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10 Signs You May Be Addicted to Tramadol

In essence, Tramadol is a type of opiate analgesic, which is generally prescribed for treating moderate to severe pain. It works by altering the response of your brain and nervous system to tenderness. The dosage of the medication is somewhat mild. It, in turn, leads most people to believe that the drug is not addictive at all. 

However, that is entirely untrue. A lot of individuals who use Tramadol tend to become dependent on it, which gradually leads to addiction to the same. Due to this reason, you should only intake them as prescribed by your doctor. Otherwise, you might encounter the following issues. 

1.    Physical Dependence 

Physical dependence on Tramadol might develop over time with the increased amount of usage. When you become entirely dependent on it, then you might experience the below-mentioned symptom after stopping its intake.

  • Panic
  • Sweating
  • Sneezing
  • Nervousness
  • Vomiting and nausea
  • Tremor or uncontrollable shaking of the body
  • Muscle spasm
  • Runny nose 

If you’re asking yourself how long does Tramadol withdrawal last, then you will not find one  answer to it. The duration of the same will depend on your treatment procedure. So, be sure to get to it as promptly as possible. 

2.    Mental Disturbance 

Like any other form of addiction, Tramadol, too, can affect the way you think or do your work. For example, you might start missing your assignments due to the dependence on the medicine. You may also feel anxious if you are unable to take the drug at least a few times during the day.

Ignoring personal hygiene can also be an indication of addiction. According to a research module, almost 20,000 people in the USA visited a hospital to treat Tramadol addiction and, most of them were suffering from mental disturbance.  

3.    Loss of Appetite 

The issue of loss of appetite is somewhat synonymous with antidepressant withdrawal. However, it can also occur if you are addicted to Tramadol. In this aspect, you will lose the desire to eat anything, even when you are hungry. It might lead to gastritis and affect your overall BMI system negatively.

4.    Irritability

Along with anxiety, Tramadol addiction can also bring extreme irritability to your life. If you do not get to intake Tramadol, then you might feel extremely aggravated and start behaving rudely to everyone. You may also feel agitated even when you are not interacting with anyone. 

5.    Fast Breathing and Increased Heart Rate 

Due to distress and anxiety, your heart rate might increase a little bit as well. You will feel like pressure pushing you through your chest. In some cases, your breathing might get a little bit fast as well, even when you are not doing anything at all. 

6.    Delirium or Confusion 

A state of confusion or delirium is yet another issue that might occur among Tramadol addicts. You will experience the same right after taking a dose of the medication. It will ensnare your nervous system and senses, which, in turn, will obstruct your ability to think anything clearly.  

7.    Abdominal Cramps

While suffering from addiction, you can, sometimes, take a substantial amount of drugs without thinking twice. It can affect your digestive system massively and cause cramps or pain. Moreover, if you do not treat it right away, then it can also lead to diarrhea-related issues. 

8.    Trying to be Euphoric 

Do you usually take the drug for having peace of mind and sensing its euphoric effects? If your answer is "yes", then you might already be in the grasp of Tramadol addiction. As the medication is quite mild, it does not require an individual much time to develop tolerance towards it. Thus, many of them tend to use it for getting “high”. 

9.    Drug-seeking Attitude

Drug-seeking manners are one of the most common signs of any addiction. So, if you are, indeed, addicted to Tramadol, then you might exhibit the following behavior –

  • Visiting more than one doctor to get the medication
  • Giving an excuse for "loss of prescription"
  • The reluctance of showing the previous medical records
  • Tampering with drugs and medications

10.    Hallucination 

If you are using the Tramadol drug for a prolonged period of addiction, then you might also experience hallucinations. It is a dream-like state, which might make you see or feel something that does not even exist at all. Hallucinations are one of the rarest yet most reasonable symptoms of Tramadol addiction.
Final words

Unlike the other synthetic opioids, the Tramadol drug might seem to be somewhat harmless. But, in essence, it is not risk-free at all. So, if you are encountering any of the above-mentioned symptoms, then visiting your doctor can make a world of difference to you. Addiction of any sort, whether it is Tramadol or anything else, can affect your personal and professional life massively. So, make sure to treat it as soon as possible!

This is a blog post by Brian Jamerson.

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