Sunday, April 15, 2018

4 Restorative Dental Treatments You May Need

Restorative dental treatments are intended to correct issues that leave your teeth weakened, unattractive, and subject to more damage. At one time or another, most people are likely to need help with some sort of dental issue. Here are four examples of restorative treatments you should know about, just in case.

Dental Fillings

Fillings are the most effective way to deal with tooth decay. The process calls for Newmarket dentists removing the decayed portion and filling the empty space with some type of filling. Amalgam is one popular option, but some people prefer other materials. Your dentist can discuss the merits of each choice and recommend material that is right for your condition.

The filling protect the remaining portion of the tooth and prevents more decay from developing. It also prevents damage to the tooth nerve. Many people find that fillings remain in position for years before there is a need to replace them.

Crowns and Veneers

Crowns and veneers help to provide additional strength to damaged teeth. They can also improve the general appearance of those teeth. For example, veneers are sometimes used to add strength to cracked teeth. If the tooth happens to be chipped as well, a crown helps to restore the shape. Veneers and crowns can be tinted to match the exact hue of the rest of the teeth. This ensures the look is perfectly natural.

Crowns are sometimes used with fillings. Once the filling is in position, a crow is custom designed for the tooth. In this instance, the crown is tinted to match the shade of the tooth. No one will know the cavity was ever there, or that a filling is underneath the crown.

Teeth Whitening

Whitening treatments are a great way to undo years of yellowing. Many different habits can lead to the teeth losing their natural white appearance. The use of tobacco products, drinking beverages that stain the teeth, and poor dental hygiene all contribute to a yellowish hue. Under the care of a dental professional, it’s possible to employ whitening treatments that provide results in a short amount of time. Best of all, the dentist is there to check the teeth after each round of treatment. That makes it all the easier to achieve a natural hue without ending up with teeth that are overly bright.

The day may come when the last of your natural teeth have to go. If that time comes, it pays to know what sort of replacement options are available. Many people find that some form of dental implants are the best way to go. Implants help to maintain the natural shape of the jaw, do not have to be removed for cleaning, and are generally much easier to maintain. You can also expect them to last many years longer than a set of dentures.

Whether you need some simple treatment to correct a single issue or require a comprehensive series of treatments that repair damage from accidents or other causes, it pays to have a dental professional who can handle everything from quick repairs to a full mouth restoration. Contact a dental clinic today and arrange to establish an account. Have regular checkups and cleanings so potential issues can be identified and treated early. Doing so will keep your teeth healthy and looking their best.

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