Thursday, July 11, 2019

How to Rock Knee-High Socks in Every Season

Thanks to pop culture, knee-length socks have become a fashion statement to reckon with. They are perfect and trendy and will work with most outfits, including shorts and skirts. They are perfect for a cozy, warm outfit and also a romantic one when you are going on a date.

Derived from the schoolgirl outfit fetish, this is a trend that you want to take part in. It is absolutely easy and it’s possible to pull off this look, feel classy, and be admired on the streets. Here are some tips that will help you rock knee-length socks.

Choose a neutral, stylish and balanced pair of knee-high socks

When buying knee high socks, you should choose neutral colors like brown, black, and navy. These are great because they will work with every other color without drawing too much attention to your legs. If you’re a fan of color blocking, these will act as a great way to neutralize the look and make it more elegant.

You do not have to limit your outfit to bold colors. Neutral socks will also look great with neutral tops and shorts.

Once in a while, go bold

While the neutral colors are much better because they go with multiple outfits, you also need to go bold when it is cold. Winter needs a little color, and that is why you should opt for the bold colors that add life to an otherwise gloomy season. However, if you choose to go with bold knee socks, remember to pair them with a neutral outfit so that your look does not become too busy or lively.

For instance, you can choose to pair those funky socks with dark denim shorts and a white t-shirt. You can also go for a tie-dye polka dot sock or ones with prints for that unique look.

For a detailed look, choose textured socks

If you’re looking for that unique look that immediately leaves a statement, opt for a textured pair.
Sock with fishnet or sheer will immediately add details to your outfit that you could not imagine.

These socks draw attention to your outfit and make it easy for people to tell your personality. These are also easier to style because they go well with dressy pieces. For instance, you can wear sheer ones with a cocktail dress. You can also choose to wear them with a dress shirt for more impact.

Choose a pair that has stripes at the top for a sporty look

Are you going to hang out with your boyfriend and his friends? Are you going to watch a match and need a sporty outfit? Well, go for socks that have stripes at the top for an athletic or tomboy look.

This sporty edge is often all you need to look casual and active. You can easily pair them with a tank top and gym shorts. You can also wear them with a jersey t-shirt dress. Put on a pair of cleats, and your cute outfit just changed to soccer practice-ready.

Pair them with shorts and tee for that springtime look

Who says knee high socks are just good for the cold weather? You can still rock them in the warmer weather by pairing them with denim shorts for that stylish cute outfit. You can also wear them with a flirty tunic or a form-fitting top. Remember that this look is perfect with a pair of neutral colored ankle boots or flats.

Wear them in the autumn with a trendy jacket

If you want to wear knee-high socks and maintain a flirty and tasteful look, you can. For this one, choose dark colored socks, and throw in a knit sweater and a solid-colored skirt. Avoid a mini skirt because it can make this outfit skimpy. The skirt should come as close as possible to your knee. This look is perfect for any autumn and it will make you look and feel elegant.


You can never go wrong with these socks. They allow you to have a casual, active, laid back look, or make a dramatic statement. They are great because they can be worn with any shoes and clothes and still look great. You can always scrunch the socks down for a cute touch.

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