Wednesday, April 25, 2018

10 Important Reasons Why You Should Not Exercise Today

Committing yourself to a regular exercise schedule is usually a highly recommended idea, often cited as the perfect way to stay fit while keeping your brain happy. However, it is still crucial to note that even the healthiest of professional athletes grant their bodies some occasional recovery time, because they know that overworking their muscles can lead to some serious trouble.

With that in mind, here are 10 warning signs to look out for, which are not excuses, but important reasons to stay off the program for a while.

1. You’re in Pain
A general ache in the muscles can be a good sign, as this indicates that you’ve had an intense training session and your body is repairing itself. However, this type of soreness should fade rather rapidly, especially after a warm up, hence why any sharp pains felt specifically during a workout mean that you should stop immediately. You are probably repetitively pushing one area too hard, and it needs some rest while you focus on other muscle groups.

2. You’re Still Sore from Yesterday’s Workout
Exercise causes tiny tears in the muscles, and it is during this process of repairing these tissues that the body actually gets stronger. If you don’t allow your muscles this downtime, you won’t rejuvenate properly, and then you run the risk of an injury. Take a day off to recover.

3. You’re Injured
Whether a sprain, a fracture, or a break, only your doctor can tell you how far you can push yourself after these mishaps. Usually, any unnecessary pressure can severely aggravate an injury, so your best bet is to rest up with some ice compression, and perhaps slowly explore some more low-impact exercises such swimming, yoga, or walking with a supportive knee brace.

4. You’re Sick
When you have the flu or a fever, your body is doing everything it can to fight off this virus. Why would you throw any additional stress at yourself during this torturous time, especially when you know you won’t perform your best anyway? What’s more, you may also infect your whole gym with your germs! That said, don’t use a mild cold as an excuse to stay at home and feel sorry for yourself, as short low-intensity workouts should be safe, as long as you aren’t coughing anywhere and you pay careful attention to your hydration.

5. You’re Lacking Sleep
Sleep is imperative to good health, as it reduces the risk of heart disease and helps your mind to deal with your daily pressures. For this reason, it is utterly counterproductive to cut your slumber hours short just to hit the gym early. Furthermore, too much exercise produces the stress hormone called cortisol, which itself can actually cause insomnia.

6. Your Heart Rate is Up
If you check your resting heart rate in the morning and it is pumping at an above average speed (between 60 to 100 bpm for adults) then your body is struggling to recover and you need to give it a few days to catch up.

7. You’re in a Terrible Mood
Exercise is famous for its mood-enhancing properties, and so if you continuously find yourself irritated or unusually depressed, this probably means something is wrong. These emotions could be a result of an exhausted physical body, a surge of stress hormones, or an unrealistic expectation for yourself. However, these details are less important than simply taking a break and doing something relaxing with your day.

8. You’re Pregnant
Thankfully, a pregnancy does not necessarily mean that you have to abstain from physical activity completely, as some exercise is definitely recommended. Speak to your doctor about your specific limitations, but it’s usually safe to participate in low-impact activities to the likes of walking, swimming, and yoga.

9. You’ve Recently Suffered from an Asthma Attack
As with any health ailment, it is up to your doctor whether or not you are fit enough to resume your regular training. When it comes to respiratory issues, it’s usually best to wait a few days before jumping back into the game, and even then, you should start slow, warm up a lot, and keep your inhaler close by. If you experience any loss of breath, stop immediately.

10. You’ve Recently Suffered from a Concussion
A concussion is not something you want to mess with, because there is no such thing as a safe brain injury. This trauma leaves your head in a very vulnerable state, and a repeat blow could place you at risk for another concussion. Even if you feel fine, it is not up to you when you should to go back to your regular exercise routine, and instead, you must obtain explicit permission from your doctor first.

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