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Benefits Of Following A Strict Diet Plan To Achieve Your Goal Weight

Some people claim that it only takes regular exercise and you don’t need to follow any diet plan to lose weight, while others say limiting your food intake is the only way, even without exercise. On the other hand, perhaps the majority would say it’s 50-50. Confusing, right? So, what’s the real deal?

According to Harvard Medical School, around 70% of US citizens are overweight or even obese and that losing weight is not the only solution to have better health. It stresses the importance of going for healthier food to improve your overall well-being more than anything.

But what exactly are the benefits of following a strict diet plan in achieving your desired weight? Consider the following.

Assists Those Who Cannot Exercise

Although achieving optimum weight loss can only be achieved through a combination of exercise and controlling your food intake, the latter takes the bigger chunk of the credit. If you put it in actual numbers, 75% of weight loss comes from diet and only 25% comes from exercise (or as much as 80/20 for some). Couch potatoes, rejoice!

Burning more calories than what you take in is said to be the key to achieving your desired weight. This may be interpreted as the lesser you exercise or move around, the more you should cut down your calorie intake. The idea behind it is to sustain a negative energy level which is essential if you want to continue to lose weight.

Helps You Become Healthier

Besides the fact that you can tremendously benefit from weight loss, sticking with your diet plan can help you achieve your ideal health status. Constantly adhering to a well-balanced diet can help replenish different key nutrients like vitamins A, B, C, E, iron, selenium, and zinc.

Eating healthy also helps you avoid a plethora of illnesses that are associated with too much or too little nutrients coming from food intake or lack thereof. These include health issues concerning the heart, bones, teeth, and other chronic conditions like metabolic syndrome that includes diabetes, high blood pressure, blood clotting disorders, among others.

Improves Metabolism

The metabolic rate of your body significantly drops as you lose muscles during weight loss. When it gets to the point where your metabolism drops to a very low level, the brain tends to hold on to the calories to prevent your perceived starvation. That’s the main reason why, even if you continuously exercise or you are physically active, you eventually stop losing weight after some time.

A protein-rich diet like those of Diet Delivery Plans can greatly aid when there is a drop in your metabolism rate, which is prevalent when trying to lose weight via crash diet or extreme workout. By sticking with this kind of diet, you can improve and regulate your metabolism, which eventually makes you lose weight consistently.

Prevents Gaining Back Lost Weight

When planning to lose weight, you sometimes tend to think of restricting yourself to the kinds of food that are known to be fattening. Foods rich in sugar, salt, and fats are some of the usual suspects.

While this strategy can work at first, your body isn’t used to being deprived of these guilty pleasures, especially when you’re so used to taking them every so often.

This tends to be unsuccessful in the long run as your body will have a tendency to crave the familiar diet. By utilizing a strict diet plan that covers most of the food groups in moderation, your body isn’t going to miss anything, which will make it work as usual.

Strategies to Achieve Weight Loss Goal

You can have your own weight loss plan or you can ask somebody else, especially an expert, on how to go about it to ensure success. However, the biggest factor to this is yourself as the ball is solely in your court.

Below are some of the expectations to ensure the achievement of your weight loss goal.

•    Establish your motivation. Why are you doing this?
•    Set sensible, reasonable, and achievable goals. Are they even possible?
•    Make a compromise. Are you up to it?

Parting Words

In the end, there’s really no one-size-fits-all type of weight loss regimen. Every individual is different in terms of body type, metabolism, health condition, activity level, etc. What works for you may not work for another person, hence, individualized diet plans are encouraged.

With the unhealthy diet being the biggest factor in weight gain, it’s natural to solve the issue through the same route more than anything. This is especially since people can be too lazy to
exercise. As long as you are not overdoing things, you’re going to be just fine.

Merilyn Zayac 

As a nutritionist for more than ten years, Merilyn Zayac has worked with individuals in improving their eating habits in order to achieve a healthier lifestyle. Merilyn considers the hormonal imbalance, food allergies, and weight goals of her clients in creating a meal plan for them.

Merilyn shares her expertise in food and nutrition by writing articles online.

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