Friday, December 11, 2020

5 Warning Signs Your Child Has Vision Problems

As a parent, you want the best for your child. You want them to fulfil their potential, lead a happy life, and be healthy. Regarding the latter point, it’s especially important for their eyes to be in tip-top condition – or at least for them to have the right pair of glasses. 

According to research by the American Optometric Association, almost 80% of all learning is done by children visually. Due to this, being able to see clearly is necessary for your child’s development and education. 

The bad news: kids are not going to be all that vocal if they are suffering from vision problems. They can identify when they’re hungry or even grumpy, but when words are looking a little blurry in their book? They might not realize this isn’t normal.

Fortunately, they don’t have to self-identify issues with their vision. Here are five warning signs to watch out for with your child’s eyes. 

1. Excessive eye rubbing

If you see your child constantly rubbing their eyes throughout the day, this could be due to fatigue or eye strain. According to the Visionary Eye Centre, who is a specialist in children’s eye exams, it can also be a red flag for several different vision-related conditions such as eye allergies. 

2. A lack of focus

When children are in class learning, their visual focus is constantly changing. Their eyes are constantly shifting from their textbooks to the board and from their notebooks to computer. If their ability to focus is compromised, they won’t be able to maintain the right level of concentration – and they will quickly fall behind in their school work as a result. 

This lack of focus can often be attributed to limited vision. After all, if they cannot see certain things crisp and clear, their mind is typically going to wander away from their work. If you notice deficient concentration and weak reading comprehension, this could be down to eye issues.

3. Too close to the screen

Have you noticed your child sitting right next to the television? Perhaps they squish their face up against their tablet computer? While this could be just them wanting to get a better view of what they’re watching, it may also be a hint they have nearsightedness

4. Constant headaches

Constant headaches may indeed be a clue for other health issues, but it could also be a sign for eye troubles. If they are complaining about regular headaches, for example, this could be down to your child overexerting their eyes in an attempt to see clearly. 

The same also applies if they are suffering from eye pain, although this is easier to identify admittedly. 

5. Misaligned eyes 

If your child is often tilting their head or covering one eye, this could be done to improve the clarity of what they’re looking at. It may also be done if they are trying to eliminate double vision. Either one is a hint their eyes are misaligned or have amblyopia.

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