Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Top Medical News: Garlic Beats Antibiotics, Soy for Hotflashes, Infertility, Asthma and more

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1. Garlic Compound Fights Source of Food-Borne Illness Better Than Antibiotics: Researchers  have found that a compound in garlic is 100 times more effective than two popular antibiotics at fighting the Campylobacter bacterium, one of the most common causes of intestinal illness.

2. Clinical trials often fall short: US study: Most clinical trials for cancer, heart disease and mental health are too small to offer adequate medical evidence, said a review of the US database of such studies released on Tuesday.

3. Facebook encouraging organ donations: On average, 18 people die each day waiting for an organ transplant. Billionaire Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg wants to change that.

4. Letting Families Stay in the Trauma Ward: Having family members and other loved ones present in the trauma ward when children are being treated has no detrimental effect on their care, a new study reports.

6.The Worst Cities in the U.S. for Asthma: Memphis, New Haven, and Knoxville Top List of 'Asthma Capitals'

7. Sleep Curbs Influence of Obesity Genes: If you’re genetically predisposed to be overweight, the amount of sleep you get each night could make a big difference in how influential those genes are, a new study suggests.

8. Touch And Hearing Impaired By Gene Mutation: Two of the 5 human senses - hearing and touch - have a common genetic basis.

9. ER visits after drinking may not be covered: Laws in more than half the states permit insurers to deny payment for medical services related to alcohol or drug use and that can derail hospitals’ best intentions, experts say. Faced with the prospect of not getting paid for care, some emergency department personnel may sidestep the problem by simply not testing patients’ blood or urine for alcohol.

10. New procedure drastically cuts tattoo removal time: Called the R-20 technique, patients can begin to see results in just one session. 

11. Couples with infertility and miscarriages offered detailed embryo screening with 99% accuracy: New research will soon enable couples with infertility and miscarriage and those carrying genetic disease and abnormalities to access advanced embryo screening.

12. Bariatric surgery maintains, doesn’t gain: Once a fast-growing procedure, its numbers have plateaued because of the deep recession and other societal forces.

13. Does soy help cool hot flashes after all?: Despite a good amount of evidence to the contrary, a new research review suggests that soy supplements can indeed help women find relief from menopausal hot flashes.

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