Sunday, March 24, 2013

Deaths and Injuries from Falling Signs

On Friday, 3/22/13, a mother and her three children were crushed by a falling sign weighing 300-400 pounds inside an airport in Birmingham, Alabama. One of the children, Luke Bresette, was killed. He was in the 5th grade. The sign (to the left) was a flight information sign like the ones we have all looked at for arrivals and departures at the airport.

It is unknown if the woman was looking up at the sign, which was attached to a wall, or if she just happened to be standing there with her children. The mother broke both of her ankles and her pelvis. One of the children suffered a concussion and another broke his left leg and nose.

A freak accident for sure but deaths and injuries from signs are not unheard of, especially when the sign is outside during a storm. Below are seven other examples:

1. In January 13, 27-year-old Jacob Marx was killed when an overhead sign fell to the ground and crushed him. The cause is believed to have been a gust of wind.

2. In October 2012, a woman in her 50s died after being struck by a falling sign in Toronto. The cause was attributed to Strong windows.

3. A woman was hurt and five cars were damaged due to a falling sign in England. The cause appeared to be weather-related.

4. Twelve people were injured (no critical injuries) from a falling sign in New Jersey. No cause was identified.

5. A man in Texas was injured when a large panel from an LED sign came loose. The cause was described as either negligence or mischief.

6. A man was injured while walking his dog when an unsecured metal sign blew off the ground, struck him in the face, and knocked him over.

7. A teenager in Colorado was injured when a truck hit a street sign, fell, and struck him.

While some of these incidents are unavoidable for the victim(s), being extra cautious in your surroundings and staying inside during windy storms gives you your best chance of avoiding something similar from happening to you.

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