Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Top Medical News: Pesticides & Brain Damage, Breast Feeding, Migraines, Pancreatic Cancer, & More

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1. Pesticide exposure linked to brain changes, study: When pregnant women are exposed to moderate levels of a common pesticide, their children may experience lasting changes in brain structure linked to lower intelligence, a US study said Monday.

2. Technology Eases Migraine Pain in the Deep Brain: New brain stimulation technology can prevent debilitating migraine attacks from occurring, a new study suggests.

3. Research questions impact of pacifiers on disrupting breast-feeding: New research, however, casts doubt on the notion that pacifier use disrupts breast-feeding.

4. E.R. Doctors Face Quandary on Painkillers: Overuse of narcotics and addiction are an issue, but emergency physicians often lack the training and tools to effectively help patients complaining of tooth pain and seeking prescription painkillers.

5. One Baby per Hour Born Drug Dependent: Researchers Say It's a Growing Maternal and Child Health Problem in the U.S.

6. Having Kids Doesn’t Inspire Adults to Eat Healthier: Study: Starting a family does not lead young adults to eat healthier in order to set a good example for their children, a new study says.

7. Pancreatic Cancer - Drug May Target Faulty Gene In 15% Of Patients: A new class of cancer drug which targets a faulty gene might be effective in treating some aggressive pancreatic cancers

8. FDA advisers back HeartWare blood pump device: HeartWare International Inc won a U.S. advisory panel's support on Wednesday for its most important product -- a blood pump that helps people with severe heart failure.

9. Stressed moms more likely to overfeed their babies: Mothers under stress may be particularly prone to over-feeding their infants, a new study suggests.

10. As America's waistline expands, costs soar: The additional medical spending due to obesity is double previous estimates and exceeds even those of smoking, a new study shows.

11. 54% doctors support denying treatment to smokers and the obese until they quit or lose weight: Many doctors have come forth with their support of the measures to deny treatment to smokers and the obese, according to a survey.

12. Physicians fight “unworkable” Medicare overpayment rule: More than 100 physician organizations adamantly oppose a requirement that practices keep 10 years of records to identify possible excess pay.

13. Hospital Debt Collector Draws Scrutiny: A member of Congress is calling for a full-scale investigation into the reportedly questionable debt collection practices of a company accused of harassing patients in emergency rooms into paying their bills.

14. Health Insurers to Pay $1.3 Billion in Rebates: Health insurance companies' shares fell Thursday as independent study showed that health insurers will pay $1.3 billion in rebates.

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