Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Future-proofing your dental practice: improving x-rays for patients

With Brexit looming overhead and a rumored consumer slowdown wreaking havoc on the economy, most savvy entrepreneurs are worrying about their finances – just like you should be.

Although your private dental practice has been doing pretty well, you’re not immune to the money-related issues and fears that are plaguing the business world.

From saving cash to improving efficiency and coming up with some creative profit-boosting tactics, protecting your business’s bottom line is always on your mind.

That’s why you’ve decided to focus on improving your practice one key area at a time, starting with your x-ray service.

It’s an integral tool in dental care that’ll let you keep a closer eye on your patients’ oral health. It could bring you in a lot of extra money, but it’s also a big responsibility.

From soothing nervous patients who find the process terrifying to ensuring you meet all the strict regulations surrounding the use of radiography, we’re sharing a few top tips that’ll help you successfully introduce dental x-raying to your practice. Take a look.

#1: know your responsibilities

There are a lot of regulations and legal aspects to address before you can start administering x-rays. Fail to do so, and fines and failed inspections will soon spell the end of your business.

But don’t worry – the Care Quality Commission has put together a handy introductory guide to all the mandatory requirements and rules you need to know about. Check it out and make sure your practice ticks all of their boxes.

#2: improve the administrative side

The thorough and comprehensive patient dental records you’re obliged to keep take up a lot of space. Once you start adding x-rays to those already full files, finding room for securely storing them will become even more difficult.

There are plenty of innovative answers to this all-too-common problem. Invicta Mobile Shelving has been helping healthcare facilities better utilize their offices for years, so get in touch with their expert team to find the best medical x-ray storage solution for your practice.

#3: invest in new equipment

With horror stories about the dangers of x-rays lurking online, patients need to be reassured that your practice has the latest and safest radiography tech around.

Take your time researching lots of different brands and types of x-ray machines before buying anything, and give yourself a strict budget to stick to – remember, you’re a small private practice. You don’t need enough equipment to support an entire hospital radiography ward.

#4: create a relaxing atmosphere for patients

As we all know, some patients have a real phobia of even routine dental checkups, so x-rays can prove to be one stressful step too far. To put them at ease, work on improving the overall atmosphere of your entire practice.

Plants, a comfortable temperature and calming color scheme (blues and greens are ideal) will have a soothing effect and can be used throughout the building, from the reception and waiting lounge right through to the treatment rooms themselves.

  •  Written by Claire McPhillimy
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