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Steer Clear of These Foods When in Menopause

Menopause is a natural stage in a woman’s life. It starts as perimenopause or the phase before the actual menopause. At this point, the individual’s reproductive system is affected. The average woman in the United States will go through menopause at around 51 years of age.

The perimenopause and menopause cycles will last from three to six years. You know you are in menopause when you stop having your periods for 12 months. Most women go to the physician for advice on how they manage the symptoms. However, there are natural menopause remedies that will help you survive the massive changes.

According to data, more than 8 in 10 women suffer from various symptoms. Meanwhile, 40 to 50 million of them suffer from vasomotor symptoms, which are characterized by night sweats and hot flashes.

What Foods to Avoid

During perimenopause, menopause, and post-menopause periods, what you eat will affect how you feel. Here are some of the foods that you need to take out of your diet:

●    Generally, you have to avoid hot drinks like coffee, chocolate, and other beverages as they can worsen the occurrences of hot flashes.
●    You should also avoid spicy foods.
●    You also want to steer clear of fat. During the first years of menopause, it is not common for women to gain as much as 15 pounds easily.
●    Sugar will not only help you gain weight, but it will also make you more fatigued. It can hamper your productivity if you are not careful.
●    Refined carbohydrates will mess up with your mood, and even trigger fatigue. As you know, during menstruation, you will deal with mood swings. You do not want anything that will trigger your emotions.

What Will You Learn From Natural Menopause Remedies?

Natural menopause remedies are not exactly new. Ancient civilizations and tribes in remote areas practice these methods by force of circumstances. After all, doctors were not readily available to help them get through some of the discomfort or pain.

Although different programs teach various techniques, the core principle remains - the combination of the right diet, exercise, meditation, and supplements will minimize the symptoms.

For instance, the 6-week program developed by Maryon Stewart will teach you the following techniques:

1.    What type of diet should you pursue?
2.    What kind of food should you avoid?
3.    What program is ideal for you, taking into consideration your habits and lifestyle?
4.    What are the proper exercises and meditation activities to target some of the symptoms?
5.    How to address your sleeping problems?
6.    How to manage your weight, especially when your metabolism slows down?
7.    What can you do to control cravings, which contribute to weight gain?
8.    What can you do about stress?
9.    What brain exercises can you do to stimulate your mind and memory?

The natural remedies for menopause have helped countless women around the world. You do not need to run to your doctor to ask for pain relievers.

Although natural remedies take a bit of work, they will help you in the long run. You avoid being dependent on medicines to relieve some of the symptoms. You pursue a more active lifestyle, which enables you to become a more productive member of society, even as you enter your golden age. 

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