Tuesday, November 26, 2019

5 Benefits of Using a Standing Desk

A great number of employees spend more and more time in their office sitting next to their tables. The growing need to improve ergonomics for employees is forcing automation manufacturers to pay attention to height-adjustable tables. In addition, new standards for office work necessitate the emergence of a new type of tables, as more and more employees work at the same table in shifts. Progressive Desk company offers a wide range of automated tables designed for office work where there is a need to lift the tabletop at different heights. Customers who want to take a closer look at the automation products can visit our site. Using such systems gives customers several worthy benefits.

Main Standing Desk Benefits
  • Reliable and innovative actuator systems built-in table frames were primarily designed for one important purpose - increase the office workers’ average life expectancy and preserve their health from office-associated work and its mal influence on the human body. Progressive desks provide the correct posture all along the working day if the height of the table was selected according to the worker’s personal height requirements. If the height is correct, an office employee does not need to lean towards the monitor. The monitor, whether a person sits or stands, remains installed correctly at the eye level. This way the loads on the cervical spine decreases. The elbow joints both in sitting and standing positions will lie on the tabletop comfortably. In such a position the static muscle tension is removed from the hands. Lifting technology provides a serious increase in work efficiency by an average of 30 percent. Progressive Desk customers feel the improvement of their well-being and mood already after a month of work in such a dynamic tempo.
  •  Standing desk technology provides an eco-friendly solution to the situation when a certain level of automation is wanted to be used by large companies who don’t want any negative consequences to the environment. The actuator-operated motion is fully safe for the environment producing no exhaust fumes, oil leaks, etc.
  • Modern automation solutions in the field of electric actuator systems allow customers to create optimal and adjustable settings for office tables and help to remind employees to regularly change their body position in order to stay healthy and productive. Hence, this technology positively influences on the work efficiency of not only a single person working with the standing desk, but also on the company and its productivity in general.
  • Reliability - is another standing desks benefit worth to mention. The metal table frame is much better than other wooden table legs. It increases the characteristics of this office furniture. Such solid materials allow the office table to withstand fairly great loads, dynamic movements, as well as multiple assembly-disassembly. The convenience of transportation provided by the metal-frame construction is impeccable. This adjustable office furniture is much lighter than alike wooden ones. This simplifies the transportation both in an assembled and disassembled state.
  • Practical materials and technology used for the standing desk construction like metal table frames, solid wooden tabletops of the office tables won’t accidentally deform even with strong impacts.
  • These materials will also not damage due to heating and humidity, and they are also pretty resistant to rodents who frequently like to spoil office furniture. When choosing the standing desk with electric height adjustment, it is important to consider the following specifications: tabletop size, height adjustment range, load capacity, the tabletop shape that can be suitable for simple work at home or for complicated office work with a few PC monitors at the same time, and structural rigidity.
The standing desk office furniture provides numerous benefits that allow improving office space. The more convenient and attractive furniture for office staff, the more comfortable employees feel when working on their projects. If you do appreciate the health and comfort of your personnel and are convinced that this is what can increase the company’s effectiveness, don’t hesitate and try office linear automation for standing desks already now.

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Saturday, November 23, 2019

Kinds of foot exercises for pain relief

It is fair to say that our feet take quite the hammering in our daily lives and very often that can result in foot pain which can be difficult to shake off. We spend each and every day pounding the floor with our feet, some of us walk in a way which causes damage, many of us wear incorrect footwear and over the years all of this takes its toll. Pain in the feet is not an indication of a deep lying issue, something which I found out last year.

Last year I was looking for a podiatrist Sydney has plenty of them and eventually I settled on what I thought was the best. I was initially unhappy when they said there was nothing wrong, as I was sure that there was, but they gave me some exercises to try out to alleviate the pain, and my goodness how well they worked. I want to share these with you, and I certainly recommend them for anyone with foot pain.

Toe Spread and Press

Standing up, put the weight of your body on your heels and lift your toes up and spread them out as far as you possibly can, hold for 10 seconds and rest, then repeat 5 times. This alleviates Plantar fasciitis which is an inflammation of tissue which runs along the base of your foot.

Standing Calf Raise

This exercise is almost the opposite of the previous one, stand with your feet shoulder length apart and push up keeping your toes on the ground and elevating your heels. Don’t hold the position just lift up and down 20 times, and complete 5 sets of these. This exercise relieves pain and increases arch strength.

The Alphabet

The Alphabet exercise has really helped me and it is a great exercise for relieving muscle tension. Stand or sit comfortable, keep one foot on the floor and lift the other foot up in the air, with the elevated foot you should write the alphabet in upper case in the air, before doing the same with the other foot.


The Asterisk exercise is a great one for increasing mobility and relaxing the muscles in your foot, it is very easy to do and very effective. Raise one foot off the ground and point it out like a ballerina would, raise the toe up and tap the floor as you move the foot in a clockwise motion across the body. Repeat this with the other foot and then start again, only this time going in a counter clockwise motion. This can be a challenging exercise and for best results do it from a standing position. If you must sit then this is fine, and it will still help you to increase mobility and ease some pain.

The key to relieving foot pain is concentrating on doing these exercises every day, at intermittent intervals during the day. Stay on top of it and you will feel the benefit.

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Thursday, November 21, 2019

What to Look for in Vegan Skincare Product

Now that fast-food chains, alcohol, and other unhealthy practices are stable in every person's life, there is suddenly a need to make up for it. Some people find solace in working out every time they can, eating salads from convenience stores, and even switching products they normally use.

This is all very timely, since a new healthy phenomenon is taking the internet by storm. Specifically, vegan skin care is piquing interests and is currently trending for a lot of people.

Is Vegan Skincare the Same as the Diet?

Yes! Well, almost. They have the same principles but different practices. Both steer clear of anything derived from animals, but vegan skincare is more particular in the ingredients used in the formulation while the diet is concerned with what is ingested.

It is also often interchanged with organic and natural products. While all are usually plant-based, there are still vast differences. For one, anything vegan can also be organic or natural as long as it is derived from plants.

The term “natural” pertains to plants grown without the use of chemicals, GMOs (genetically modified organisms), or synthetic fertilizers. Meanwhile, organic refers to plants that were raised with the help of pesticides and other synthetic materials.

What to Look for in a Vegan Skincare Product?

It is challenging to avoid animal-derived products, especially if you do not know what to look for before barging into your favorite drugstores, research what products to avoid. A few of them are beeswax, carmine, collagen, and lanolin.

How about the healthier and safer ones? If you are thinking of switching to vegan skincare products, look for the following:

●    Shea butter is the off-white, creamy oil extracted from the nuts of the shea tree. It is a highly- preferred ingredient for its healing and anti-inflammatory properties. Using products with shea butter also leaves the skin feeling soft and smooth, which is a big bonus.
●    Aloe Vera is extracted from a succulent plant with the same name. It contains bioactive compounds that are rich in vitamins A to E. It is also enriched with minerals like magnesium and potassium. It provides a soothing sensation that is beneficial for irritated and sensitive skin.
●    Green tea from various tea leaves contain a powerful antioxidant known as ECGC. It shields the skin from UV rays, which also prevent skin cancer.
If you do not have the time to research all of these components, the safest way is to look for the company's certifications like PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals).

Is Vegan Skincare better?
Whether or not vegan skincare is better will remain a long-standing debate. Still, in terms of environmental damage and animal endangerment, going for vegan skincare is a whole lot better.

Also, plants, in general, are enriched with more vitamins. Typically, they contain water-soluble antioxidants like vitamins B and C and lipid-soluble ones like vitamins A, E, and K. They also have bacterial properties that not only protect but makes the skin healthier and younger.

However, for people who have allergies, you have to research possible allergens before buying any product. Purchasing skincare products is not a guarantee that it is allergen-free. It can cause a series of skin problems, including irritation and reddening.

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Wednesday, November 20, 2019

PicoSure for Laser Tattoo Removal – 3 Key Benefits

It's safe to say that the evolution of picosecond laser technology has revolutionized laser tattoo removal. This new technology delivers faster results with fewer negative side effects than previous removal systems built on previous-generation hardware. In particular, the PicoWay is a significant improvement over the older nanolaser removal systems.

It's been more than two years since picosecond lasers were introduced and there have been a few important changes in the technology over that time.

One major player (some would say leader) in this field is the PicoWay. In this article, we'll take a closer look at the technological improvements which were introduced with the PicoWay, and why they make a difference to the effectiveness of tattoo removal. You can use this information as part of your research into finding the best laser tattoo removal clinic in your area, before making a commitment.

PicoWay Benefit #1: Improved Wavelengths

Without diving too deep into the “deep tech” behind this, the PicoWay introduced a slight – but very important – improvement in the wavelengths of the laser. Each of the PicoWay wavelengths operate at full power and speed. With older technology, only some of the wavelength options operate at maximum capacity – for the other options, a laser pump is used, which reduces the energy of the wavelength and as a result, reduces the overall effectiveness of the procedure.

The end result? More treatments are required in order to remove the tattoo completely.

PicoWay Benefit #2: Better Pulse

Older laser tattoo removal devices must be pulsed for a specific duration to deliver quality results.

The unit of measurement for the duration is a picosecond, which is equivalent to 1/1000th of a nanosecond. The key advantage of the PicoWay device is that it pulses twice as fast as most outdated laser tattoo removal systems – in fact, at the time of this writing, it is the fastest system in the world!

So why is the pulse speed so important in the process of removing a tattoo? Simply because the speed of the pulse creates what is known as a “photoacoustic shockwave”. This shockwave is responsible for literally “breaking apart” the ink. In contrast, older laser systems relied on something called “photothermal” energy generated from the laser to achieve this outcome (which can lead to the skin overheating). The technology used in the PicoWay is significantly more advanced and works on fundamentally different levels, resulting in higher quality results.

Since the pulse speed is so high, it results in less discomfort when compared with other lasers.

Recovery times are also a factor here, because laser devices which rely on the older thermal energy technology tend to result in longer recovery times than those experienced with the photoacoustic shockwave.

PicoWay Benefit #3: More Powerful Laser

One final major difference to consider between the lasers is their peak power.

While the PicoWay may have very similar peak power as its competitors, the PicoWay is able to deliver that power 2.5 times faster – making the laser ultimately more powerful, and more effective in its delivery.

PicoWay has been designed specifically to reduce downtime, whether it’s used for removing acne scars, wrinkles or unwanted tattoos. By comparison, consumers who are treated with competing brands often have 5 to 7 days of downtime. This downtime will be extended even further if the skin has been damaged, or is bleeding as a result of the treatment.

This is one reason why America’s leading national provider of tattoo removal services – Invisible Ink Tattoo Removers – opted to make PicoWay their “laser of choice”.

Avoid Laser Tattoo Removal Scarring

Since the barrier to entry is quite low for the service (especially with older, cheaper devices) many companies globally are trying to capitalise on the growing trend. There are no government controls around the service, nor minimum training required for the operators – and the average tattoo removal can be worth many hundreds to many thousands of dollars.

As a result of this situation, you don’t have to look too far online to discover news stories about consumers being ripped-off or even badly scarred as a result of unscrupulous laser tattoo removal companies. Poorly trained operators using outdated technology is never going to produce a good result!

This is why you want to be wary of suppliers who promote “cheap laser tattoo removal services” – there’s a reason why the service is cheap. Your best option is choose a trustworthy supplier who has invested in the latest PicoWay technology, and in training their staff to operate the device safely and effectively.

Final Thoughts

We are not here to say that using PicoWay is the only way to remove a tattoo. Certainly, there are consumers all over the world who have experienced positive results with older or competing devices.

And many of these devices are operated by trained professionals, who truly care about the results and overall wellbeing of their clients.

However, the laser specifications, customer reviews, and information about PicoWay vs competing brands are all publicly accessible online. For example, PicoWay currently have a 100% say it’s “Worth It” rating on RealSelf.com – a higher rating than their competitors.

And it’s hard to find any complaints or negative press regarding someone who had a bad experience (scarring, burning, excessive pain etc) as a result of being treated by a PicoWay device.

It's up to you to use this information to make an informed decision. Hopefully, you'll invest in a tattoo removal system that has a proven track record of success and that is supported by statistics… and one which is operated by qualified clinicians.

One last tip which extends beyond the device itself – make sure you’re comfortable with the staff of the clinic. Do they make you feel welcome? Do they try to make you comfortable? Do they listen well to your explanations and questions, or do you feel “rushed” into making a decision to go ahead?

If you’re feeling any kind of pressure to make a decision around tattoo removal before you’re truly ready, it’s a good sign that you’re not talking with the right clinic. After all, it doesn’t matter if they’re using the PicoWay or a cheap, outdated laser, if you’re not happy with the customer service before you even start the treatment!

Andrew Chim (accounts@tattooremovalspecialist.com.au)

Sunday, November 17, 2019

How to Deal with Tooth Loss Following Obesity

Studies have found a surprising correlation between being overweight and tooth loss. On one hand, it makes sense. You are more likely to be overweight if you consume sugary foods and drinks. Sugar is also the enemy of good dental health. So if you are obese, the chances are high that you have bad dental health as well.

Among overweight people, the likelihood of missing teeth is high due to the reason stated above. It can be very stressful to deal with a missing tooth on top of being overweight. However, there are solutions to both. If you have lost a tooth due to high consumption of sugary foods, here are several proven ways to fix the problem and restore your smile:

Fill in Gaps with Dental Crowns or Bridges 

Tooth loss can leave unsightly gaps between your intact teeth. Most people with tooth gaps suffer from social anxiety, where they may feel afraid to smile because of the gap. You can’t grow back missing teeth, but there’s a solution to bridge the gap.

Modern dental treatments use crowns and bridges to artificially create teeth between these gaps. A dental bridge can fill in one or two missing teeth. The natural teeth can act as the anchor to the bridge, as Vaughan cosmetic dentists explain. Dental crowns are tooth-shaped caps that are usually used to obscure badly decayed teeth. But these can recreate a missing tooth supported by an implant. Read more on that below. 

Fix Missing Teeth with Artificial Ones

If you have lost teeth, now you can use dental implants to create an artificial tooth in its place. A dental implant is a (usually) titanium screw-like equipment that a dentist drills into your jaw. The jawbone grows around it and the implant can act as a root of a tooth. Then, dentists use abutments to fix a dental crown to the implant, completing the artificial tooth. Crowns are custom designed to match your remaining natural teeth.

Dental implants are suitable for those who have lost multiple teeth in a row. Innovative treatments like All on Four can offer support to a full set of artificial teeth on a jawline. Implants not only return functionality of missing teeth, they also strengthen your jawbone. Your smile would certainly return to normal.

Correct the Jawline with Fillers 

Missing teeth don’t just ruin your smile. The loss of bone can affect your jaw as well. You may have seen this effect in elderly people, whose jawbones start to shrink with teeth loss. The same can happen to younger people who lost teeth early in adult life. Fortunately, now there’s a treatment in the form of jawbone fillers.

Called jawline contouring, this method uses a synthetic, bone-like filler to restore the shape of your jaw. The filler material infuses with the jawbone within about six months following treatment. Traditional jaw contouring involved surgery, but these days you can opt for filler injections if suitable. Jaw contouring may help you if your jowl area looks out of shape because of sudden weight gain or loss. (But remember, it’s not for removing fat; the treatment is only for the jawbone.)

You can get your appearance back if you suffer from tooth loss during or after obesity. As you follow a weight loss regimen, you can consider any of the above options to restore your smile back to normal.

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Friday, November 15, 2019

Business is Booming for CBD Company MINERAL in Austin, Texas

An Austin-based CBD oil company called MINERAL has boomed so much since its inception two years ago. Based in Austin, Texas, MINERAL is a cannabinoid brand that grows, cultivates, harvests, and formulates its own hemp-based products to create harmony and balance in the human body. It also provides the usual health benefits associated with using CBD.

MINERAL Company History
MINERAL provides more than just a regular cannabinoid product. This company, founded by Mathew “Mills” Miller focuses on overall wellness that promotes a positive lifestyle for its many clients. This cutting-edge company relies on innovative ideas to ensure that it produces both helpful and trendy products that can uplift the quality of people’s lives.

The reception of MINERAL has been so immense that the company opened a brand new brick-and-mortar store downtown on Sixth Street, with the purpose of serving more clients. This space acts as a shop and wellness center for those in the community who are eager to learn more about CBD oil.

Why People Like CBD Oil

For people seeking alternative treatment, including those who have been failed by traditional medicine, many turn to CBD oil, as well as other forms of CBD products, to address their issues. This oil extracted from the hemp plant is known to treat seizures, migraines, chronic pain, and other kinds of ailments that no longer respond to traditional medication.

CBD oil is a healthy supplement that has been radically transforming lives. It has been making major waves in the health community because, apart from being a treatment option, it is also a wonderful supplement that can help optimize health.

CBD oil has been touted by many satisfied users for its ability to change the way people can heal themselves, while also promoting a more positive lifestyle that is focused on health and well-being. Today, many people use products like MINERAL’s CBD oil to help them sleep, alleviate anxiety, and find balance.

What Is CBD Oil?

CBD is short for cannabidiol. This is the non-psychoactive component of the cannabis plant, which means that it doesn’t get people high. Research indicates that there are more than 400 chemical compounds in the cannabis plant. Unlike the other drugs out there that cause a buzz or high, CBD will not do that. In fact, CBD is touted for having many medicinal benefits. People’s bodies have been documented to respond well to it.

Today, many scientists point out that CBD is a natural component that can be found in a woman’s breast milk. Cannabidiol is actually a critical component for the development and growth of newborn babies. If it is safe enough for babies to take, then it is safe to say that it is safe enough for everyone to take.

Common Misconceptions About CBD

The number one misconception that most people have is that CBD will make people stoned and high just because it is extracted from the cannabis plant. The cannabis plant was classified as a Schedule I drug by the FDA, along with heroin and cocaine, so many people assume that it is a dangerous and habit-forming drug with no possible benefits.

Because the plant has been illegal for a long time, funding for added research has not been given to the industry. It is only now, with the legalization of marijuana in many states for both medicinal and recreational purposes, that scientists are beginning to explore the popular product that the public has begun to embrace.

The Specific Benefits of CBD
Those who have been disappointed by regular pharmaceutical drugs swear by CBD for treating their pain. CBD provides pain relief from different kinds of pain, such as chronic pain, migraines, and arthritic pain. On top of that, it is known to control anxiety and address PTSD, allowing those who suffer from these conditions to find calm, balance, and peace. Because of these qualities, CBD sleep products are also very popular among consumers.

Apart from these, cannabidiol can also be effective for treating more serious medical conditions. Those with psoriasis, a chronic skin condition, swear by CBD oil. Many with epilepsy espouse that it has controlled their seizures. Those with Parkinson’s say that it helps keep their tremors under wraps. In the same vein, those who suffer from Alzheimer’s disease have reported improvement with their mental faculties and memory upon taking CBD.

Bottom Line
It is evident that CBD is here to stay in the market for a very long time. Thus, it is not surprising for a company like MINERAL to continue to expand its product offerings. With its concept store that also serves as a community center, the company hopes to further educate people on the benefits of CBD.

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Thursday, November 14, 2019

How to find the best dental practice for you?

Once you find the right dentist, you usually stay with him or her your whole life.

In reality, this type of relationship is meant to last as most people will eventually take their kids to this same practitioner.

While this all sounds great in theory, finding the right expert to fix your teeth is far from a cakewalk. Most people rely on personal recommendations, but even then, you cannot say with certainty whether or not this person will be right for you.

If we also consider the variance in pricing, it quickly becomes something you need to think about. Our guests today are the dentists from MedfordDentist.net.

They will share with you some of the main things you need to consider when looking for a new dentist.

Why are prices so high? 

Most people consider dental services (as well as medical services in general) quite pricey.
Keep in mind that according to US health plans, you have a limited amount of money that you can spend on fixing your teeth. This limit quickly goes away, and most people will have to pay additionally from their own pockets.

While this is a problem in itself, we also have to consider that private clinics usually charge a lot for different services. Even cleaning your teeth can cost you up to $200. As something that you need to do every several months, it quickly becomes apparent how this might be a burden for a family budget.

First of all, let's mention the fact that the dentist needs a long time to finish their education, which is the first obstacle to lowering the prices. Then, we have to consider that most practices have several highly educated employees.

To reach their target audience, dental practices rely on dental SEO and Facebook ads for dentists. These services usually require several thousands of dollars every month.

We also have to consider the prices of equipment and supplies. In most cases, to start a business, an average dental office sometimes needs to invest more than 100,000 dollars!

It takes a lot of time just to cover your initial costs, which is why companies need to get that money back through higher fees.

Things to consider before going to a dentist

Of course, price is not the only thing you need to consider when looking for a new expert to fix your teeth. It is often one of the less important factors.

Instead, you should focus on professionalism and quality service. The best way to figure out whether or not a person is good is by checking postings online. Google has its own reviews, which are marked both in stars but also allow users to leave comments. These comments are especially important when it comes to dental offices, as they might point out some things that are lacking.

Naturally, make sure to check where the office is located. After all, you don't want to travel too far for a simple teeth cleanup!

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Tuesday, November 12, 2019


Any tea connoisseur will have a box of decent oolong tea in their collection. Being a favorite among regular tea drinkers, oolong isn’t just a pleasant-tasting beverage with a refreshing aroma, but also has a range of health benefits. Even better, these aren’t just the claims of some pseudoscience, but rather observations based on the recorded nutritional data of the nutrients that are found in oolong tea. Packed with various vitamins and minerals, oolong tea has a range of benefits on the digestive, cardiovascular, and muscular systems.

This article will go in detail on these benefits and give you a better understanding of just how the body benefits from the regular consumption of oolong tea.


Oolong tea contains incredible amounts of magnesium, sodium, manganese, niacin, fluoride, kaempferol, potassium, quercetin, and myricetin. These are all antioxidants – compounds that help fight harmful toxins in the body and eliminate free radicals. Through antioxidants, the risk of cancer is significantly reduced and one develops a resistance to a list of different chronic ailments, such as inflammation.


The most widely marketed quality of oolong tea is its benefits to one’s overall digestive system. Oolong is alkaline in nature, which helps in balancing the pH level in your stomach, especially if you enjoy and regularly consume spicy food. Oolong also helps in keeping ulcers and acid reflux at bay. Another strange quality of oolong is the probiotic-antiseptic hybrid nature, which not only gets rid of bad bacteria from your digestive tract but also promotes the growth of good bacteria that aid digestion.

Another practice relating to oolong tea, which promotes the belief of its benefits to digestion, is its consumption before and after meals in so many Asian cultures. You’ve probably seen it in Chinese restaurants as well when you’re out for a meal.


Remember the antioxidants we mentioned near the beginning of this article? Well, in addition to reducing the risk of cancer and eliminating free radicals from the body, they also help in keeping your heart in check. The risk of cardiovascular diseases goes down significantly with the consumption of these antioxidants, as they reduce the narrowing of arteries, keeping the blood flowing the way it should. They also get rid of fat buildup around the walls which leads to blockages and heart attacks.


The high amount of magnesium and calcium in oolong tea is great for bones and teeth. They improve overall bone density and help in fighting tooth decay and buildup of plaque. Oolong also builds the body’s resistance against certain gum diseases like gingivitis. The magnesium and calcium content does go down if you go for the processed variety of oolong tea. To get the most benefits, it would be best to stick with loose leaf oolong.

You can learn a lot more about oolong tea and all of its amazing benefits at the Kent & Sussex Tea Company. Go check them out at https://www.tea-and-coffee.com/blog/oolong-tea.

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Wednesday, November 06, 2019

How to stay healthy while traveling in South America

Staying healthy when you travel can be a challenge. It does not matter where you are traveling. It’s easy to be exposed to bugs or parasites, which can either leave you with a mildly upset stomach or send you to the hospital. Thankfully, there are a few things that you can do to stay healthy.
Fight off Mosquitoes

There are number of countries in South America that are known for infected mosquitoes. Serious diseases such as dengue, malaria, and chikungunya have been reported throughout South America. You can protect yourself from bites by wearing lightweight long-sleeve shirts and pants. Purchase strong repellent from a neighborhood pharmacy.

At night, use a mosquito net. They serve as a mechanical barrier to keep mosquitoes away from you. If you are in a climate controlled area, keep the doors closed, keep the windows closed, and keep the mosquitoes out.

Stay Healthy by Being Careful with the Water

The most common reason why travelers in South America get sick is because they are exposed to contaminated water. Contaminated local tap water in South America allows bacteria and parasites into your body. Residents of the country where you are visiting have developed immunity to many of these parasites and bacteria. You have not. Nothing can ruin your trip more than having terrible stomach cramps and diarrhea.

When traveling through Uruguay, Chile, Peru, Argentina, Brazil, and Colombia, it’s recommended that you buy bottled water or that you carry a portable water purifier with you. There are a number of high quality water purifiers that can get rid of contaminants, making it safe to drink.

Another word of caution is to avoid ice cubes and vegetables that have been washed with tap water. The contaminants in the ice or in the water used to wash the vegetables can get you sick.

Argentina is one of the more developed countries in South America, so the drinking water is safe. It might have a strong chlorine taste, but that’s not going to harm you.

Bolivia, on the other hand, has contaminated drinking water, even if you are in major cities. You should not even use it to brush your teeth. Thankfully, bottled water is available and you can easily purchase it.

Columbia has safe water in large cities. However, if you are going to rural areas or tourist areas outside of the city, we recommend that you purchase bottled water.

If you do find yourself seriously ill because of contaminated water, there are a number of private hospitals in countries such as Colombia that may be able to provide you with a good level of care. Private hospitals will require you to pay out-of-pocket. If you did not bring enough money with you on the trip, you may need to look into effective ways to send money to Colombia from the US to cover your hospital stay. It is usually better to avoid these circumstances and just be careful with the drinking water.

Protect Yourself from Altitude Sickness

Altitude sickness can either be simple and annoying or can be a life-threatening illness. Altitude sickness is commonly seen at 8,200 feet or more above sea level. You are more prone to get altitude sickness if you ascend quickly, like if you step off of a plane that lands in a high altitude area, if you hike quickly, or if you travel by car. The best way to protect yourself from altitude sickness is to ascend slowly. If you get altitude sickness, the best cure is to slowly descend the elevated area.

South America has a number of beautiful countries that include vibrant people, delicious food, and energetic cultures. There is a reason why millions of people visit South America every single year. If you go, taking a few precautions can help keep you healthy so that you can enjoy your trip.

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Cleaning The House For Better Holiday Health

Wow, the holiday season is upon us. Thinking about all the cleaning that you need to take care of is an overwhelming emotion. Go through the house and make notes about what is in your home that would appease the nosey in-laws or picky relatives. For instance, you want your parents to spend a couple of days. What about a new mattress and bed for their comfort? Holiday furniture sales allow you to find full size bed dimensions that fit your sleeping preferences and budget. If you need a new mattress, there should be sales galore.

New bedding is also a healthy choice because today’s bedding options are designed and manufactured to fit the body perfectly and to lessen the chances of people suffering from allergy symptoms.

Let’s go over your cleaning list and see if we can’t narrow it down for the holidays to keep your loved ones in good health:

1. Closets

Closet cleaning is very important in your hallways, personal closet, and guest room closets. Your holiday guests will need to use your closet to store their items. There is nothing worse than opening a closet door and having things fall out. Go through your closets and get rid of things that you haven’t used or don’t need to help make room for the holidays.

2. Entryway/Hallway

When you open the door to greet your family and friends, there is nothing better than to introduce them to an open and roomy entrance way. Also, dirt and germs are brought into the home and will lie around making the air polluted and our floors looking dull. In the weeks leading up to the guests arriving, remove the family coats, hats, etc. Clean and decorate your hallway with festive decorations that say welcome.

3. Living Room

The living room is where your family and guests will most likely gather to watch TV or just to chit-chat. Get rid of any carpet and upholstery stains via a DIY project or call in a cleaning service. Remember that carpeting and furniture fibers are great hiding places for dust mites, molds, dead skin cells, and insect feces.

These conditions alone are enough to create skin irritants, respiratory and allergy problems, and stomach ailments. Also, change your curtains and drapes, or just take them down to wash and refresh them. During the last week of your holiday celebration, clean the cushions on the couch, pillows, and chairs with a vacuum.

4. Bathroom

Cleaning the bathroom is a task that no one is fond of. Of course, you must keep the bathroom clean every day because germs love a moist environment. Mold, mildew, and staph bacteria that cause sickness also thrive in bathrooms if not kept well clean. A week before your guests arrive, perform a thorough cleaning. On the night before the holiday event, lightly clean all surfaces so that it will smell clean and fresh.

5. Dusting

It seems like dust particles settle on everything in our homes. Leaving dust particles in place is the cause for creating an indoor environment of germs and bacteria that causes allergens and asthma. Preparing to dust for the holidays must be carried out in a scheduled fashion so that you don’t tire yourself out at the last minute. Use a static dust tool to reduce dust that collects on ceiling fans, window sills, wall shelving, and other furniture locations. Dust regularly leading up to the night before the big holiday event. You’ll be glad you did.

6. Toys

If you have children, you know that toys show up in interesting parts of the home. Stepping or sitting on one unawares can easily cause problems. This task is a partnership. Yes, the children should become involved in locating all their toys and toy parts to deposit them in the appropriate containers in their room. This cleaning task can occur a week before family and friends arrive. Make it fun, and not demanding, by rewarding them for finding their toys and putting them away.

7. Pets

Before we give tips on pet cleaning, be mindful that if you use poinsettias, live holly, and mistletoe to decorate your home, these plants are poisonous to cats and dogs. For the weeks leading up to your festive holiday, check for pet hair, keep their beds clean, and refresh the litter box consistently. Pet hair can be an allergy-causing problem for certain individuals. Also, if your doggie or kitty also needs to be refreshed, you can use dry pet shampoo the day before your holiday festivities.

8. Refrigerator/Freezer

The longer foods remain in the refrigerator, the more likely it is to create bacteria that release bad odors and create dangerous health issues. As part of the kitchen clean-up project, your refrigerator and/or stand-along freezer should be cleaned of old foods to make room for the new meals you are preparing. The shelves should be washed and the condenser coils should be checked and vacuumed to ensure that these appliances remain operable during the holidays.

9. Air

Cleaning the air in your home not only keeps the family safe and healthy, but it also staves off illnesses. Would you believe that outdoor pollutants are also inside your home’s air environment? Stale or bad air quality can trigger coughing with a tightness in the chest, a sore throat, itchy eyes, and severe allergies. Cleaning the air can be accomplished with the use of HEPA air filters, using the A/C to lessen humidity, and reducing dust mite allergens causing coughs and sore throats.

10. Kitchen

An unhealthy kitchen is one filled with bacteria and germs that make you sick. Perform a deep cleaning before the holidays by sanitizing countertops, floors, oven vents, cabinet handles, and trash bins. Use lemon mixtures for disinfectant purposes and to keep the kitchen smelling fresh. Wash and polish the floor with products that can withstand heavy foot traffic.

There, you are all done. Now that the cleaning is finished, you can sit back and enjoy the holidays with your company. Planning ahead can really save the day and lighten the stress. If only you could get someone to cook!

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Monday, November 04, 2019

7 Potential Benefits of LDN Explored

Chances are that you may have already heard of LDN or low-dose naltrexone prescription stories that tell of its effectiveness in the treatment and management of a wide range of seemingly unrelated medical conditions. LDN, based mostly on anecdotal evidence, may be an effective alternative treatment for medical conditions such as autoimmune diseases, chronic pain, Parkinson’s disease, and chronic fatigue. Although studies about the effectiveness of LDN are still ongoing, positive reviews from its growing number or users continue to increase.

Low-dose Naltrexone: What Is It?

As its name implies, LDN is a low-dose administration of a substance called naltrexone. Developed in the early 1960s, naltrexone was synthesized in a small pharmaceutical company based in New York City. The substance was characterized by Blumberg, Dayton and Wolf in 1965 and was found to properties that counteracts the psychoactive effects of opioids. Within the next few decades, the United States Food and Drug Administration approved the use of naltrexone for the treatment of opioid addiction and alcohol dependence. Naltrexone, in 50-milligram (mg) doses, has since been proven effective in counteracting overdoses of opiates like heroin and morphine.

A couple of decades ago, a number of studies suggested that the administration of naltrexone in small doses might have important medical uses. Doses from 1.5mg to not more than 5mg have shown effectiveness in treating or at least mitigating the symptoms associated with some debilitating medical conditions. LDN, as the studies suggest, can influence the immune system and regulate it to mitigate and even eliminate the symptoms of chronic and degenerative conditions.

The Benefits of LDN 

To date, the exact mechanism of action of LDN is yet to be determined. However, experts theorize that its ability to counteract the effect of opioids also give it its curative and therapeutic properties for a number of conditions. The current hypothesis is that by inhibiting opioids receptors with small doses of naltrexone, the body is stimulated to release more endorphins, which in turn regulates the body’s immune system response.

Higher levels of endorphins in the system and by regulating the body’s immune system, LDN administration may have the following benefits:

●    Fewer flare-ups: Users with multiple sclerosis and other autoimmune diseases report reduced episodes of flare-ups
●    Slows down multiple sclerosis progression: LDN users with multiple sclerosis also report that it slows down the progression of the disease like traditional medications minus its unpleasant side effects
●    Immune system regulation: LDN has shown effectiveness in stopping the immune system from attacking healthy cells
●    Reduces fatigue
●    Improves mood and helps manage anxiety disorders
●    Helps manage pain

Where Can You Get LDN?

Is LDN legal? Using LDN is not against the law, and its administration is categorized as being off-label. However, LDN is not the type of medication that you can buy over the counter from your neighborhood pharmacy. Since LDN is a compounded medication, you can only buy it from compounding pharmacies.

It will be a good idea to purchase LDN from a reputable and established compounding pharmacy to ensure that you’re getting genuine and high-quality products. Keep in mind that LDN use does have some side effects, and it doesn’t go well with certain drugs. It will be a good idea to consult your physician before you start dosing with LDN.

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Thursday, October 31, 2019

How to prevent infections in dental surgery

Virus, bacteria, spores. These are the three main vehicles of infection in dental surgeries. The aerosol produced in the surgery, transporting pathogens and organic residue, increases by up to 3,000% the concentration of micro-organisms in the air, making the operator’s hands and the operating field areas at high exposure, with the consequent risk of infection for both the patient and the surgery operatives. The aerosol favors the re-circulation of these micro-organisms and, consequently, the environment may remain contaminated for a long time.

photo from pixabay.com

Bouts of cough, sneezing and special therapy contribute to releasing particles of various diameters into the air. From those with a diameter of between 10 and 50 micron, which stop in the nose and upper airway, to the smaller ones, with diameter of between 0.5 and 5 micron in diameter, which can reach the bronchioles and pulmonary alveoli, via the ones measuring 5-10 micron in diameter, which reach the pharynx and trachea.

The anti-infection best practices in the dental surgery

It is therefore quite easy to understand how, in order to guarantee superior hygiene standards within a dental surgery facility, the use of effective prevention methods and instruments is just as important as the surgery operatives’ training.

There are a few best practices for proper prevention:

1)    treating each patient like a potential source of infection, thereby using all the precautions and protection systems available
2)    respect precise protocols for the disinfection and sterilization of the surgery and of the instruments used, using dedicated denture disinfection products and repeatable and standardized procedures.

The choice of products to use for the surgery and instruments is a delicate and important task. Obviously, it depends on the activity the product is to be used for. Indeed, a distinction must be made between cleaning, decontamination and sterilization.

Cleaning, decontamination and sterilization in the dental surgery

Cleaning is the mechanical removal of organic material from the surface of instruments and equipment. Decontamination is used to mean the elimination of all micro-organisms with the exception of spores, for which sterilization is necessary, a procedure that eliminates all micro-organisms, no exception.

Each one of these three activities requires specific protocols and products. Products for disinfection absolve cleaning and decontamination tasks, while an autoclave is required for sterilization.

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Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Here Are Top 5 Simple Ways to Prevent the Occurrence of Yeast Infection Problem

Yeast infection affects more people than one could imagine. It’s harmful as it causes itching and swelling, which is quite uncomfortable and irritating. It occurs on the skin, mouth, and bloodstream. Candida albicans is the common cause of this menace. Are you scared of contracting this illness?

Below are simple ways to prevent you from getting a yeast infection

•    Use birth control that does not have estrogen

You need to be conscious of your partner's form of birth control. Excess estrogen in the body can result in the production of more yeast. With that in mind, it’s crucial to minimize the risk of candida Albicans growing exponentially into an irritating infection.

Both partners need to visit an OBGYN before choosing one birth control. You will go through tests that will identify the uniqueness of one's body.

•    Wear cotton underwear

You should never take chances when choosing the right innerwear. You need to keep your sensitive areas as dry as possible. It should be free from moisture and warmth. It’s because yeast infections thrive well in a humid surrounding.

To avoid such a predicament, always stick to undergarments made using natural fabrics such as silk or cotton.

When it comes to babies, their diapers should be changed often. Did you know that soiled as well as wet diapers lead to diaper rash which causes skin irritation? It can lead to a yeast infection.

•    Avoid scented soaps and hygiene products

You need to know that artificial bathing soaps have an acidic chemical scent that isn't good for your body. These scents tend to irritate sensitive skins. At times they tend to increase possibilities of having a yeast infection.

Say no to scented bubble baths, or fruity body wash or colored toilet paper. You need to keep it simple when taking care of your hygiene lest you attract entirely preventable infections.

•    Consider natural remedies 

At times after following all the preventable procedures, it’s quite inevitable to contract a yeast infection. The first form of treatment that you ought to try is natural yeast infection treatment. Try home remedies such as garlic, tea tree oil, boric acid, or natural yogurt. These methods tend to kill fungi that cause infections. These remedies work wonders for the body.

If you’re wearing dentures, especially if you have diabetes, you must be careful not to get thrush. Clean them often to avoid infections.

•     Sleep more 

The human immune system plays a significant role in the fighting of infection, including yeast infection. Lack of a good night rest makes the body ineffective when it comes to functioning correctly. Sleep helps the body to maintain acidity levels on the down-low. It lowers the rate of yeast growth, thus preventing infections. To stay healthy, ensure you get maximum sleep.

The human body is quite magnificent. You'd be surprised at how much people put their body in harm's way. Some ignore simple steps such as eating healthy, sleeping more, and wearing the right undergarments. To avoid discomfort while urinating due to a yeast infection, always take precautions. However, if symptoms persist, don't die alone. You need to contact a specialized gynecologist and get the right yeast infection treatment.

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Tuesday, October 29, 2019

What is Addiction Treatment About?

Addiction treatment is typically a place where people struggling with substance use disorders can recover through getting help with medication and therapies which help to address behavior. They provide substance abuse treatment with a distinct program that involves the families of sufferers with personalized programs. Some facilities employ what is known as a dual-diagnosis approach. It's a combination of both substance abuse treatment with mental health care. The program is intended to be highly effective, since it draws on both disciplines, as the comprehensive programs are implemented in such a way that those choosing this establishment can wind up leading substance-free livelihoods after their treatment.

There is a North Carolina Addiction Treatment Center that runs a number of different programs, but one of them is structured as a day treatment. It runs on weekdays, where clients go through clinically structured schedules which help them create the building blocks of a better life. This is their partial-hospitalization program which also offers full clinical support five days each week. When people cease using alcohol and drugs, it’s important to change daily routines. Highly structured environments and surroundings are useful in helping clients move on with their lives without substances. Every client is taken through a number of evidence-based treatment methods, as they are guided by the establishment's therapists. The specific recovery angles and certain holistic options chosen get decided based on the particular needs of the individual.

Accountability and structure both offer the breathing room and safe space where someone can learn about recovery in general, as well as specific methods to employ to steer clear of addictive behaviors. It's also a time where they can make the transition from addiction to a clean, sober, and a hopefully happy life. The program often addresses issues relating to early withdrawal, support, stabilization, and structure. Specific activities might include things like creative art therapy and recovery yoga. Alongside extra case management that involves supportive friends and family, there are also process groups, training in life skills, and both dialectical and cognitive behavioral therapies.

An intensive outpatient option is also available to help individuals who want to transition back into a life of peace, productivity, health, and happiness. Participants of this program actively involve themselves in coming up with their very own recovery plan. Individuals are requested to analyze and then start using fresh recovery habits and behaviors so that they can meet the objectives and goals they set for themselves during their treatment. This program is one which emphasizes the development of new habits in order to sustain a long-running remission from substance abuse. Individuals in this program strive towards better mental health. They also have the opportunity to redefine their educational and professional ambitions.

Outpatient recovery management is another option that works well for some patients, which is useful for those that no longer need inpatient treatment or a more structured program or don't meet the requirements for inpatient recovery and would like professional guidance on sustaining a state of sobriety. If a participant wants to truly learn and absorb how they can prevent a relapse appropriately and effectively, it is necessary for them to understand the various stages involved. The outpatient recovery program option helps individuals learn how they can utilize relapse prevention techniques for a multitude of physical, mental, and emotional stressors.

Many Institute locations also offer day- or evening-specific programs for both family members and/or clients who want to learn more about the nature of addiction. Family members can learn what it's like for those suffering from substance abuse and how to support the ones they love.

The establishment also offers an alumni program. Many participants who have yet to become actual alumni find this comforting because they know there will still be support from the Institute after their Charlotte Addiction Treatment Program officially ends.

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Monday, October 28, 2019

Modafanil Review - Its Side Effects, Dosage, and Benefits

Modafinil is a medicine used in the treatment of extreme sleepiness caused by narcolepsy or other sleep disorders. It sells under the name Provigil, which is its brand name. Modafinil exists as a white to off-white, crystal-like powder, practically insoluble in water.

A Provigil tablet contains 100 mg or 200 mg of modafinil substance plus other inactive ingredients such as:

Croscarmellose sodium,
Lactose monohydrate
Microcrystalline cellulose
Pregelatinized starch

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved modafinil’s use as a treatment option narcolepsy in 1998. Later in 2003, the agency allowed its use towards treatments of shift work sleep disorders as well as obstructive sleep apnea/hypopnea.

The theory behind the functioning of modafinil is that it promotes wakefulness by increasing levels of dopamine chemicals in the brain. When that happens therefore neuron-signal transmission gets interfered with. In this case, those signals to sleep does not reach the brain cells as required.

Benefits of Modafinil

When used correctly and for the prescribed purpose, Modafinil offers more health benefits relating to certain sleep disorders. Sleep is very crucial towards maintaining wellness of any human being.

However, in situations where sleep is in excess, medication action is highly relevant and necessary. Narcolepsy, as well as other sleep disorders such as obstructive sleep apnea, may cause excessive sleep. This can keep you from performing at the workplace and it is unhealthy for any socio-economic development.

As approved by the FDA and other medical agencies and institutions, Modafinil helps treat conditions that cause excessive sleep. However, do not mistake it for an anti-sleep medication nor a drug to keep you active when tired. If you have no sleep disorder then do not use it to interfere with your usual sleep schedule.

For those who suffer narcolepsy or any of the sleeping disorders, this is a highly recommendable medication.

It cheers you up
It enhances your vigilance   
According to the University of Cambridge, Modafinil reduces impulse response and quick improper decision making
It eliminates sleepiness   
The medication improves your IQ, though for a short time


Like most prescription drugs, taking modafinil will first require you to go through the medication guide issued to you by your doctor or pharmacist. Do this all the time, even when getting a refill, and also remember to ask any questions in case you do not understand some of the use instructions.

Modafinil’s dosage varies depending on one’s health condition as well as response to the treatment.

The regular administration procedure of this drug is by mouth with or without food – your doctors will let you know. For narcolepsy, you will have to take a daily dose as instructed by your doctor usually in the morning. Sometimes, it may be both in the morning and afternoon depending on your health condition as interpreted by your health care provider.

Those fighting obstructive sleep apnea should take this medication as prescribed alongside other treatments such as CPAP or a mouth device. Not unless your doctor instructs you otherwise should stop using these other treatments. If you are attending a work shift, be sure to take your medication one hour before; that way, it will be active by the reporting time.

Is Modafinil addictive?

An addictive drug tends to leave you with withdrawal symptoms once you suddenly stop using them. When you suddenly stop using Modafinil you are likely to experience symptoms such as, chills, sweating, confusion, nausea, shaking, and vomiting. They mostly occur if you have used the drug for far quite long. Usually, lowering your dosages is the safest withdrawal procedure for it.

For those who suffer substance use disorder, these symptoms could even be more severe. In this, we refer to those who use the drug alongside other substances such as alcohol. You should let your doctor know of any other substances you use – that would encourage proper dosing.

Side Effects of Modafinil

The utilization of Modafinil yields both short and long term effects. Some of these can either be severe or less depending on whether you are overdosing or not as well as the period of use.

Short-Term Side Effects

Typically, it will only take an hour before you begin experiencing the effects of this medication.  The most likely short term effects would include:

Difficulty acquiring sleep

 In infrequent occasions, worse symptoms may occur, and these may include;
Irregular breathing
Suicidal thoughts
Mood/ mental changes causing agitation
Increased heartbeats
Chest pains

Health specialist prescribes this medication having weighed the possible side effects against its benefits. Therefore, in most cases, few people experience any of these severe side effects. However, whenever you experience any of these, let your doctor know immediately.

Other rare cases include allergic reactions. These may include symptoms like fever, rash, itching/swelling of mostly the face, throat or tongue, severe dizziness, swollen lymph nodes, and trouble breathing. When they occur, quickly notify your doctor or pharmacist.

Long term effects

These side effects occur after a long period of use. The most typical one of them is addiction. You can acknowledge this when you suddenly stop using the medication – withdrawal symptoms will follow almost immediately. However, in rare cases patients suffer addiction from Modafinil.


Regardless of its substantial health benefits, Modafinil still is not a safe drug when you have to use it without a doctor’s prescription. For reasons of abuse, lots of states do not allow it as an over-the-counter types of drugs.

Modafinil comes with both long and short term effects, some of which could get severe. Thus, at any time you feel the need to take it to ensure you have a doctor’s prescription. Otherwise you may be putting your life into great danger. 

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Thursday, October 24, 2019

5 Things You Need to Know Before You Visit an Urgent Care Facility

When you or someone you care about is sick, hurt or in need of medical attention, having to make a split-second decision about which medical facility is most appropriate isn’t the best course of action. But many people are caught off guard, especially when it comes to deciding whether to visit an urgent care facility or the nearest hospital emergency room.

According to Community Health 1st ER, an urgent care in Deer Park, TX, “The differences are often confusing, and many patients are not aware that there are differences at all. However, there are a few important differences to consider when choosing between hospital ERs and urgent care clinics near you.” Here are a few things you need to know about urgent care facilities before you visit one.

1. Most Centers are Walk-In

Because most urgent care centers do not take appointments and function as walk-in centers,  your wait time can vary from 20 minutes to much longer, depending on the number of people who are ahead of you. However, some clinics do allow appointments or online check-in. Online check-in lets you fill in certain paperwork and prepare your spot in line, which can reduce your wait time drastically. Just to be safe, call ahead and find out if the urgent care clinic you’re thinking about visiting has an online check in or make appointments.

2. What to Bring

Remember this isn’t your typical doctor’s office that has all of your or your child’s records. Make sure you bring your ID. You will need your insurance card and funding for your copay or payment. Also, make sure to bring the names and dosages of any medicines you take. A list of medical diagnoses and surgeries is important too. Your primary care doctor’s name and contact information are important to have as well. And finally, if you are bringing a child who is a minor, who is not your child, you’ll need a parental authorization form.

3. When to Go

Of course, you can go to an urgent care clinic any time it is open. However, there are going to be times that it is much busier than others. Weekends, holidays, evenings and any other times when doctors' offices are not open are times that urgent care clinics are busiest. If you need urgent care but can wait just a bit, you might see a health care provider faster by calling the center first and finding out the wait time and whether you can be put on a waiting list.

4. A Doctor May Not Treat You

It is important to know before you go to an urgent care center that you might not be treated by a doctor. Although most centers do have a staff physician, they also have physician’s assistants and nurse practitioners who see and treat patients for a variety of conditions. Regardless of whether you see a doctor, a physician's assistant or nurse practitioner, you will always be told to follow up with your primary care physician.

5. You Can Get Treated for Things You May Not Think You Can

Urgent care centers have the ability to deal with lacerations, sprains, dislocations, and fractures. Almost all centers have x-ray machines and can determine the severity of your injury. However, centers do vary in their ability to handle these type of injuries, so it is best to call ahead. Also, if you are suffering from constant severe pain of a large, open gash, the ER is the place for you.

Urgent care centers also offer drug and alcohol screening. Typically, they offer blood or urine screening, but some test hair as well. If you need a drug and alcohol screening for work or another reason, check to see which kind of screening is accepted. You will also have to check with the urgent care center for the turnaround time.

Urgent care clinics can also test you for sexually transmitted diseases with a turnaround time of one to two days. They can check for:
  • HIV or AIDS
  • Chlamydia
  • Genital herpes (if you have symptoms)
  • Gonorrhea
  • Syphilis
  • Hepatitis
  • Human papillomavirus (HPV)
Regular testing for sexually transmitted diseases is part of a healthy lifestyle -- not just something done out of fear.

Also, urgent care clinics can perform regular physicals and routine health screenings. It can take weeks to get an appointment with your doctor for your yearly physical, but an urgent care clinic can do routine physicals, as well as sports physicals, gynecological exams and breast exams. It can also run lab work to check for anemia, cholesterol, diabetes, as well as confirm pregnancy.

If you are in an urgent care for your physical, you can also go ahead and check and see if your immunizations are up to date.

Is an Urgent Care Facility Right for You?

Now that you know more about what to expect from an urgent care center, you’ll be better prepared to decide in advance whether an urgent care facility is the right choice for you.

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Is the HPV vaccine safe?

The Human Papillomavirus also known as HPV is a common infection most people will come into contact with. This infection is commonly linked with different cancers in men and women as well as genital warts. People can carry the Human Papillomavirus without having any problems of their own but are still able to pass it onto someone else.

HPV is spread through sexual contact or coming into contact with other bodily fluids. Mothers who are infected with HPV can pass it onto their babies through the birth canal or from breastfeeding. HPV cannot be cured but it can be prevented with the Human Papillomavirus vaccine.

The HPV vaccine is more commonly known as Gardasil and Gardasil 9. It is recommended the vaccine is given between the ages of 15 and 26. These are the years most teenagers and young adults are at risk for contracting the Human Papillomavirus. Gardasil can be given 3 different times over the patient’s adolescent years.

The patient is given the first dose, then will receive the second dose 6 months later. The third and final dose is recommended for extra precaution but is not necessary. The difference between Gardasil and Gardasil 9 is the amount of HPV viruses it prevents.

The original Gardasil protects against four different HPV viruses. And like the name says Gardasil 9 protects against 9 different viruses.

Is the HPV vaccine safe? With anything sort of vaccine or medication there is potential for a reaction. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention put a lot of time, money and research behind these vaccines to make sure they are safe before being available to the general public. The HPV vaccine went through numerous clinical trials and studies to guarantee your safety.

And once a vaccine is released the CDC continues to watch these new vaccinations. The CDC has implemented three different systems that continuously monitors these vaccines. One is known as the Vaccine Adverse Reaction Reporting System. This allows doctors, patients and nurses to report adverse reactions in patients or themselves.

Another system used is the Vaccine Safety Datalink. This allows the CDC and different health care organizations to continue monitoring those who have received the vaccine.

And the final system is called the Clinical Immunization Safety Assessment project. The purpose of this system is to conduct trials and research on certain groups of people.

The Human Papillomavirus vaccination has been known to cause side effects. Some of the most common side effects associated with Gardasil include: irritation and redness at the point of injection, low grade fever, drowsiness, headache, minor muscle pain and nausea.

Sometimes the patient may feel dizzy up to 15 minutes after receiving the vaccination. It is important to have the patient remain sitting and laying down for a few minutes to prevent falling. In some rare instances an allergic reaction can occur.

Yes, the HPV vaccine is safe. The side effects associated with the HPV vaccine seem so minor in comparison to what the Human Papillomavirus can cause later in life.

There are risks associated with any sort of vaccine or medication. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has done an excellent job making sure this vaccine is safe for the general public.

It’s important before receiving any vaccine that people are always aware of the risk and benefits. This vaccine may not be recommended for certain people. But it is recommended for people with an autoimmune disease or disorder. Even though Gardasil is not a required vaccination it is definitely recommended for young adolescents.

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Monday, October 21, 2019

Tips for Reducing Your Medical School Debt

For the majority of medical students, and future ones, debt remains one of the primary concerns. More than two-thirds of medical students graduate carrying debt. College is expensive, and most students have to get a loan for medical school if they want to pursue their dreams.

At the same time, many are discouraged and frightened by all of these stats and figures. The average debt of graduating medical students is around $200k, and for many people, this is a challenge they don’t want to face.

Even though the costs are high, there are ways that students can organize themselves to make the whole thing as painless as possible.

Today, we are going to share some tips on how students can repay their loans, manage expenses, and cut down costs.

Find a loan forgiveness loan

There are non-profit options where students work like in the government, military, or other underserved areas to reduce their debt. In some institutions, students will have to work for a specified period for their debts to be paid off completely. On the other hand, some of them can help you lower your debt.

Here are some departments that offer loan forgiveness programs in the US:
  • NSHC (National Service Health Corps)
  • Department of Health and Human Services 
  • NIH (National Institutes of Health) 
  • Centers for Disease Control 
  • Indian Health Service 
  • US Public Health Service Commissioned Corps
Create a payment plan and stick to it

The data shows that the students who are always keeping track of their debt and asking questions are the ones who are most successful at getting rid of it. This makes sense because they are always thinking about ways to repay the debt and look for options that are available to them.

Those students who have no plan whatsoever and aren’t considering their options are the ones who struggle the most. What’s even worse is that these kinds of students often don’t start repaying their loans after they graduate.

In these situations, the debt gets increased even further, which makes paying it off even more difficult.

Talk to your advisors and financial counselors to learn what your options are. Whenever you can, try and repay the debt and always keep that in mind. When you establish a plan, don’t make up any excuses and try to execute it.

Reducing upfront costs

There are ways to cut down upfront costs when applying for a medical college. It’s generally a good idea to go through the Medical School Admission Requirements where you have guides, how applying for fewer schools works, and targeting applications.

When students get their first admission, they have the option of ruling out all other schools, and this reduces application expenses, interview expenses, and travel costs. All of these costs might seem small, but when they stack up, they can make a big difference.

Get private refinancing

Private refinancing is a new option that fresh doctors can now utilize. When doctors are on residency, they can get private refinancing to pay off their debt each month.

There are a lot of different options because these programs are private, and it’s important to talk to different institutions to learn about their terms and get quotes.

For example, some programs aren’t available to interns, while others are. This is probably the best option if you want to pay off the debt aggressively. However, to get refinancing, you will have to find a good income job and have a good credit score.

Still, it’s a good deal because you will save thousands on the interest that could potentially pile over your debt.

Make a balance

When in med school, you can’t expect to live like royalty. Be smart about managing your finances and try to cut down costs wherever you can. Your life as a medical student is reserved for studying and developing yourself as a person.

This means being responsible and taking care of all the financial needs you might have.

At the same time, if you want to go out with your partner from time to time or visit your family, you shouldn’t feel bad because of it. It’s all about creating a balance while being modest.

For more information about medical tuition, please visit https://www.sjsm.org/. Additionally, before you apply for a school, consider some colleges that are cheaper but aren’t so popular. This doesn’t mean you won’t get a good education.

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Thursday, October 17, 2019

Administration, Scoring, Reporting, and Samples of the ASRS

The Autism Spectrum Rating Scales (ASRS) measure the behaviors indicative of an individual with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). The ASRS can prevent under- or over-diagnosis, helping to ensure proper treatment. This rating scale is important to ensure that each individual gets a correct diagnosis and the care they need moving forward.

Implementation of an intervention plan is critical for individuals with ASD and diagnosing it early ensures that they can be provided with the tools and techniques they need to lead a relatively normal life and manage their disorder accordingly.

The ASRS is reliable and valid for individuals ages 2 to 18 years and can accurately diagnose those with ASD for the development of proper treatment plans.

Administration and Scoring Options

Every form can be administered with paper and pencil or by using the ASRS Online Assessment Center. Scoring can likewise be done using paper and pencil, the ASRS Scoring Software, or the ASRS Online Assessment Center.

Scoring options include a standard scoring method that can be used for individuals who do not have limited speech or an alternative scoring method for people who speak infrequently or not at all.
ASRS reports can be obtained by using either the ASRS Scoring Software or the ASRS Online
 Assessment Center. There are three different types of reports available:

●    An Interpretive Report, which includes detailed information and results from a single administration;

●    A Comparative Report, which includes perspectives from multiple raters and combines results from up to five different raters;

●    A Progress Monitoring Report, which includes overviews of change over time and combines results from up to four administrations by the same rater.

Components and Scale Structure

The ASRS includes both a full-length and a short form for children ages two to five years, and for older children and adolescents ages six to eighteen years.

The full-length ASRS form for ages two to five has seventy items and the full-length form for ages six to eighteen has seventy-one items. Separate rating forms for parents and teachers are included for each group.

The full-length form offers comprehensive and complete assessment information regarding the Total Score, ASRS Scales, DSM Scale, and Treatment Scales. The full-length form should be used when an individual is being evaluated for the first time, or if a full re-evaluation is being conducted.

The ASRS short form includes selected items that are best for differentiating nonclinical youth from ASD-diagnosed youth. There is a short form for children ages two to five years and a short form for youth ages six to eighteen years.

Both of these short forms contain fifteen items and the same form is used for both parents and teachers. The form provides one total score and is used to determine which children are more likely to need more evaluation or additional services for ASDs or related issues.

The short form is best used for monitoring treatment or intervention rather than initial screenings or re-evaluations.

Normative and Clinical Samples

From October 2006 to October 2008, more than 6,000 assessments were given and included normative data, clinical data, and reliability and validity data. Of the 6,000 assessments, 2,560 were in the normative sample.

These normative samples are evenly distributed among age and gender. They reflect roughly the same distribution as the most recent United States Census for race and ethnicity. Most normative samples include ratings for nonclinical children, but 7.6% of the ASRS normative sample includes ratings of children with clinical diagnoses or educational classifications.

They were included in the normative sample to provide an accurate representation of the general population of the United States, which includes children with and without various clinical conditions.

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Tuesday, October 15, 2019

The Allergy Relief Supplements You Need

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Depending on what the allergy is, it can persist for a number of months and can become frustrating. To combat them, most individuals usually go for the standard decongestants and antihistamines, which can be purchased from pharmacies and even supermarkets. However, these come with negative side effects such as feelings of dizziness and / or drowsiness.

But there is a way of getting the required level of relief without the unwanted side effects, and that is by using Allergy Relief Supplements that enhances the immune system. Some of the most effective include:
  • Minerals / Multivitamins – These are essential for the functioning of the immune, digestive, metabolic, and nervous systems. It also helps with the growth of muscles and detoxification of the liver. Research shows that most Americans have a deficiency in many essential minerals and nutrients as a result of a poor diet. The consumption of things such as caffeine and drugs, as well as exposure to pollution and / or stress are responsible for the depletion of vital nutrients. Therefore, a comprehensive mineral and multivitamin supplement is absolutely necessary in ensuring good health.
  • Some favorite products include Pioneer’s 1 + 1 Vitamin Mineral and Nature’s Way Alive! Max Daily Multi Vitamin with Iron.
  • Quercetin – This is a bioflavonoid and improves the effects of antihistamines, as it decreases the activity of histamine. It is formed of natural anti viral compounds that can prevent common colds and the breakout of herpes, as well as combating the symptoms of bronchitis, flu, sinusitis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and asthma. Quercetin works by stabilizing the immune cells that are responsible for causing allergic reactions and decreases histamine release.
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  • Probiotics – Research suggests that taking a probiotic reduces both the severity and frequency of infections. The balance of bacteria in the gut can be negatively affected by the excessive consumption of carbohydrates and sugar, as well from taking the birth control bill and from using antibiotics. A probiotic that contains between 10 – 15 billion live cells per capsule should be taken daily on an empty stomach.
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  • Plant Sterols – These work to stabilize the body’s immune system by bringing down any aspects that may be running overly high, such as when suffering from allergies. At the same time they also bring up any aspects that are running too low, such as when suffering from the flu or a cold.
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