Tuesday, November 26, 2019

5 Benefits of Using a Standing Desk

A great number of employees spend more and more time in their office sitting next to their tables. The growing need to improve ergonomics for employees is forcing automation manufacturers to pay attention to height-adjustable tables. In addition, new standards for office work necessitate the emergence of a new type of tables, as more and more employees work at the same table in shifts. Progressive Desk company offers a wide range of automated tables designed for office work where there is a need to lift the tabletop at different heights. Customers who want to take a closer look at the automation products can visit our site. Using such systems gives customers several worthy benefits.

Main Standing Desk Benefits
  • Reliable and innovative actuator systems built-in table frames were primarily designed for one important purpose - increase the office workers’ average life expectancy and preserve their health from office-associated work and its mal influence on the human body. Progressive desks provide the correct posture all along the working day if the height of the table was selected according to the worker’s personal height requirements. If the height is correct, an office employee does not need to lean towards the monitor. The monitor, whether a person sits or stands, remains installed correctly at the eye level. This way the loads on the cervical spine decreases. The elbow joints both in sitting and standing positions will lie on the tabletop comfortably. In such a position the static muscle tension is removed from the hands. Lifting technology provides a serious increase in work efficiency by an average of 30 percent. Progressive Desk customers feel the improvement of their well-being and mood already after a month of work in such a dynamic tempo.
  •  Standing desk technology provides an eco-friendly solution to the situation when a certain level of automation is wanted to be used by large companies who don’t want any negative consequences to the environment. The actuator-operated motion is fully safe for the environment producing no exhaust fumes, oil leaks, etc.
  • Modern automation solutions in the field of electric actuator systems allow customers to create optimal and adjustable settings for office tables and help to remind employees to regularly change their body position in order to stay healthy and productive. Hence, this technology positively influences on the work efficiency of not only a single person working with the standing desk, but also on the company and its productivity in general.
  • Reliability - is another standing desks benefit worth to mention. The metal table frame is much better than other wooden table legs. It increases the characteristics of this office furniture. Such solid materials allow the office table to withstand fairly great loads, dynamic movements, as well as multiple assembly-disassembly. The convenience of transportation provided by the metal-frame construction is impeccable. This adjustable office furniture is much lighter than alike wooden ones. This simplifies the transportation both in an assembled and disassembled state.
  • Practical materials and technology used for the standing desk construction like metal table frames, solid wooden tabletops of the office tables won’t accidentally deform even with strong impacts.
  • These materials will also not damage due to heating and humidity, and they are also pretty resistant to rodents who frequently like to spoil office furniture. When choosing the standing desk with electric height adjustment, it is important to consider the following specifications: tabletop size, height adjustment range, load capacity, the tabletop shape that can be suitable for simple work at home or for complicated office work with a few PC monitors at the same time, and structural rigidity.
The standing desk office furniture provides numerous benefits that allow improving office space. The more convenient and attractive furniture for office staff, the more comfortable employees feel when working on their projects. If you do appreciate the health and comfort of your personnel and are convinced that this is what can increase the company’s effectiveness, don’t hesitate and try office linear automation for standing desks already now.

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