Thursday, June 25, 2020

How To Keep Fit And Healthy During Covid 19 Pandemic

COVID 19 has altered most of the things that we are used to, and people are now learning the 'new normal'.  Going to the gym and exercising with others is no longer safe as people fear to contract the deadly virus. Heading to the market and get fresh produce is not also advisable because you are not supposed to interact with crowds. Some people have been laid off their jobs while others are working from home. Staying home for prolonged periods poses a challenge for those who want to remain physically active. The following are some practical tips on how to remain active during this period

Even if the virus does not have a vaccine nor a cure yet, that does not mean that you should always be sad. Dancing is one of the best exercises when you want to maintain a healthy heart. You do not have to be an expert dancer to enjoy such exercises. You can choose from moderate to high-intensity dancing techniques to keep yourself fit. There are numerous videos that you can stream online or even watch your TV for such programs. Dancing helps your body release endorphins that boost your moods even when having a bad day.

Take breaks

Working from home can be the best thing to happen to you. You no longer have to deal with traffic jams or even office politics daily. However, you may find that you spend a lot of time sitting at your office desk, which is not good for your health. You need to plan your tasks in bits if you want to be productive. Ensure that you take a short break after every 45 minutes and let your mind rest. You can walk around in your home or even stretch before you resume your tasks.

Join a Spa

Your physical appearance does not have to suffer just because there is a global pandemic. You can get the looks and appearance that you have been craving for when you are in the right hands. You can enjoy both physical and online Spa services to keep your health in check. A Spa such as New Medspa in Flushing, NY can take care of different things such as your face and the general body to ensure that you are relieved from various conditions and get that young look you have been craving for. The ideal Spa is one that takes holistic approaches and the latest technology to ensure that you get the desired results.

Try some relaxation techniques

You may tend to focus so much on the physical health and forget about the mental well-being. It even gets worse when your industry has been adversely affected by this pandemic. Meditation and deep breaths may be all that you need when you feel as if your moods are low. You can even try yoga as it helps you concentrate on things that matter in your life. Ensure that you have a quiet space as you try some of these techniques. Let yourself be vulnerable and address some of the issues that might be troubling you.

Eat healthily

It cannot be stressed enough about the role that foods play when it comes to leading a healthy lifestyle. Being near your kitchen and the fridge may tempt you to have a bite frequently. However, you need to ensure that you take only healthy foods and in the right proportions. Take a walk in the neighborhood to aid the digestion of these foods while still observing social distancing guidelines. Take your time and visit the market or shop online from select vendors as this helps you keep your health in check
Get active

You shouldn't spend the entire day at your house. You can move around or even use the stairs to get active. This sounds simple but can come with numerous health benefits that you cannot even imagine. If you live in an apartment, then it is time that you abandon the lift and let the staircase be your best friend. You are likely to lose some weight when you are physically active and frequently use the stairs, which is good for your health. Your legs will also be strong, which ensures that various muscles attain some leanness level.

Keeping fit during this pandemic is realistic when you follow the above tips. Life should continue even if we have to learn some new routines and shortcuts to good health. Being creative and innovative as humans should be a blessing to make life better and bearable.

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