Friday, July 23, 2021

A guide to start practicing veganism

You all must have come across the term vegan diet. If you have recently thought of switching over to veganism, we would like you to know some basic information about the same. You could also refer to for further information.

What is a vegan diet?

  • This is commonly called a kind diet or a cruelty-free diet. This form of diet which is followed by many lately tries to eliminate all possible forms of cruelty towards animals. This implies all forms of dairy products are avoided.
  • A twin goal is achieved when you follow veganism. Your desire to improve health and your concern for animals and the environment, both can be achieved.
  • Veganism extends to more than food in the real sense. It tries to avoid harm to animals in any form, like clothing, cosmetics, etc.

How to start being a vegan?

  • If the thought of adopting veganism has set in your mind, then you should try to learn everything about it.
  • First, learn the benefits of a vegan diet. For this, you should know about how animal products are made and their cost, etc.
  • Start from the basics. Always remember why you wanted to become a vegan. Your association with the cause will let you rooted in your journey.
  • Understand what will form part of your vegan diet and know their nutritional value. Also, refer to that can provide more information on this.
  • You should start reading the list of ingredients in each food package you pick up. This will help you identify vegan products. 
  • Find out stores and restaurants that sell vegans near your place so that it will be easier for you.
  • Above all read a lot about veganism and update your knowledge with the latest in this area.

Some vegan options for your 3-meal day:

  • Breakfast- A healthy start to your day is supported by a healthy breakfast. Leave your regular eggs and omelets and switch to a bowl of oatmeal with fruits. You could also include non-dairy milk like almond or cashew milk in your breakfast.
  • Mid-morning snack- Carry sliced apples in a box and have it during your break. You can have it with a dip in peanut butter. Fiber and protein needs accomplished! Apples can be filling and can save you till lunch.
  • Lunch- Prepare your own Buddha bowl with chickpeas, sweet potatoes, some greens, brown rice, red cabbage, and couscous. This will give you all the nutrients in a single-serve. Healthy fats come your way with this kind of lunch.
  • Dinner- Make a fabulous dinner spread with tofu, spinach, bell peppers, and broccoli. The choice of dish is yours, you have many varieties to make.

In case you need some snacks in the evening, go for a trail mix with a mix of nuts and dry fruits. For dessert, you can choose to have chia seeds pudding topped with berries and a generous amount of coconut milk. 

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