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The World of CBD Edibles

Have CBD edibles, such as gummies, caught your attention as an alternative to other consumption forms? Then, you may be curious about proper dosages. When it comes to answering the question: how many CBD edibles should you eat, there isn't a one-size-fits-all answer. Every product and consumer is different. Plenty of factors can impact the proper way for dosing CBD gummies and other edible products. 

Ultimately, you have to determine what is the correct dosage for you specifically. To help you better figure it out, read on for information about the 5 main factors impacting correct dosage and some CBD dosage tips.

4 CBD Dosage Tips

It's important to take your time measuring your CBD treats and being informed on the answers to common questions about dosing CBD edibles. Here are 4 CBD dosage tips to help you safely consume products such as CBD gummies. 

1. Start With a Low Dose 

Start low and slowly work your way up, especially if you aren't sure about your tolerance to CBD or are trying a new product. As previously explained, everybody has a different reaction to various dosages. You want to begin with a low dosage for a week to make sure there are no negative reactions or side effects. If it's ineffective, increase your dosage by 5-milligram increments per week until you reach an optimal dosage. 

2. Listen to Your Body

Effectively dosing CDB gummies or other edibles requires you to listen to your body. Always be aware of your body's natural rhythms and the feedback you receive to make the right adjustments in dosage - whether it's to increase or decrease the amount you consume. Overall, you want to make sure your body gets enough time to metabolize so you can evaluate the effects before changing dosages. 

3. Consider Timing 

Sometimes the time of day you take consume CBD gummies can impact the results you feel. Some people find that taking a specific dose at night makes you sleepy but the same dosage in the morning stimulates you. When experimenting at different times, you also want to be in a safe place where you aren't planning to leave for anywhere. For example, you wouldn't want to suddenly feel tired while driving. 

4. Consult an Expert 

You don't have to figure out CBD dosages alone. When using cannabis to treat specific health issues, you can consult a health professional or physician well-versed in cannabinoids. They can look at your medical history and review the key factors previously listed to help determine an optimal dosage. 

Factor 1 - Body Weight 

Your body weight significantly contributes to how much CBD you need to take to reach the desired effect. Generally, heavier people will require higher dosages to achieve the same concentration of CBD in their blood compared to lighter people. You can use your body weight to help determine your starting dosage. 

While the other factors below also come into play, a general rule of thumb is to consume 1 milligram per 10 pounds of body weight for a milder effect to start. This means you divide your body weight by 10 for the dosage in milligrams. 

Factor 2 - Desired Effect and Strength

While the 1 milligram per 10 pounds rule is an effective way to find your starting dose, the effect and strength you desire will change this. If you just want mild relaxation, the low strength can prove effective. 

However, you will want 3 milligrams per 10 pounds for more moderate effects at medium strengths. This can provide increased relief, ease, and stress management. 

People with severe unease or discomfort that need stronger effects will want a higher strength. This can generally be calculated by using 6 milligrams per 10 pounds. But remember, everybody's reactions can still differ based on other factors. 

Factor 3 - Condition Being Treated

CBD can be used to treat different psychological or physical discomforts, from anxiety and stress to exercise-induced inflammation. Optimal CBD dosages will vary depending on what condition you wish to treat, as previously touched upon above. For example, how many CBD gummies you take for helping with sleep will differ from how much you need for severe pain. Some people also aren't treating any particular condition and, instead, using CBD for general well-being can find lower dosages of 5 to 15 milligrams suitable for their needs. 

Factor 4 - Body Chemical Makeup

Everybody's genetics and the chemical makeup of their body are different. For this reason, you can respond differently to substances and experience different side effects. CBD edibles may also include ingredients you have an allergic reaction to or interact with other daily prescription medications you are taking. It’s always best to start on the lower end of dosages regardless of your body weight and desired effect just to make sure you aren’t having an adverse side-effect to a particular edible product. 

Factor 5 - Type of Edible

The type of edible you consume can also impact when you feel effects, how well your body absorbs the CBD, or whether you have a reaction to the ingredients in the edibles. Dosages for CBD cookies can differ from dosing CBD gummies. Cookies or other baked goods typically absorb into your body after reaching the digestive tract. Since it can take hours to break down the CBD, you might not feel the effects until 2 hours later. This is why you need to wait for the effects before eating more edibles.
In contrast, CBD gummies or hard candy can have faster effects. They allow the CBD oil to be absorbed before reaching the stomach. Additionally, the smaller pieces that reach the digestive tract break down easier. 

Final Thoughts 

There is no one answer when it comes to dosing CBD gummies and other edibles. Every individual is unique and various factors impact how you react to different dosages. You’ll want to consider your weight, desired effects, the condition you are treating, your body’s chemical makeup, and type of edible you are consuming to arrive at your optimal dose. It's best to start low, listen to your body, and gradually adjust. When in doubt, work with an expert to help determine the right dosage for your health needs.

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