Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Four Ways to Manage Your Diabetes

Living with diabetes can sometimes be frustrating but with the proper planning and care it can be manageable. There are 4 major components to diabetes management including healthy diet, staying active, monitoring your blood sugar regularly, and of course keeping up on your prescription regimen.

Healthy Diet
Every doctor tells you that the number one step in managing diabetes is a healthy diet. This is true. Monitor your carbohydrates, which have the greatest influence on blood sugar. It is also a good idea to monitor total fat and protein intake as well.

Staying active helps blood flow throughout the body. Especially if you have Type 2, staying active helps reduce artery damage that causes skin sores. Already have foot sores? Take a look at investing in some diabetic footwear, this site here is a good place to start.  

Keep up with Monitoring
Regularly checking your blood sugar helps keep you in the know about your body. Set an alarm for specific times throughout the day as well as half an hour after a meal. Try and coordinate a time where you will be able to slip away and test. More importantly, invest in a portable monitor.

Follow a Prescription Regimen
Become a creature of habit, as noted before make sure to set alarms not only for your monitoring, but for your prescriptions as well. Take them at the same time everyday to help eliminate the chances of you missing a day. Making your stomach sick? Spread it out into two separate sessions.

These are just simple suggestions, please see your doctor for more information and facts on how to manage your diabetes. Most people with diabetes live an active happy life. You can too!

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