Wednesday, February 05, 2020

4 Alternative Medical Treatments for Dogs

If you’ve got a dog in your home, it’s hard to express just how much they mean to you. They’re at the front door to greet you when you’re home, follow you around everywhere, and are great cuddling companions on sad days.

As a dog owner, you’d do just about anything to make sure that your dog is happy and healthy. That includes looking into alternative treatments, such as using CBD oil for dogs.

Below are some of the most popular and useful alternative treatments out there for your four-legged friend.

Massage Therapy

You often use massages to recover after an impressive physical feat or simply to relax. Dogs can also use that too!

While it may be hard to tell when your dog is having “one of those weeks,” dogs and humans share bone and joint problems that end up overworking muscles.

There are plenty of techniques to help your dog’s muscles, such as kneading and rolling your dog’s skin, simple stroking, and even prolonged petting. Not only will your dog enjoy the attention, but it’s going to help their muscles, meaning they can play with you again soon.

Chiropractic Care

With nearly 30 million Americans making regular use of a chiropractor, it might surprise you that this treatment is also available for your canine pal.

The idea is the same that through your regular lives or physical trauma, your bones and joints may get out of position, causing you discomfort and harm. Chiropractic care can also help with specific nerve issues, like pinching or spinal problems.

Going to a chiropractor is often seen as a smart alternative to surgery, as it’s less invasive, and regular treatment can also have other benefits on the body of your dog.


Homeopathy is not limited to dogs and has been used on several animals, including horses, cats, and even rabbits. The ultimate goal of homeopathy is to allow the body to heal itself naturally by fighting off the issue.

Homeopathic methods look to increase the body’s vitality, or ability to fight for itself.

If your dog is experiencing digestive issues, anxiety, or even hormonal imbalances, then homeopathy can be a legitimate path to take. Even though you may never have considered it before, CBD oil for dogs may be a smart choice.

These treatments have long been popular in Europe and have made their way to the United States in the past few years.


While the other items above may sound somewhat familiar to you, naturopathy is the one that may puzzle you a bit.

Naturopathy is the idea that illness should not be approached without considering the whole body. Those that practice naturopathy want to look at a patient’s entire outlook instead of focusing on the illness or ailment.

When it comes to using it on your dog, the medical professional will look at the physical and psychological needs of your best friend, focusing on their well-being and comfort. They’ll look at the dog’s diet and past experiences.

This type of treatment is 100% natural and involves almost no modern medicine. It’s completely non-invasive, and the naturopath may even recommend various other treatments.

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