Friday, July 23, 2021

The Most Important Questions to Ask Potential Living Communities

If you or your loved one has decided now is the time to move to a memory care assisted living community, you will undoubtedly currently be feeling a range of emotions, all the way from frustration to guilt and everything in between. 

Be sure to regularly remind yourself that your decision, which you will have by no means undertaken lightly, will always be motivated and based upon the welfare and physical and mental wellbeing of your loved one. Having made the decision, continue reading to learn the most important questions to ask potential senior living communities.

The Standard of Medical Care Provided

People requiring memory care, a specific type of ongoing medical treatment, should reside in a community that has a significantly sizeable group of memory care trained professionals on-site 24/7. Memory care specific assisted living facilities should focus primarily on 24-hour supervision of the residents, three prepared meals a day, and varying required levels of assistance with daily activities and personal care. 

Ensure the facility you are interested in operates an overall significantly higher level of skilled care and supervision and has special care units, otherwise known as Alzheimer’s care units, with both shared and private living spaces.

The Personality of the Community 

Memory care living facilities are perhaps the most specialized and therefore require a different kind of tone and atmosphere, especially in social situations and communal areas of the residence. The trained medical professionals onsite should be specially trained to work on life skills such as social interaction and should accompany the residents on both indoor and outdoor excursions and special activities. Hobbies and interactive activities are also of high importance for the overall wellbeing of your loved one. 

The Security of the Facility

Ensure you check as to whether the assisted living community you are potentially going to ask for help in caring for your loved one has a sufficiently sized and competently trained security team that resides onsite. Assisted living communities, such as the professional, established, and aesthetically beautiful memory care Brick NJ, implement the highest of safety and security protocols to ensure the residents are able to freely wander the house and grounds safely. 

The Size and Provisions of the Gardens

It is extremely important for your loved one’s mental and physical wellbeing that the memory care assisted living facility you select provides secure access to gardens. Ideally, any outdoor access points should be gated with electronic locks on both the entrances and exits, and the more well-tendered and cultivated the lawns and flower beds, the more indicative of how much importance is given to resident’s access to the outdoors

Finally, perhaps the most important thing you can possibly do when considering different living facilities options is to personally and thoroughly tour the community yourself. Never be afraid to ask questions to any of the staff members as they will be very happy and willing to assist you in any way they can. 

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