Saturday, May 12, 2012

Cocaine Tooth Drops

Many people are aware that Coca-Cola used to contain a small amount of cocaine in the product but what many people may not know is that cocaine was widely used in many mainstream medical products back in the day, even for children. A good example is a real advertisement shown here for Cocaine Toothache Drops (click to enhance image).

The product claimed to produce and instant cure from toothache, which is probably correct since it has known anesthetic properties. The problem is that it can cause significant restriction of blood vessels, heart damage, and other negative effects throughout the body.

Cocaine Toothache Drops cost 15 cents when they were available (first registered in 1885; last sold in 1914). They were prepared by the Lloyd Manufacturing Co. in Albany, N.Y. and sold by pharmacists (known as druggists back then). No prescription was needed. Prior to 1914, cocaine was legal in the U.S.

In the times these drops were sold, cocaine was not considered harmful in moderate doses, which is a reminder of how commonly accepted medical advice today may some day be provided incorrect.

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