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Tips on How to Detect the Warning Signs of Arthritis

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Did you know that one in five people have arthritis? Arthritis is the inflammation and tenderness of one or multiple joints. Common symptoms include stiffness and joint pain, which typically worsen with age. There are over 100 types of the disease, and it can affect your mobility, mental health, and you’re overall well-being. When you have arthritis, you’re four times as likely to feel physically sick, anxious, and depressed.  

Are you concerned about your wellbeing? Do you regularly experience body pain and aren’t sure where it’s coming from? You may have arthritis. Read on to discover the most common arthritis symptoms and how you can get the help that you need.

What’s the Cause of Arthritis? 

Typically, the leading cause of arthritis is wear and tear on the body's cartilage — the firm and flexible connective tissues in the joints. Cartilage protects your joints by absorbing the shock and pressure created when you move around and place stress on them. A decrease in this type of tissue — caused by something like an injury or an infection — can cause many forms of arthritis. 

Other risk factors include:

  • Age. Your chances of developing OA or RA increase significantly as you get older.
  • Obesity. If you're carrying extra weight, it will stress your joints — namely, your hips, knees, and spine. It's not always the case, but some people with obesity have a higher risk of developing the disease.
  •  If you were born a woman. About one in four women develop arthritis, whereas one in five men get the disease.
  • Genetics. Your risk is greater if you have a family history of arthritis.
  • Having a previous joint injury. People who have injured their joints playing sports or falling are more like to eventually develop arthritis.

Here are the common signs to watch out for in arthritis.

Morning Joint Stiffness

Do you wake up feeling sore and stiff all over each morning, and does that pain last for at least one hour? Consider talking to your doctor because it might be a warning sign of arthritis.

Sudden Pain

It goes without saying that if you or someone you love inexplicably has joint pain, then it’s cause for concern. The pain could result from inflamed and swollen joints — particularly if the pain subsides with physical activity and increases with immobility.

A Reduced Range of Motion

Do you find it hard to move your arms or legs a certain way? Talk to your doctor about the possibility of arthritis.

What To Do

If you recognize any of these symptoms, contact your doctor immediately to receive the medical treatment you'll need to alleviate pain and help you become more mobile. The next step is to get in touch with a professional agency that provides home health care in Toronto specializing in treating seniors with arthritis — specifically one that offers at-home massage therapy, personal support, and physiotherapy. 

That way, you or your loved one could receive supportive help and treatments right in the comfort of home.

Arthritis can be a debilitating disease, but the sooner you treat it, the less you’ll have to suffer. Know the early warning signs so you can get the help you need right away.

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