Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Your DNA Holds the Secret to Healthier Food Shopping

Not many people are aware that their DNA plays a significant role in eating healthy. Cases of overweight and strange health conditions are commonly attributed to genetic disorders, but that is not always the case. What you should know is that understanding your genetics is one of the best ways through which you can improve on your overall health by eating what is right, and making informed lifestyle choices. It has everything to do with improving the quality of your life.

Introducing DnaNudge

To help you understand the relationship between your DNA and what you should or should not eat, a tech company produced the latest and probably the best news to individuals worried about their constant ill health and unattractive bodies. DnaNudge is a new technology that helps you to be in total control of your health by informing you just what your body requires. It has been termed as the ultimate secret to healthy food shopping due to its value in improving people’s lives.

How it works

Your DNA samples must be collected first, after which they are run through a special machine which analyzes which aspects of your DNA are affected by nutrition. It is a fascinating process that takes less than one hour to get your genetic code established.

Once the code has been established, it is entered into a module attached to a mobile app from the associated company. The module is in most cases worn as a stylish wrist band to monitor your activities, after which it submits data to the app. The app has all of the DNA information required. Therefore, it helps in examining if perhaps you suffer from conditions like heart disease, chronic diseases, diabetes, or any other diseases. From the examination, you’ll be notified if you are under any potential risks, and whether you may increase these risks by eating particular foods.

The DnaNudge design is very simple and easy to translate even for the layman. Foods that pose any sort of danger are shown in a red color, while safe foods are indicated in green. Foods that are safe but must be eaten with extreme caution are indicated in an amber color. There is certainly no room for error with the system as analysis is purely individualized. Data submitted is accurate, and so is the examination carried out. What’s better? The wrist band is not just a monitor, but also a fitness tracker that sends signals of your daily activities to the app. It is through the report that the app gets to determine the foods that are right for you.

Eating for purpose

The purpose of using DNA to aid in food shopping is to transform and save the lives of individuals. The DnaNudge must, however, not be misconceived as a weight loss solution. With millions of people suffering with obesity and overweight conditions, the perfect solution has not been forthcoming. Healthy eating is everything, and that begins with understanding your body make up better. To that effect, getting valuable help on the ideal foods for perfect health, and leading healthy lifestyles is priceless.

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