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What is CBD Flower and What Should You Know About It?

When it comes to CBD, there are so many ways of utilizing it. You can consume CBD products such as gummies, oil, and infused beverages to derive its benefits. However, there’s a wave of consumers who want CBD in its natural state. Typically, these would consume the CBD flower directly from the Industrial hemp farms without having it processed.

The CBD flower is not as popular as other CBD varieties. However, it’s an ideal choice for people seeking higher cannabidiol levels without necessarily pumping THC in their bodies.

What is it?

A CBD flower is derived from the Cannabis Sativa plant and contains the useful cannabinoids and terpenes found in CBD. People who smoke or vape CBD flowers claim that they offer more benefits than processed CBD. This is due to the abundance of compounds that produce noticeable and lasting effects.

CBD oils, for instance, go through CO2 or ethanol extraction processes that ultimately strip them of important cannabinoids in the process. Apart from the usual extraction process, some CBD products are distilled further for better purification. The end result is a product devoid of some of the useful stuff. On the contrary, the CBD flower is cut from the stalks of the hemp plant.

Can It Get You High?

There’s a misconception among many CBD consumers that the CBD flower is capable of making them intoxicated. However, this couldn’t further than the truth. First off, industrial hemp contains lower THC levels. This means that their flowers have significantly low amounts of THC as well (THC is what gets you high). What’s more, the high levels of CBD in a hemp flower regulate the THC effects. As a result, people use hemp buds to relax without necessarily generating a high. Some actually use it to counter the effects of a high THC product.

Benefits of the CBD Flower

Much like other CBD varieties, the CBD flower contains the fascinating compound known as cannabidiol or simply CBD. This happens to be a non-psychoactive component of the Cannabis Sativa with a ton of therapeutic features. CBD has been reported to have anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, and neuroprotective properties. Like CBD oil, the CBD flower may have great benefits for patients suffering from chronic pain, anxiety, sleep problems, and many more.

How to Use a CBD Flower

There are several ways of consuming a CBD hemp bud, including:

1. Smoking

For starters, you can smoke the bud like you would any other cannabis flower. The flowers are typically ground and rolled into a traditional joint or placed into a tube. According to research, smoking CBD flower doesn’t have a negative effect on the lungs as smoking tobacco would. However, keep in mind that this method isn’t the best for those with existing respiratory issues.

2. Vaping

If you don’t necessarily swim in the smoker’s pool, you might find that vaping CBD flowers through a dry herb vape is a better choice for you.  This way, you derive the benefits of CBD without putting your lungs on the line. This method is especially great for CBD novices and those who desire to keep their CBD consumption under wraps.

3. Baking

The CBD flower can also be consumed via the digestive tract. This is the safest method of consuming the CBD hemp bud because CBD doesn’t enter the bloodstream immediately after consumption as is the case with vaping and smoking. Note, though, that CBD edibles take a longer time to take effect that smoked and vaped products.

How to Know the Right Dose for You

There is no standard dose when it comes to consuming the CBD flower or any other CBD variety for that matter. Since they have different CBD to THC ratios, every strain affects people differently. Additionally, people react to THC in different measures. Some would do well with high CBD to THC ratios while others would be fine with lower ratios. To be safe, start with low doses of CBD flower (this can be one or two inhalations) and carefully work your way up.

The CBD flower contains higher concentrations of cannabinoids than other CBD varieties. It is great for people who want to derive the potential benefits of CBD without the need for processing. However, keep in mind that smoking and vaping aren’t exactly the best methods to consume CBD. Stick to CBD edibles if you can. If you have to smoke of vape, keep your inhalations to a minimum.

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