Thursday, July 01, 2021

What You Must Look For While Purchasing First Aid Kits

Every household should have a handy first aid kit. One that’s easy to access and has everything you might need if you’re in an emergency. It takes a lot of effort to build perfect first aid kits, so it’s recommended to buy a pre-built kit, rather than building your own. 

Even while buying pre-made first aid kits, you should look for proper equipment and medical supplies. Don't worry! We are here to help you out. Below is what you must look for while purchasing first aid kits. 

First aid manual

Having a first aid manual in your first aid kit is an absolute necessity. In an emergency, you may not remember the right steps to take, and if you’re someone who hasn’t recently completed first aid training, this manual will guide you through the process. 

A first aid manual prepares everyone for the worst situations, and can be a life-saving guide during an emergency.

Triangular bandages & disposable gloves 

Triangular bandages are oversized cotton bandaids that are often used by people as a sling. These bandages prove useful when someone is experiencing soft tissue damage or a broken bone. 

It is an absolute necessity to wear disposable gloves while tending open wounds as they are the risk of infection. You wouldn't want to infect your wound or someone else’s. Therefore, you should keep around a pair or two of disposable gloves at all times in your kit.

Antiseptic solution & combine bandages

As mentioned above, getting a wound infected should be prevented at all costs. Antiseptic solutions help with just that; it is used on wounds, cuts, and grazes. Gently putting the solution on your wounds and cuts disinfects the area.

Combine bandages are made of thick material, and are used to stop blood loss and prevent infection or the wound being exposed. 


Saline is another step to clean the wounds before you apply a bandage. It helps in rinsing cuts, grazes, and wounds to keep the area clean. 

Eyewash & cold pack

It is normal for people to get dust in their eyes or any other material, especially when it's windy outside. An eyewash helps in clearing any such material out of your eye. It also soothes the pain if you encounter any eye redness or irritation.

A cold pack is used to relieve swelling or muscle pain at times. People also experience sunburns by being in the sun for too long during summers; a cold pack can help with sunburns and usual burns.

Tweezers & scissors

Tweezers need to be in the first aid kit as they help in removing any material that might have gotten stuck in your skin, such as splinters or glass. Tweezers are the most effective way to do that as they are small and precise.

Scissors come in handy when you need to cut bandages or medical tape. Therefore, every first aid box should have tweezers as well as scissors.

Notepad & pen

While you may think there is no reason to keep a notepad in your First Aid Kits, you are wrong. If you are someone who keeps a bunch of medicine in their first aid box, you should keep a notepad that contains the medicine’s name and use.

Also, first aid is often used as a temporary fix till you get proper medical help. In such cases, having a notepad around allows you to note down all the necessary details the doctor might need.

That was all! Now you know what to look out for when building or buying your own first aid kit. We recommend buying a pre-prepared kit from a medical supply store or an Aero first aid kit from Aero Healthcare.

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