Friday, February 28, 2020

6 surprising health benefits of sex for men

Most men would agree that there’s nothing better than getting intimate with their partner and enjoying a healthy sex life. It brings you closer together, boosts your mood and it feels good! But, did you know that there are genuine health benefits related to sex?

It’s true! Even if you’re currently struggling with ED, or a low libido – wondering how much does HGH therapy cost? Click the link to find out more – when it comes to regular sex, there are plenty of health benefits involved. What to know more? Read on for 6 surprising health benefits of sex for men.

Sex makes you happy

This one is pretty obvious, but medically speaking sex allows you to banish all those stress hormones that bring you down and instead, you get to enjoy oxytocin for several minutes once you’ve climaxed. If you remain close to your partner after sex (it’s difficult to stay awake, granted) but if you spend some time cuddling, touching and kissing etc you’re likely to enjoy the effects of oxytocin for much longer. Your partner will certainly benefit from additional intimacy.

You can lower your risk of prostate cancer

Recent scientific studies have shown that the more you ejaculate, the lower your risk of prostate cancer will be. Results show that regardless of age, there is a significant reduction in the risk involved. Although these findings require more research, it’s a good incentive to get a little more sex in your life and enjoy some additional solo sessions too.

You get some pretty good sleep

Again, oxytocin comes into play here. But after sex, it's normal for a man to feel sleepy. It's this wonderful hormone that allows you to sleep like a log after being intimate, allowing you to wake up feeling refreshed and re-energised.

You get your body moving

We all need a little more exercise in our lives and while having sex won’t necessarily have the same effect as a run or intensive gym session, it still has plenty of physical and fitness benefits. Some men can burn up to 100 calories during sex depending on the intensity and the longevity of the session. It’s a great way for you both to keep fit! As sex is actually considered a form of cardiovascular exercise, sex can help reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases and heart problems later in life.

A sex session a day keeps the doctor away

Ok, so you don’t need to have it every single day, but studies have shown that having sex regularly helps your body to produce more salivary immunoglobulin which helps boost your immune system and keep those germs and bugs at bay.

It's a natural pain reliever

We all know the joke about our partners being “too tired” or suffering with “a headache”, but in reality, sex is regarded as a natural pain reliever. The release of endorphins reduces pain and increases pleasure, therefore having sex whilst your head is hurting can potentially reduce the pain! It may not cure your headache, but you’ll probably feel a little better afterwards!

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