) has reported that almost $16 billion have been spent in minimally-invasive treatments. Because many of these procedures are quite simple, those who get medical aesthetics certification are qualified to apply these procedures themselves with very minimal supervision.

What do medical aestheticians do?

Medical aestheticians are certified skincare specialists who work under the supervision of plastic surgeons, dermatologists, and physicians. Their main job is to perform non-surgical procedures to enhance skin conditions. Most of the treatments are cosmetic in nature. These include facial massages and skin exfoliation. They may also get to help with IPL, laser tattoo removal, microdermabrasion, and body-sculpting. However, those who work in hospitals may have the opportunity to help burn patients who have suffered injuries. Some will also get to work with cancer patients who have experienced skin problems due to chemotherapy.

How to be a medical aesthetician?
Formal training is needed to become a medical aesthetician. It would be best if you enrolled yourself in an approved general cosmetology school. The time needed to get a medical aesthetics certification varies per school, but it may take from six weeks up to nine months. A good program will provide on-the-job training programs for students so that they can thoroughly practice their skills. A typical curriculum includes topics on aesthetic medicine, skin disorders, physiology, and salon management. Advanced classes on cosmetic chemistry, medical weight loss, and aromatherapy may also be offered by the school.

After taking all the classes, passing all the requirements, and completing all the required on-the-job training hours, you must pass the state-administered examination. A typical exam includes a combination of a written test and practical application. Once certified, you can start applying for a job and improving your technique.

Continuing education

Learning should not stop when you get your license. If you are planning to become a master aesthetician, you need to have 600 hours of advanced training. This will require you to take medical-focused instructions and detailed processes related to the beauty industry. Aside from taking classes, you should also join professional organizations. Examples of these are Associated Skin Care Professionals (ASCP) and Aesthetics International Association (AIA). Being a member will keep you up-to-date with the latest techniques in cosmetology. Furthermore, membership to these organizations will allow you to have discounted workshop rates and insurance premiums. You will also benefit much from its business advice, marketing materials, and networking resources.

Other career paths

Having your certificate will provide you with a lot of opportunities in the beauty industry. Two of the major ones are a skincare specialist who assists patients with skin imperfections and a medical laser technician who helps out in LASIK eye surgery and skin-tightening procedures. However, you can also pursue being a spa therapist or a medical consultant. Additionally, you can also apply as a clinical instructor once you have honed your skills through practice.

Becoming a medical aesthetician is a noble profession. It will take a lot of financial and educational investments if you are planning to pursue this track. However, because of the increasing demand for this field, rest assured that it is a lucrative endeavor. Aside from the profit, you will also get to experience the joy in witnessing people develop confidence.

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Wednesday, January 08, 2020

The best, “joint-friendly” types of exercise for arthritis sufferers

Arthritis sufferers have to put up with severe joint pain on a daily basis, which can seriously affect their quality of life. In the long term, arthritis pain can affect mobility and joint movement, making it harder to get around or complete day-to-day activities. Thankfully, some arthritis sufferers can benefit from the numerous arthritis pain relief treatments and remedies, including CBD-infused topical treatments, natural pain relief solutions, and over-the-counter anti-inflammatory drugs.

Although these treatments do provide relief on their own, they are most effective when combined with good old fashioned exercise. However, physical activity can be no simple task for anyone with arthritis or joint pain. It is important to find exercises that are easy on the joints, but also provide all of the health benefits of a challenging workout, such as improving cardiovascular health, preventing the onset of diabetes, and keeping your weight in check.

In this article, we’ll discuss some arthritis-friendly exercise options that will get you up and moving without causing an arthritis flare-up.

What exercises should I focus on?

The type of exercises you perform is very important. Make sure that you focus on non-weight bearing activities, as these will put less stress on your joints. If any type of exercise causes pain or worsens your arthritis symptoms, make sure you stop and try to replace it with a more comfortable activity. Examples of arthritis-friendly physical activities include the following:

Swimming. Swimming is a low-impact aerobic activity, and one of the most beneficial physical activities for an arthritis sufferer. Swimming provides a whole-body cardiovascular workout, similar to running but much easier on your joints. You can try a medley of freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke to ensure your joint movements don’t become too repetitious. 

Walking. If you’d rather stay dry, try going for a walk instead. Walking is much better for your joints than running, and also a great excuse to get a dog! A brisk, 30-minute walk each day is a great way to ensure you’re keeping yourself sufficiently active. Walking on an incline can boost the intensity of your workout, but be careful coming back downhill as it can put added strain on knee joints.

Bicycling. If you live in a bike-friendly area, cycling around the neighborhood is a fantastic way of staying fit and healthy. Of course, you can also invest in a stationary bike if you don’t want to feel the wind in your hair – they’re cheap, don’t take up a lot of space, and you can watch TV while you exercise.

Yoga. The health benefits of yoga can’t be overstated. Yoga can help strengthen your muscles and increase your flexibility, which may help to reduce joint stiffness and ensure you can maintain a range of motion for daily activities. Some yoga poses can be a little hard on your wrists, so you may want to skip those ones. You can find some examples of arthritis-friendly yoga poses here.

New to exercising with arthritis? Here’s how to get started

Regardless of whether you’ve had arthritis for a while and are looking to become more active, or you’re just coming to grips with a new arthritis diagnosis, physical activity can be very beneficial to your condition if it’s done correctly. Here are some tips to make sure you start your exercise journey the right way.

Start small. It’s important to ease your body into exercise and get a feel for how much your joints can handle – obviously you won’t be jumping into marathon training right away. Try by starting with 5 minutes of exercise twice a day, then if everything goes well, increase to 10 minutes after one week. Continue to increase in small increments until you’ve reached your desired exercise level.

Listen to your joints. Everybody with arthritis knows that some days are more painful than others. Symptoms such as joint stiffness and pain, as well as fatigue, can vary based on diet, sleep, medications, the amount of exercise performed the day before and even the weather. Make the most of your “good days” by exercising, and take a break if you need to on the days when you are experiencing more pain.

Be flexible.
Don’t be afraid to modify your workout based on your symptoms. If something hurts, don’t do it, and if something feels good, do more of it! Remember that any exercise is better than none, so try to adjust your workout when your symptoms are worse so that you can still stay active.

Remember that some pain during exercise is normal – it’s not supposed to be a walk in the park. You may experience stiffness and swelling after you start a new physical activity, and it can take 6-8 weeks for your joints to adjust. Sticking to your new workout schedule is worth it though – you will become healthier, happier, and can hopefully enjoy some long-term pain relief from your arthritis symptoms.

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Things to Do to Effectively Manage Essential Tremors

Essential tremor is a medical condition that affects a small percentage of the population. One out of twenty people is bound to develop this disorder once they reach the age of sixty years old and above.
 If you are diagnosed with this type of condition, life can be somewhat challenging for you. Simple things like drinking from a glass, having your morning coffee, eating breakfast, and buttoning your shirt may not be as easy as before. Sometimes it can make you feel frustrated and ashamed of yourself because you are now dependent on other people for your basic needs.

Despite all of these challenges that you are facing, you should not give up on life. Many patients have continued living their lives to the fullest despite the severe essential tremor symptoms. Do not lose hope because there are a lot of things that you can do to help reduce the tremors making life easier for you.

How do most patients develop essential tremors?

Essential tremor is a progressive brain condition that develops over time. Some patients exhibit mild symptoms (tremors) while they are in their early 40’s. Most patients do not take this seriously since it does not have a significant impact on their lives yet. But once they reach their 60’s, the tremors can start to worsen to the point that some patients are finding it hard to drink from a glass of water or using a spoon to eat their cereal. In some cases, the tremors may affect the head and the voice of the patient, which makes it more difficult for them to socialize in public.

What causes this condition?

Unfortunately, despite years of intensive medical research, there has been no clear answer regarding the cause of essential tremors. Some doctors believe that what is causing the tremors to manifest is an abnormality in the cerebellum. Individuals with this condition usually inherit it from their parents. So if you have essential tremors, there is a fifty percent chance that your kids may inherit this condition when they grow old.

How to effectively manage the condition?

Since there is no cure yet for essential tremors, the good news is that you can do something to manage its signs and symptoms. First, doctors can recommend you to undergo extensive physical therapy to help you build stronger muscles that can help you control your tremors. You can also undergo occupational therapy so that you can function independently in many ways. The second option is to take medications like beta-blockers, sedatives, anti-seizure drugs, or Botox injections in which all of them can help reduce the tremors.

Lastly, if all of the suggestions mentioned above are not effective enough, you should talk to your doctor about the possibility of undergoing surgery. Surgery may be riskier than medications, but some procedures have a high success rate. You may want to consider talking to your doctor about deep brain stimulation and thalamotomy because both methods are known to help alot of patients in reducing their tremors.

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How to find a reputable chiropractor

Chiropractic medicine is well known for being a profession with a variety of techniques and philosophies which make it a great challenge for choose the best chiropractor. Since chiropractic treatment is a crucial procedure, lots of considerations should be given to the type of Scarborough Chiropractor you use. In this article, we will be looking at some of the important tips to enable you get a reputable chiropractor since the high number of chiropractors in the industry has made it difficult for people to know who are the best.

1.    Get Referrals 

You can start by asking the primary care doctor a full list of all the chiropractors. One can also ask his or her family members or close friends and other healthcare providers. Ensure that you do take your time to go through the chiropractors whom you have been referred to checking their credentials and experience.   Call each of the chiropractor’s office to inquire if he or she is accepting new patients as this will help you in narrowing down your list. In case you get one that is accepting new patients, book an appointment and interview the Scarborough Chiropractor.

2.    Research the Credentials

Licensure is one important factor you need to consider when you are selecting a chiropractor. It will help reveal to you if that particular chiropractor has undergone the right training and has the right skills and enough experience to offer the requisite chiropractor care.  Ensure the chiropractor you are about to hire has no history of malpractice or disciplinary issues.  You can always request information on the chiropractors education certification and licenses to check if they are valid.

3.    Consider the Level of Experience

Experience really matters when it comes to issues that deal with your spine and musculoskeletal system. The more the level of experience a chiropractor has with the procedure and condition, the better your results will be. Try asking the number of patients who had the same condition as you that the chiropractor has successfully handled and how many didn’t go well.

4.    Give Consideration to Gender 

One needs to feel comfortable with the gender of the Scarborough Chiropractor since he or she needs to discuss a number of pieces of personal information. Whenever it comes to chiropractic care, the gender is also of great importance. More and more chiropractors are becoming more skilled when it comes to taking care of women and men with different levels. It is important that you check with the chiropractor on the level of experience he or she has in relation to gender.

5.    Quality of the Hospital

There are chiropractors who have some relationship with some hospitals. It is therefore important that you always check on the quality of care being offered at the hospital where the chiropractor will conduct the treatment.  The quality of the hospital does matter since the patients at top rated hospitals do encounter few complications and have high rates of survival. It is also important to check if the location of the hospital is important to you. In case you need to go to any hospital for treatment or exams, you will be interested in a location that will encourage you to be time conscious.


The high number of chiropractors in the market has made it difficult to identify one that is licensed, experience and well trained. There have also been several cases of rogue chiropractors in the market which does pose a high risk to an individuals’ well being. However, with the above factors, you can be sure of getting the right chiropractor to handle your issue. Ensure that you keep all the chiropractors details just in case something comes up  after the treatment.

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Non-Surgical vs. Surgical Hair Replacement

Losing hair is a widespread thing for most people nowadays since most people do not live and eat the right way. In case one has developed bald areas on their scalp, he or she can always try surgical or non-surgical hair replacement. Although all these types of hair treatments seem new to some people, people must know and understand them thoroughly.   So, what is the difference between surgical and non-surgical hair replacement? Which one is the best? In this article, we will be comparing and contrasting non-surgical and surgical hair replacement.

Surgical Hair Replacement 

It is essential that we first clarify a misconception that exists in people's minds. Yes, performing surgical hair restoration will never sort all your hair loss issues. In case the client lacks enough hair donors to be transplanted from one scalp part to another, the hair loss issue will never be sorted out using this treatment type.  When considering the decision of whether you should, or you should not go for a surgical hair transplant, you should always consult a hair expert or dermatologist. There are hair transplant services that are still willing to offer surgical hair transplant services.

Always go to a doctor that has some experience in conducting surgical hair surgery. It is because several donor hairs might have been left, and there are chances they can be implanted incorrectly, leaving you with a baldness patch.  The process can be painful and can be expensive and time-consuming. There are always side effects since you will be getting into surgery.

Non-Surgical Hair Treatment 

Although the hair transplant is a surgical option, non-surgical hair treatment will enable you to get your scalp treatment just in case you are suffering from hair loss. Whenever clients visit a clinic, they will always compare the two available options by putting a surgical hair transplant vs. a non-surgical hair treatment in the picture.  Several clients will always stress that they are not interested in getting their lives affected by the treatment they will be receiving, and in such a case, doctors do opt for non-surgical procedures.  Non-surgical treatment will highlight how their daily life is of great importance to people, and that is what leads to quick, painless, and effective results.

Wigs, sensigrafts, and extensions are some of the non-surgical hair replacement options.

i.    Wigs

These are a perfect hair replacement option for anyone to experience complete or severe hair loss. They do offer an entire full head of hair immediately, so they are the best option when immediate results are needed.

ii.    Extensions 

These are perfect hair replacement options that will help add extra hair to any place it is needed most. They create fullness and volume of hair on your head with the security of knowing the extension will always stay in place.

iii.    Sensigraft 

This technology helps in bridging the gap between traditional hair replacement and surgical hair replacement options. It is usually fused to the scalp by the use of a medical-grade adhesive.


We do hope that the article has helped you to know the difference between the non-surgical and surgical hair replacement. Both of these options are a great option. However, for permanent results, surgical hair replacement is the best, while non-surgical hair replacement is recommended for temporary hair replacement.   Feel free to consult a hair growth expert when you need more details.

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What's the difference between sports therapy and physiotherapy?

Sports therapy or sports physiotherapy?  Most people are known to get confused on which one to go for including most of the top athletes and sports people.  So what is the difference between the two? Who is best place to help you with your injury or recovery?  In this article, we will be looking at the difference between the two to enable you make an informed choice when choosing who can help you with your injury and recovery so that you can live and play well again.

Sports Physiotherapy 

For sure physiotherapy is a broad subject.  It is what you need in many instances after you have an injury.  Technically it refers to disease, deformity or injury treatment by physical methods like heat treatment, exercise and massage instead of surgery or use of drugs.

Sports physiotherapy refers to a certified and licensed physiotherapist who specializes in sports conditions. Most people do confuse it with sports therapists.  There are chances they may or may not have extra qualifications which are related to sports.  Sports therapy focuses on musculo-skeletal parts right from the start. Sports physiotherapy Toronto is not bound by any particular guidelines and can always use the best methods for every person.   Sports therapy frequently uses kinesiology techniques.

Sports Therapy 

Sports therapy is an aspect of healthcare that is specifically concerned with the prevention of injury and the rehabilitation of the patient back to optimum levels of functional, occupational, and sports-specific fitness, regardless of age and ability. It does utilize the principle of exercise and sports science as the pathological process does prepare the participant for competition, training, and work where applicable.

Sports therapists do work in fitness centers, gyms, sports clubs, hospitals, and similar areas where they can easily access both the amateur and professional sports people. Most of the time, athletes together with fitness center members do visit sports therapists for advice and consultation on how they can deal with things such as a sprained ankle to something that can be severe like broken rib. The sports therapy field is quite interactive when it comes to clients and patients meaning one will be spending lots of their time advising, examining, treating,  visiting, counseling and treating patients.
In most cases, you will be spending lots of time with people instead of using computers, machines or sitting behind the desk throughout the day.

Depending on the sports therapist level of expertise, one can find him or herself working at a popular sports club or even the national team. This is a very rewarding, challenging and exciting job. In case an athlete gets injured or is in need of extensive medical treatment like physiotherapy or surgery, you might have to work closely with the surgeons or specialists to ensure your patient recovers.


There is little difference between sports therapy and sport physiotherapy.  There are people who never mind if they go to a sports therapist or a sports physiotherapist. All that matters to them is getting someone they trust who can help them get back to their normal shape and fitness level.  However, for top athletes, they are always keen on who they hire or who works with them.  Also, top sports clubs and national teams are always keen on the level of experience of who they contract as they always want their players to be in their best shape possible.  We do hope that you are now able to differentiate between the sports therapy and the staff at sports physiotherapy Toronto can tell who is best suited for a particular task. 

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How Surgical Headlights Can Improve Physician Productivity

Apart from the traditional operating overhead lights, it is advisable that one also uses an extra source of light capable of providing sufficient amount of illumination like surgical headlights. The BFW Surgical Headlights do offer several benefits than any source of operating light. With the room of operation full of challenges, it can be a bit difficult for one to have a better operating region view.

Surgical headlights refers to a portable light source which is always worn by operators on their head. It can be mounted on the surgical loupes carrier frame or attached to the wrap surrounding the head strap to the eyeglasses frame or to the protective surgical shield. In most cases, surgical headlights are powered by a rechargeable battery. The bulb is made from an LED or a light emitting diode.

Below are some of the ways in which use of surgical headlights helps in improving the productivity of a physician.

1.    Portability 

These headlights are very portable. It provides one with more freedom of movement when compared to the typical overhead lamp. Since they are usually worn on the head, it is possible for one to move around with them from one station to another without having to adjust the light direction manually.  It is small in size and portable hence, does not require big space for storing it.  It also never takes up lots of space in the operation room so you should never be bothered about the space it will occupy.

2.    Economical

The BFW Surgical Headlights are normally powered using a rechargeable battery. Depending on the capacity and the type of battery used, it is possible for one to use the headlight for up to 17 hours in a single recharge. Since recharging of the battery needs a small energy amount, one is capable of cutting down the consumption of electric energy.

The LED bulbs are also known to last longer when compared to the light bulbs in overhead lamps. It means that you do not have to replace the bulbs more often as it is done on the overhead operating lamps.

3.    Ease of Use 

Using the surgical headlights is very easy. One just has to attach them to a frame and turn them on then start using them. It is also very easy to adjust the light direction. In order to adjust the angle of light, one has to move their head towards the right direction.  There is no need of adjusting the direction manually from time to time like other people do with the overhead lamps. With this, they are in a position of focusing more on what they are performing without being interrupted by frequent manual adjustments.

4.    Shadow and Stable Free Illumination 

One common problem with most of the operating lights is that they do cast a shadow on the field of operation. It can be the operators head shadow or the shadow of the surgical instrument. However one good thing about using surgical headlights is that they do offer free illumination. There is no way it will cast a shadow of any body part since they are mounted on the head.


Surgical headlights do offer a uniform and stable illumination. This is one thing you will never have with the overhead lamps.   Overhead lamps tend to produce illumination that is ultra bright at the center while dull on the edges. This can easily cause distortion of color on the operating field. The high quality BFW Surgical Headlights are capable of producing stable light which have uniform brightness throughout the illuminated field.

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4 Ways to Make Your Breath Smell Fresh and Healthy

Nothing is worse than the look of ‘is that your breath?’ when talking to somebody. It can destroy your confidence, can alienate people, and if you have been drinking heavily, it is even a fire hazard.

Jokes aside, having bad breath can really make your life difficult. It can make it so difficult that you would have to spend time alone building up self confidence before you can interact with people again.

However, you should know that there are several ways to eliminate bad breath and in turn restore your confidence. These do not require any special preparation and this means that you would be able to continue your life as normal, minus the bad breath. This means that the only time you will try to avoid human interaction will be when you play online casino games and are deep into a winning run.

Brush Your Teeth Regularly

This is an obvious piece of advice, but you would be surprised how many people avoid it and then complain that they have bad breath. When eliminating bad breath it is important to start with the basics and brushing your teeth at least twice a day is as basic as it gets.

In addition, you might think that brushing your teeth before you go out is more important than brushing your teeth at night, but it is actually the other way around. Brushing your teeth at night lowers the number of bacteria which build up overnight and in turn keeps your teeth and gums very healthy. 

Clean the Tongue and Floss

Lots of people only focus on the teeth and gums when trying to eliminate bad breath. However, thoroughly brushing your tongue too will remove deeply burrowed anaerobic bacteria responsible for that terrible sulphuric smell.

In addition to keeping the tongue clean, breath conscious individuals should also regularly floss. Flossing eliminates bacteria and fungus found in between teeth and can make a world of difference when eliminating bad breath.

Drink a Lot of Water

Drinking more water seems to be the solution to all of your problems these days. However, as worn out as the phrase ‘stay hydrated’ sounds it really is healthy to drink lots of fluids, especially water when it comes to eliminating bad breath.

This is because staying hydrated increases saliva production. More saliva means fewer bacteria in your mouth and that in turn makes your breath smell much better. In addition to this, drinking water really is healthy.

Eat Healthily

This one is probably the most difficult to do of all the things in this list, but as you can imagine it has the greatest effect in eliminating bad breath forever. Changing your dietary habits towards more whole foods has a lot of benefits and one of those is having a very fresh breath.

This is because fruit and vegetables are very easily digested and cause very little strain on the digestive system. This in turn reduces smells which are created when the stomach and gut have to deal with highly acidic or difficult to digest products such as meat and milk.

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How to Naturally Treat COPD

COPD, known otherwise as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, is a type of lung disease that makes it harder to breathe. The two most common types of COPD are chronic bronchitis, which causes a persistent cough and overproduction of mucus, and emphysema, which can inflame and damage the lining of the lungs over time. You can use this resource to find out more about the symptoms of COPD.

While COPD is incurable, there are a number of treatments your doctor will suggest that will make it less difficult to live with. These include inhalers, oral steroids, and antibiotics. You can also naturally treat your COPD alongside these medications. Natural treatments shouldn’t be practiced on their own, as you may risk causing more harm to your health in the long run. However, studies have shown that they can be beneficial to patients with COPD when used in combination with medical treatment plans.

Here are the simplest ways to naturally treat your COPD:

1.       Quit smoking

When smoking is the biggest cause of COPD in the US, the best thing you can do for your health is quit. Research indicates that quitting smoking is as hard as quitting heroin or cocaine, so if you’re struggling to quit, it’s perfectly normal.

The key is to not give in – and seek external support where you can. You don’t need to quit smoking on your own. Look for groups to join where you and your peers can motivate one another, speak to your doctor about medical support, and prepare to give the quitting process several goes before you see ultimate success.

2.       Practice breathing exercises

If you’re suffering with COPD, your breathing muscles probably aren’t as strong as they should be. This is where breathing exercises can be really effective. Try diaphragm breathing, where you focus on expanding your stomach when you breathe in, and deflating it while you breathe out.

You’ll find that breathing exercises can also improve your ability to carry out physical exercise, which is difficult for many COPD sufferers.

3.       Improve your home’s air quality

The quality of the air you breathe in is all the more important if you have COPD. Make sure to open your windows every now and then to allow ventilation throughout your home, and avoid common irritants like paint fumes, cigarette smoke, dust and chemical cleaning products.
You can naturally improve your home’s air quality by regularly dusting and vacuuming, investing in an air filtration system, and washing cushions and bed linens frequently.

4.       Manage your stress levels

Many people don’t realize that COPD is linked to mental health, and that stress, anxiety and depression can increase the risk of flare-ups. Deal with the problem at its source and work to reduce your stress levels where you can.

Try out mindful meditation, which is a great stress management technique that can help improve your emotional function and reduce the physical effects of stress. Practicing yoga, taking walks in nature, following a healthy diet, and committing to therapy can also help to reduce stress in the long run.

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Sunday, January 05, 2020

5 Ways To Boost The Effectiveness Of Thermogenic Fat Burners

Thermogenic fat burners are a popular category of supplements that aim to boost the fat burning process that your body naturally performs. Many popular thermogenic supplements contain research-proven ingredients like Caffeine and Capsaicin.

While the metabolic boost of many of these thermogenic ingredients is proven to be effective in research, the results for the user still depend on other actions taken throughout their daily lives.

According to Legwork, anybody who is looking to lose fat is a good candidate for using a thermogenic supplement. To ensure that thermogenic fat burners do their job of improving rates of fat loss, you must focus on a few things to make the whole process effective.

Here are the 5 ways to boost the effectiveness of thermogenic supplements.

#1 – Ensure A Caloric Deficit

Thermogenic supplements will raise the rate of fat oxidation within fat cells. However, that doesn't automatically mean you will be losing fat.

Instead, the fatty acids enter the bloodstream and are either burned off as energy or stored again, as fat, for later use. If you aren't eating a caloric deficit daily, the increased thermogenic effect will just move fatty acids around in your body instead of burning them off.

Eating in a caloric deficit requires the body to increase available energy from its stores, which could be glycogen/glucose, amino acids, or fatty acids. Since the thermogenic compounds are already working to boost the rate of fat oxidation, there will be free-floating fatty acids readily available for energy.

This is the most critical factor in ensuring that the thermogenic works to lose fat.

#2 – Exercise Regularly, Especially Around The Time You Take A Thermogenic

Exercise, whether it be weight training or cardiovascular exercise, can boost fat oxidation. If you take a thermogenic before your workout, perhaps in the form of a stimulant-based pre-workout, you are increasing your rate of fat oxidation by utilizing more pathways.

Since you need more energy during a workout than when you are at rest, it's best to have the most free fatty acids available to ensure more fat loss. By providing you are in a calorie deficit, you are already burning fat during the day.

But, the additive effect from timing a thermogenic around your workout can lead to more results over time.

All you need to do is ensure you are exercising daily, even if only for 20-30 minutes. A simple set up is to alternate strength training and cardio each day.

#3 – Try More Than Just One Thermogenic Supplement

Thermogenic ingredients don't all work in the same way, even if they end in the same result. That means that using more than one ingredient may boost the overall thermogenic effect more than using one ingredient in isolation.

While there isn't much comparative research testing the effectiveness of combinations of thermogenic compounds versus one in isolation, knowing that many of the ingredients have different pathways to boost thermogenesis means that it can't hurt, and will likely boost progress.

A good way to utilize this strategy is to use stimulant-based thermogenic ingredients, like Caffeine and Yohimbe early in the day so it won't affect your sleep. Then, later in the day, you can opt for non-stimulant ingredients, like Capsaicin, leading to an increased thermogenic effect throughout the day with different methods of action.

#4 – Eat Foods That Contain Thermogenics

You don't need supplements to use a thermogenic realistically. Instead, you can focus on natural food sources of these thermogenic ingredients.

For example, Coffee and Green Tea are great sources of natural Caffeine, one of the most efficacious thermogenic compounds available.

If you are looking to increase your Capsaicin intake, you can opt for peppers when prepping your meals. The spicier the pepper, the more capsaicin is present.

Cinnamon also shows promise for fat loss in research. You can sprinkle this in wherever you would enjoy the flavor.

A simple meal plan to include all of these foods could be something like this:
  • Breakfast – Oatmeal with Cinnamon and sweetener of choice, Coffee
  • Lunch – Steak & Pepper stir fry, Green Tea
  • Snack – Protein Shake with Cinnamon sprinkled in
  • Dinner – Chicken Tacos with Peppers
  • Snack – Cottage Cheese with Cinnamon, fruit of choice
This is a simple way to get useful dosages of thermogenic ingredients without even taking a supplement. You can use this idea alone, or in conjunction with supplements to boost dosages and results.

#5 – Be Realistic With Your Goals

This is less about optimizing the use of a thermogenic and more about the fact that realistic goals and timelines lead to better results.

Thermogenics are not magic and aren't going to produce drastic results without hard work and adherence to a plan that is built for fat loss.

Knowing that a thermogenic can boost results should be motivation to stick with an exercise and diet plan that builds on that possibility.

However, many people don't change their lifestyle or eating habits and simply take a pill hoping for fat loss to just happen. That's not how supplements work.

Be patient and consistent, and a thermogenic will do its job!

Final Thoughts

The more effort you put into utilizing all of these 5 ways to boost the effectiveness of thermogenic supplements the better results you will get. The cumulative effect of using all 5 will be much higher than using just 1 or 2 of these methods.

Thermogenics may work for you if you put in the work required to make them effective. Good luck on your fat loss journey!

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Thursday, January 02, 2020

HVAC 101 – Elite AC Repair Austin Explains When to Call in the Experts

It’s not hard to see why air-conditioning systems have become more than just a mere luxury for many of us. After all, hot weather affects our bodies more than we realize. Not only can extreme heat make it much more challenging to achieve our daily tasks and responsibilities, but prolonged exposure can also make us more susceptible to related issues such as heat strokes too. It is for these reasons that we must look after and maintain our air-conditioners well.

But while preventative maintenance is always a better approach, there’s a limit to what you can do. So to make sure that the system continues to function the way that it’s supposed to, here are just a few of the most common indicators that your air-conditioner needs to be checked by Elite AC repair Austin.

An accumulation of dust and debris is an indicator of an underlying problem 

Air-conditioning units don’t just cool an area. They also allow air to circulate within the location too. So if there’s an accumulation of dust and debris, especially on the vents of the unit, there could potentially be a problem with the system. And in these cases, it’s best not to use the AC. Instead, have experts from AC Repair Austin check the system thoroughly. In this way, you’ll avoid causing any more damage to the system in the event that there is an issue with the unit. It can also help your health as it is not good to breathe in poor quality air.

Strange and odd sounds are another sign that there’s an issue with the unit 

Another tell-tale sign that there’s something wrong with your air-conditioning unit is if it generates strange and odd sounds. After all, most modern systems are designed to run as quietly as possible. And if you hear noises coming from your AC, there’s more than a good chance that there could be a fault in the system. And by running it, you’ll risk damaging it even further.

So if you start hearing noises from your AC unit, especially grating sounds, make sure that you have Austin HVAC repair specialists check the system immediately to avoid any problems from getting worse.

Have the unit checked if it starts producing a foul smell 

It might sound weird, but the odor that the system emits can also be a sign of its condition too. And if it starts producing a foul smell, have your air-conditioning unit checked immediately. After all, there’s a good chance that mold could be building up within the AC, which can also cause health problems. And not only will this impede the system from functioning efficiently, but it can also be a potential health hazard as well.

Just because you lack the knowledge, skills, and tools to repair an air-conditioning system, it doesn’t mean that there’s nothing that you can do to increase the longevity of your AC units. And by taking note of the common indicators that are listed above, you’ll know when to have your system checked by eliteaustinac.com, and as a result, keep it operating correctly.

To guarantee that your HVAC products last for a long time, it’s always better to secure items from leading manufacturers like Trane. After all, there’s no substitute for quality. And by pairing them with good standard practices such as keeping an eye out for the indicators mentioned above, not only will you increase longevity. But as a result, you’ll also get good value for your money too.

Image: https://pixabay.com/photos/air-conditioner-global-warming-3629396/

Wednesday, January 01, 2020

How a Portable Oxygen Generator Helps You Live an Enjoyable Life

Supplemental oxygen therapy is experiencing an increase in demand as many medical conditions are becoming more prevalent with age. Currently, more than 25 million individuals in the US have asthma. Almost 14.8 million adults have Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). COPD is an irreversible and progressive health condition that comprises diseases like emphysema and chronic bronchitis or a mixture of the two.

In COPD, the damaged tissues of the lung and contracting of the airways make it difficult to breathe well. Even though the condition is incurable, its rate of advancement is halted by things like a healthy diet and workouts. Since people with COPD experience breathing difficulties, they need breathing machines known as an oxygen generator to help them breathe with ease.

Previously, patients who needed continuing oxygen therapy depended on oxygen cylinders. These cylinders contained concentrated oxygen and offered purified oxygen, but they were bulky and heavy to carry. Luckily, the advancement in technology resulted in the making of portable breathing machines. The new devices form their oxygen instead of relying on the limited supply.  They are designed to draw oxygen from the air, purify it and keep it.
  • Travel certified oxygen device
Portable breathing machines are lightweight and simple to carry around, assisting patients in living a life without constraints. However, these are not the only advantages. Let's look at other perks for people who need oxygen therapy.
  • The best treatment for COPD
COPD is a progressing lung disease that gradually deteriorates with time. It can’t be cured, but its symptoms can be handled. While the condition worsens, the disease will cause a lack of oxygen, and this means people with COPD require extra oxygen. They might not feel comfortable to travel while on oxygen therapy due to the heaviness of the oxygen cylinders.

So, portable breathing machines are the most effective remedy for COPD patients. The devices don’t have to be filled with oxygen, and they’re compatible. Most of these machines weigh up to 5lbs and can be placed in a small bag. The current oxygen concentrators are powered by batteries that lasts for 12 hours. They also come with an A/C adapter that allows you to plug in and recharge anywhere.
  • Easier travel and improved mobility
Travelling is almost impossible for patients who use oxygen cylinders, and they also can’t fly. When traveling by air, you are exposed to reduced air pressure. Even though this is unnoticeable for many people, they will restrict the capability of people with lung disease to fly. Furthermore, people can’t bring liquid or gaseous oxygen cylinders on planes.

Nevertheless, the Federal Aviation Administration has permitted the use of several portable breathing machines on planes. If you want to fly, confer with your preferred airline to ensure you can fly with your breathing device. If you can disconnect from the device, you can put it in the luggage bag or have it in the carry-on pouch. If you can’t disconnect, you might go through the pat-down check.

Besides air travel, you can move with the breathing device in your car or when you travel by train. Because the device is designed with an A/C adapter, you can recharge the device by plugging into the car charging system. Since the machines compress oxygen in the air, they’re not prone to similar threats posed by cylinders containing concentrated oxygen. Lastly, they are easy to carry since they are lightweight and small.
  • Improvements in every aspect of life
Getting a portable breathing device allows you to improve your lifestyle. For instance, having the capability to move more often will help you enhance your mood rather than feeling lonely in the house. You will enjoy recreational and social activities and visit various places and friends far away from your home.

The machine can enhance your sleep. Set the device to supply an ongoing oxygen flow to allow you to sleep restfully. Once you sleep well during the night, you will have an enhanced cognition in the daytime. Individuals who don’t have enough sleep tend to feel confused when they are awake.

The machines might improve your capability to work out well since you won't have a shortage of breath, and you’ll have enough oxygen required to support the workouts. Because the devices are lightweight and small, you will have unmatched independence and have the ability to do any activity you want.


As you can see, having this machine will help you live a quality life. When it comes to purchasing a portable breathing device, ensure you talk to your doctor. He will advise you on the best type and brand of machine that suits your needs. The doctor will also calibrate the device to ensure you get oxygen therapy at optimal pressures. 

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Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Recent Study Finds That CBD Decontaminates Soil

CBD seems to be shaking the earth with its continually-emerging benefits. Now, one study is even suggesting that its mother plant, hemp, has oddly resilient properties that prove successful in removing toxins from even the most damaged of Earth’s soil. Not only this, but it actually produces more cannabinoids (like CBD) when it is placed in a stressful environment.

In a recent study published in August of 2019 by Pennsylvania State University, hemp (specifically, its Cannabis sativa L. strain) grown on the land of abandoned mines in Pennsylvania demonstrated Phytoremediative properties. Hemp is a non-psychoactive strain of Sativa.

Phytoremediation is a constructed process of removing toxins or obliterating contaminants from tainted soil with plants or organisms, such as fungi and - now - strains of Cannabis. Phytoremediation is a way for plants to protect themselves from the toxicity of their environment and - somehow - mature to blossom into a self void of the dangerous contaminants in which it was grown.

Phytoremediation is a type of Bioremediation, which The Center for Public Environmental Oversight (CPEO) defines as “Processes that use living organisms (usually naturally occurring) such as plants, bacteria, yeast, and fungi to break down hazardous substances into less toxic or nontoxic substances.”

Essentially, the scientists mentioned in the study above were practicing Phytoremediation with hemp plants - something that they notably did not think was going to be a successful endeavor. However, when these hemp plants were grown in highly toxic beds of soil filled with harmful metals and chemicals, their flowers sprouting free of THC - all to the scientists’ confusion.

Toxins from rainfall, unfortunately, leak into the soil of the earth in many areas and can affect the land we walk on and grow our food in. The contaminants in this soil can damage plants, inhibit their growth, and even indirectly make its way into human systems through what we eat. Somehow, however, hemp plants grown in the tainted soil were able to produce a flower that did not contain any amount of the dangerous materials it was grown in.

This is not the first successful exhibit of hemp’s resilience or planet-healing properties. In fact, scientists once began growing hemp around the site of Chernobyl in the 1990s in order to “[act] as a vacuum cleaner for toxic substances found in soil.”, according to Cannvas.me.

To be capable of sustaining its life in an environment of such strong toxins that existed in this minefield, hemp is undoubtedly an extraordinary plant. Although its uses are still controversial, extracting quality CBD oil from it (and now even simply planting it) might prove beneficial for the human race.

Sustainable means of healing our planet are in high demand as climate change presses forward at frightening speeds. Although it could sound too good to be true, CBD, along with all of its other health-related benefits, might actually be able to help clean the earth, too. More studies must be conducted on this subject to reach further, more solid conclusions. However, the results of Penn State’s studies are surely thought-provoking and might spark collateral inspiration to perform further studies.

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Saturday, December 28, 2019

Questions You May Have About the New Wonder Drug-Ketamine Treatment

As a wonder drug for curing depression, ketamine is gaining a lot of traction in the medical world. From the battlefields to the modern hospital settings, ketamine treatment has come a long way. The researchers believe that medically administered infusions of this drug are a revolution for depression treatment. Unfortunately, about 30% of the patients do not respond to traditional treatment methods for depression.

Due to this, the latest studies are focusing on the potential of ketamine that can play an important role in reducing depression symptoms and preventing suicidal tendencies.

But before you contemplate on the merits of this treatment, ask the following questions to know more about it:

What is the potential of Ketamine for the treatment of depression?

The major aftermath of depression is suicidal tendencies in the patient. Ketamine can reduce the chances of life-threatening acts by controlling the harmful symptoms. This drug is also useful for patients suffering from both depression and anxiety.

While traditional treatments and antidepressants may take weeks or months to be effective, ketamine offers rapid relief. It helps those cases of depression where most of the other therapies fail to show effect.

How do Ketamine infusions control depression?

The traditional antidepressants balance the hormones called neurotransmitters, while ketamine directly affects the receptors in the brain. It blocks the NMDA or glutamate receptors that play a significant role in causing depression symptoms.

This process helps in transforming the interaction of brain cells, and also, it affects other receptors in the brain. As a result, it impacts the thought patterns, moods, and cognitive behaviors. Also, ketamine treatment can reduce inflammation symptoms that link to mood disorders.

What are the different types of Ketamine?

Usually, two main types of this drug are used by specialists to cure depression. Racemic ketamine is an infusion that is also known as intravenous or IV ketamine. It mixes R and S molecules to work on the disease. FDA approved this drug as an anesthetic a long time ago, but it is still used as an off-label treatment.

Another type of ketamine is Esketamine or Spravato administered as a nasal spray. The use of these drugs depends on specific conditions and responses of each patient, while there is still ongoing research to learn more about their effectiveness and side effects.

Are there any side effects of Ketamine?

Like any other treatment or medicine, ketamine also has some side effects. It may cause nausea, vomiting, and high blood pressure in some patients. Sometimes, this drug may cause perpetual disturbance where the patients have blurry vision or experience stimulating sounds. The side effects of this drug become evident after the first infusion itself.

What should you expect from the treatment?

Since ketamine comes forth as a potential treatment for depression, you need to discuss your symptoms with the doctor before starting. Your physician may even send you to a Ketamine Specialist with extensive experience in using this treatment for significant depressions. Here, you may expect an initial assessment to find the right therapy for you before commencing the infusions.

With the help of this new medical tool, you may fight depression. But, be cautious and ask relevant questions to your doctor before starting the treatment.

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Friday, December 27, 2019

The Diet To Follow For Low Blood Pressure

Low blood pressure can be the result of a myriad of causes, whether it is simply dehydration or something more serious like surgery. To treat hypotension or low blood pressure, it is important to know what causes it. While normal blood pressure reading is 120/80, a number outside this range may also be healthy because it depends on your age, medical history, and overall health condition. Usually, when the reading is below 90/60 mm Hg, it is considered as low blood pressure.

What Causes Low Blood Pressure?

Low blood pressure may be caused by several factors:

➢    Pregnancy, when pressure falls as the circulatory system starts to grow rapidly 
➢    Heart conditions may trigger low BP and low heart-rate
➢    Thyroid conditions like parathyroid diseases
➢    Low blood sugar, diabetes, etc can also cause low blood pressure
➢    Severe allergic reaction
➢    Severe infections or septicemia
➢    Blood loss because of internal bleeding or injuries
➢    Overall nutritional deficiency
➢    Anemia
➢    Sudden change in body positions
➢    Endocrine disorders
➢    Disorders of the nervous system
➢    Heart attack and heart diseases
➢    Vigorous exercises
➢    Medications
➢    Stress and anxiety

Can Low Blood Pressure Be Managed With Diet?

Low BP without substantial symptoms or with mild symptoms may not warrant treatment. When you, however, do exhibit symptoms, it is best to determine the underlying cause first before you treat the condition. So, if low BP is because of some medicine, you will need to discontinue that medicine or lower the dosage to treat the condition. When the exact cause is not known, you should seek to increase the blood pressure in order to alleviate the symptoms. Low BP treatment is possible when you follow a proper healthy diet.

Dietary Tips For Controlling Low BP:

➢    To avoid low BP and elevate pressure, you should avoid eating large meal portions and excess alcohol. You must not stand up or start working out right after eating.
➢    You need to consume more fluids since dehydration will cause the blood volume to come down and this makes the blood pressure levels fall. So, you must drink lots of water and stay hydrated particularly when you exercise.
➢    Vitamin B12 is needed to prevent anemia which triggers low BP. So, you must include fortified breakfast cereals, eggs, and beef in the diet.
➢    Foods that have high folate content like dark, green leafy vegetables, garbanzo beans, asparagus, liver, poultry, etc can be good for managing low BP.
➢    Salty foods will raise your blood pressure levels; so, you may try to include canned soups, olives, smoked fish, and cottage cheese in your diet.
➢    Caffeinated tea and coffee will elevate your blood pressure temporarily as it stimulates the cardiovascular system, boosting the heart rate.
➢    Licorice tea lessens the impact of aldosterone hormone that regulates salt effects on your body. This tea helps to raise blood pressure.
➢    Just like adding some foods to your daily meals can help you control low BP, there are some healthy eating habits that can prove beneficial. For instance, you should make it a point to avoid large meals. It is best to stick to frequent and small meals. When you consume too much, the pressure may fall as the body works more to digest the foods.
➢    It is recommended that you stay away from processed carbs and high-carb foods. Since these are quickly digested, they can cause the blood pressure level to fall.
➢    If the doctor advises you to consume more salt in the diet, but you are not fond of salty foods, you can consider adding dry-soup mix to salad dressings and dips, and natural soy sauce for cooking.

Lifestyle Changes For Controlling Low BP:

Besides dietary changes, there are some lifestyle changes that can help you manage low blood pressure conditions better.

➢    It is best not to work out a lot in extreme heat, or during the summers.
➢    Frequent changes in postures or body positions may cause pressure to fall. You must change your body position slowly.
➢    It is advisable to refrain from spending too much time in hot tubs or saunas.
➢    Prolonged body rest is best avoided when you have low BP.
➢    Wearing compression stockings can ensure that blood moves all through the body smoothly.

Eating some specific types of foods will keep your blood pressure levels optimal, but, at the same time, you must not do away with healthy foods in the process. So, when you have decided to manage your BP levels through diet, it is advisable to consult a doctor and find out first what is the right BP level for you.

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Thursday, December 26, 2019

The Latest In Wound Care Products And Technology

Wound care products and advanced technological changes in this industry are commonly associated with wounds that form due to medical issues. There are internal wounds that stem from illnesses and external wounds that form as a result of a trauma like accidentally cutting yourself or from a car collision.

Patients who suffer from diabetes, obesity issues, and aging are the majority of people who require constant and consistent medical wound care. The wounds that occur due to these issues are of a critical nature, therefore, any products to care for wounds must always be on top of the latest technology to help improve patient’s lives. Many advancements in the wound care field include just a few of the following:

1. Gel Fillers
Wounds that require a packing treatment like draining wounds, severely infected wounds and wounds that are deeply embedded are impacted with advanced wound gel fillers. The wounds absorb the medicated ingredients within the gel compound. This is generally a two-step process whereby an innovative gel forms a protective coating. A gel filler is very moist to help the wound heal faster. Also, modern medicated gel fillers control the odor that emanates from wounds, plus the gel content helps to control any drainage that seeps from the wound.

2. Hydrogel Wound Dressings
When a wound forms outwardly whether it is an internal would or an external wound, it has a tendency to become dry in nature. The tissues around the wound die and if not treated quickly can cause healthy tissues to become necrotic. A hydrogel wound dressing is designed to remain moist the entire time that it is applied to the skin. Advanced hydrogel dressings allow air to circulate around the wound which is why the dressings or wraps do not stick to the wound.

A hydrogel wound dressing is made-up of hygienic water that helps to keep the wound moisturized. For these reasons, even necrotic wounds that are blackened in color can take on a healing appearance. Keeping a wound moist with the right type of ingredients in a hydrogel compound will begin repairing the wound by taking away the fever of a wound and the pain that you feel at the time. Advanced dressings are available as a spray, medical pads, gauzes, and more.

3. Regenerative Human Skin Wound Treatment
Technology in cellular bio-printing and cellular research have joined forces to create the ability to “print” human skin tissue to treat large epidermis wounds faster than many other solutions. Mixing human cells with hydrogel is the energizing force behind this advancement. The bioprinter is designed to scan the wound to accurately pinpoint where the administered printed skin should be placed.

4. Fluorescence Imaging
Fluorescence imaging is the latest technology in wound care therapy. Through imaging physicians are able to find the exact location of chronic wounds to use the proper treatment for dermis and epidermis healing. As a non-invasive treatment for wound care, fluorescence imaging consists of injecting patients near the wound location with a substance that spreads into the blood vessel.

This highlights the internal wound area with fluorescent 3-D images to ensure that there are no dangerous bacterium that has formed, as well as damaged tissues. The images pinpoint the exact location for wound care treatment. Wounds whether moderate to severe form different levels of bacteria that can cause infections and in some cases like diabetes, the loss of limbs.

5. Electronic/Smart Skin Patches

Modern day electronic skin patches are the equivalent to wearing a Siri integration treatment. Skin patches have been in existence for five years, but its research has evolved very quickly. Electronic skin patches are worn on the outside of the skin. Still in its infancy, smart skin patches uses miniature printed batteries as well as micro-structured electrodes that delivers drugs to wound areas via the skin.

Additionally, electronic skin patches are also designed to connect with smartphone apps to send physicians information on the internal temperature of the wound, the pain level of the patient, and the healing progress of the dead tissues and surrounding environment of the wound. Currently, physicians monitor patients who are diabetics and who suffer cardiovascular issues where wounds can appear beneath and above the skin like ulcers.

6. Lactic Acid Bacteria Wound Healing
The country of Sweden and the U.S. National Academy of Sciences are close to creating a new wound care breakthrough. This medical advancement will be using the lactic acid bacteria that is found in minute amounts on human skin and the skin of fruits and veggies. It is a microorganism that is primarily used to use bacteria to ferment food products like cheese, pickling foods, yogurt, beer, and many other food types.

Researchers and scientists have engineered a lactic acid bacteria that mimics the human body’s own lactic bacteria. When introduced into the site of a wound, it almost instantly regenerates damaged tissues and produces healthier immune cells that keep harmful bacteria at bay, allowing the wound to heal quickly which is healthier for patients.

7. Laser Wound Therapy
Laser Therapy has been used in all types of practices, especially in the cosmetic industry. Presently, using lasers to help heal different types of wounds is seeing great results. The only difference in using lasers for wound healing is that “cold” lasers must be used for wound treatment. Cold laser means that laser settings must be at a low energy range versus what is used in cosmetic surgery.

Laser wound therapy is still an ongoing testing solution which is why the question of exactly how a laser heals wounds is not an exact science. However, researchers believe that a low-level laser range helps to create more collagen that is a vital protein for healing. Laser wound therapy is not the cure-all for healing wounds, but its healing effects are becoming more prominent in many patients with open wounds.

Wound Care Technology
There are many amazing and innovative advances in wound healing with many other solutions turning the corner. Disease producing wounds, military wounds, sports wounds, work-related wounds and more are using and receiving healing support as identified above are healing various types of wounds unlike ever before.

Technology for wound healing is evolving to help patient’s lives become pain-free, errors in treatment are lessened, and there is a faster recovery time. Using a patient’s own skin which the body recognizes, makes healing easier, less complicated, and healthier meaning there can be no infections.

With these wound healing products and technological advancements people will not have to undergo long painful or invasive skin grafts. Wounds from an external force like burns, surgery, or other traumas can be limited to just one application process rather than multiple pain-recovering and intrusive treatments.

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Monday, December 23, 2019

The Benefits of Dublin Crossfit

Everyone has heard about Crossfit and every alley in every street probably already has a box in it. A box, of course, if you know the lingo, means a Crossfit gym. This is just one of the quirks that make Crossfit stand out. But what does Crossfit exactly give you? Is it risky and how much of a risk are we talking about? Here in Dublin Crossfit, we aim to talk about all the common questions as well as misconception of Crossfit.

In this article we will list down the health benefits of Crossfit and hopefully entice you to be a member soon.

Power Up Your Strength with Dublin Crossfit

The kind of intense workout that also includes a lot of movements along the joints that CrossFit lets its gym goers do can actually help you in your mission to gain more muscle mass and thus improving your strength and also your stamina. When you add a lot of additional weight in the kind of workout that you perform, you can then further profit off some gains in muscles by increasing the stress added to your muscles.

Another thing that you may do is to consistently train your muscles by continually performing the workouts of the day. This will also give your routine in exercises a lot more variety and thus positively affecting your muscles. Everyone knows that the workout of the day is a staple in every Crossfit program and thus will never be left out. Boxes vehemently post new challenges each day and keep the practitioners guessing on the kind of physical strain they will be undergoing on that day. And as usual, the end game is to perform the exercises in as many times as possible while still adhering to a time limit.

Have a Few More Tanks of Air with Dublin Crossfit

One of the more common kinds of routines that Crossfit practitioners do is the high-intensity power training. And by its name, you probably already know that you should not take it lightly. While not the only ultimate goal of the training, you can increase your stamina by expanding the amount of oxygen intake that your respiratory system can take.

Do not get too excited however because the science is not exactly there yet. There are still some tests to be done to conclusively prove that Crossfit does indeed help in our aerobic fitness.

Join Dublin Crossfit and be Nimble Like a Cat

Functional exercises are the kind of exercises that intends to emulate the kinds of movements that we normally do in our day to day lives. By doing these routines and performing them in various levels of stress, you can improve both your flexibility and balance. And upon further repetition, your brain’s neurons will start getting used to these movements thus aiding your agility.

While Crossfit practitioners always seem to give it their all when they are inside the box, people often forget that they have lives beyond the grind house. Crossfit’s impact outside can be seen most splendidly in how they perform the normal stuff like picking up bags or running up and down staircases. You can observe how much Crossfit has indeed changed the way they do things physically.

The Benefits of Dublin Crossfit - Be Sexy

Every each one of us has that ideal body form that we wish to have. And for all of us who tried, we know that it is never easy. Crossfit will not claim to be the best way to get you there but if you are the kind of person who relishes the challenge and find it to be the perfect motivator, then you should at least give Crossfit a chance.

Most of the exercises in crossfit does not only help you burn calories but also helps you in two different ways. First, you gain muscles and we all know that the more muscle we have, the more calories we need to feed them. If you have enough muscle mass, you will have a lot of calorie burners with you and they will not even turn into fat. Second, you can tone your body the way you want to, despite Crossfit not focusing entirely on muscle building, the kinds of movements that you perform while working out can actually contribute to how your body is going to turn out.

Scalability is key with Dublin Crossfit

Crossfit is scalable. You often hear that but a few really know what it means. When you talk about a lot of different kinds of exercises, there will always be a limitation. For instance, the normal push up is often a part of a lot of sets but not everyone can actually do it. What Crossfit does is create versions of exercises and ensure that everyone can join.

It is More Fun in Dublin Crossfit

Fun and pain do not normally mix but I assure you that Crossfit brings out the joy of working out. Because each set is treated like a sport, you feel like you are always competing and this gives you the motivation to perform your best. This and the kind of variety that Crossfit offers means that the practitioners will never really get bored. Who here would not believe that slamming a sledgehammer into a giant tire can actually be considered as an exercise?

Not only is Crossfit fun, it is also an excellent stress release activity. Who does not want to end a tiring day of getting yelled at by their boss by hitting a tire as hard as he or she can?

The Dublin Crossfit Community will Help You Each Step of the Way

Crossfit is unique in that you start meeting a lot of people in different walks of life and somehow joined by the same passion. Inside the box, your CEO title or junior employee title gets left out at the door. You are brothers in combat and you are going to challenge each other as if you are equals.

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What are the Steps to Secure a Medical Marijuana Card in Maryland

While the medical marijuana program was introduced in Maryland in 2013, it was not until 2014 when the state moved to decriminalize marijuana possession (for 10 grams or less). It would take another three years before the first dispensaries opened.

Now, it is estimated that there are 70 marijuana dispensaries scattered around Maryland. But the industry is quickly expanding.

According to Baltimore Magazine, between 100 and 500 people are applying for a Maryland Medical Marijuana Card every day. Of course, the Commission will not approve all applications. Each case will be assessed to make sure the patient meets all the criteria to be given the privilege of purchasing cannabis for an ailment or disease.

Here are some of the steps to get a Maryland Medical Marijuana Card:

1.    First, you need to set up an appointment with a doctor who should be an accredited medical marijuana specialist.

2.    You need to register with the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission. For minor patients (below 18 years old), they need to have their parents or legal guardians manage their accounts. Caregivers must first register with the MMCC before enrolling their ward. They may need to submit several forms, and one document needs a lawyer’s notary.

3.    When you are registered, you have to secure a written certification from a registered provider. You also need to establish a patient-doctor relationship, which means the physician must be familiar with your medical history and how cannabis can help you.

The qualifying conditions that are listed by the MMCC include:

-    Anorexia
-    Cachexia
-    Chronic pain
-    Muscle spasms
-    Seizures
-    Post-traumatic stress disorder
-    Glaucoma
-    Wasting syndrome
-    Severe nausea

Those are examples, of course. There are some medical conditions where the patient will benefit from cannabis treatment. The vital requirement is that the physician has pursued other forms of therapy with no success.

4.    Go to the licensed medical marijuana dispensary -- Once you secure your certification from the MMCC, you can now head over to the nearest marijuana dispensary. You will have to present your ID card and the certificate. The dispensary will also confirm your documents online to make sure you are listed in the MMCC database. However, you can only purchase a month’s worth of supply.  Your certification issued in Maryland may not be accepted elsewhere. Also, the certification will expire within four months from the date of issuance.

Maryland’s medical marijuana industry is set to double in size this year compared to 2018. At the end of July 2019, for instance, cannabis sales almost reached $130 million. The state registered an average of $18.4 million per month in sales. According to the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission, the market is on pace to surpass $220 million in 2019.

Doctors are encouraged to register with the Commission if they want to be a licensed provider. They must first have a physician license, and they must enjoy a good standing in the community. The doctor must first ask for the ID issued by the MMCC before issuing a certification for medical cannabis.

To make the process easier, you can also connect with a service provider who will link you with the licensed providers. They will take you through the whole procedure to get the stress out of the entire thing.

This is a guest blog entry.