Thursday, August 05, 2021

10 Tips For Generating Medicare Leads

The Medicare population is expected to grow to almost 79 million by the year 2030 as Baby Boomers age. That is a lot of potential Medicare advantage and Medicare supplement leads that insurance agents could be marketing to. By knowing the best ways to generate leads, insurance agents can increase their profits in a lucrative sector of the insurance industry.

1.    Your Website Must Be Well-Designed

Your website establishes your credibility, and in a competitive market you need to have a clean, easy-to-read website that is accessible to the elderly. recommends that you hire a professional web designer that can custom build your website, including a clean landing page that your higher-qualified leads are directed to.

2.    Update your existing website

If you already have a website, now is a great time to ask yourself how to optimize it for search engine optimization or SEO. You can do this by starting a blog where you focus on the most common questions about Medicare.

3.    Use Facebook To Educate Your Target Demographic 

You have answers that a lot of people want regarding Medicare. You can target ads to elderly groups on Facebook to educate them and help them know their enrollment period. 

4.    Network at Events

Different places are reopening, and local festivals are great places to engage with the community, who have been bombarded by digital marketing for over a year. Consider attending empty-nester events or retirement planning luncheons.

5.    Create Consistent Content

Every month you should be producing new content on your website, whether it’s a blog or an infographic, or an interview. You may even want to consider hiring a digital marketing firm that specializes in content marketing.

6.    Send Direct Mail

Direct mail has proven to be one of those effective ways of connecting to high-quality leads.

7.    Know The Laws About Sales Events

There are many rules for hosting a compliant Medicare sales event. The two types are formal sales events and informal sales events. At formal sales events, agents present information about Medicare plans to an audience that has been invited to the event. Informal sales, or tabletop events, are paid-for marketing events at a public setting such as at a kiosk or health and wellness fair. You should take time to familiarize yourself with the rules regarding whether or not you can ask potential attendees for their contact information to RSVP, whether you should register your event, etc.

8.    Hire A Paid Search Agency

You know all about Medicare, so leave the work of getting the word out about your business to a top marketing company specializing in generating leads for Medicare agents.

9.    Develop Strategic Partnerships

Those who are active in their communities are connected to them. Join affinity groups and team up with other local businesses.

10.    Improve Your Follow-Up

Don’t let hot leads turn cold! Since the inception of the Medicare program in 1966, the population of enrollees has grown steadily. In 2021 there are 44 million beneficiaries enrolled in Medicare Parts A and B, which is about 15% of the US population. That’s a lot! Always reach out to potential enrollees after your initial contact, either by phone or personalized email. If your prospects know that you’re dedicated and trustworthy, they’ll be more inclined to hire you!

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