Friday, May 12, 2017

Vaping Backed by Science as Healthier Alternative to Cigarettes

After successful completion of the first long-term study on the effects of vaping on your health, experts have given e-cigarettes the thumbs up as an alternative to smoking cigarettes. A fairly new form of nicotine replacement therapy, vaping is popular today with both smokers and non-smokers.

It has long been thought of as a healthier and alternative to smoking, since it allows ex-smokers to continue to ‘smoke’ without nicotine withdrawal symptoms or inhaling dangerous chemicals such as carbon monoxide and tar. Here are some of the main things found by the six-month study.

Switching to Vaping Improves Health

After six months, smokers in the study who switched to vaping were found to have far fewer toxins in their bodies and less cancerous substances than those who continued to smoke traditional cigarettes. This result finally debunked past claims made that vaping may be just as harmful to your health as smoking, and experts hope that it will encourage more smokers to quit using an e-cigarette.

Vaping Reduces Your Risk of Lung Cancer

For smokers, the risk of getting lung cancer is very real and scary, with a huge percentage of lung cancer cases across the world related to smoking cigarettes. According to the study, smokers who switched to vaping for just six months had 97% less of the toxic chemical NNAL in their bodies, which is strongly linked to lung cancer. Other cancer-linked substances, known as volatile organic compounds, were also significantly less in those who switched to vaping for six months.

It’s Important to Make a Clean Break

Scientists stressed that the result of the study made it clear that only those who made a clean break from smoking to vaping reaped the health benefits. If you are considering switching to vaping, smoking a cigarette occasionally isn’t going to be as harmful, but those who continue smoking regularly whilst vaping, even if they cut down on cigarettes, are unlikely to see much health improvement. Since e-liquid comes in different levels of nicotine, most vapers don’t suffer from nicotine cravings. A good way to make sure that you’re always stocked up on e-liquid is to buy cheap eliquids in bulk online.

Advice for Staying On Track

If you have decided to quit smoking and switch to vaping, there are many things that can help you stay on track and give up the cigarettes for good. For example, using a local stop smoking support group is a good way to meet like-minded people and openly discuss any quitting-related problems that you’re having. You can also download apps onto your smartphone or tablet that are designed to help you quit smoking and track your progress, which will motivate you to continue. It’s also a good idea to prepare for temptations, for example, having two e-cigarettes (or a spare battery) and making sure that you always have plenty of e-liquid available so that you don’t have to turn to a cigarette to curb a craving.

It has been confirmed by science: vaping is a safer, cleaner alternative to smoking.

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