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So, How Can You Pay For Your Addiction Treatment?

Need to pay for your addiction treatment and don’t know what options are available? Read on to figure out how you can get the treatment you need with as little monetary burden as possible.

The cost of addiction treatment such as alcohol, drug, sex, gambling, kleptomania, etc., depends on the level of severity of the patient and the level of treatment needed.

Whether you are looking for a short or long term rehabilitation facility, rehab centers are expensive. In-patient programs always cost more than out-patient programs. In-patient programs require you to stay at one of the facilities full time and hence they extract the room rent and the boarding cost from you.

However, these residential programs can be very effective as you are under their care 24/7 and they monitor your activities.

However, there are out-patient programs as well, which can also be extremely effective. In-patient programs can cost anywhere from $8,000 to $15,000 a month, whereas out-patient programs can cost around $75 to $150 a session.

There are a lot of options around us, but we need to select the one made for us. Let’s look at some of the options

Private Health Insurance

Most private health plans cover drug and alcohol rehabilitation. United Healthcare, Cigna, Blue Cross, and Blue Shield and Aetna are some of the major companies that can help. There are various other companies that can help with your treatment.

The affordable health care Act (Obamacare)

The affordable health care Act or Obamacare covers drug and alcohol recovery as one of the ten major benefits central to Obamacare.

Medicare and Medicaid

Federal and state-sponsored health benefits are available to specific segments of society. These insurance plans can pay for your rehab.

Eligibility for Medicare-
  • Over the age of 65
  • Disabled
Eligibility for Medicaid- 
  • Over the age of 65
  • Under the age of 19
  • Pregnant or a parent
  • Within a specific income range

Several addiction centers offer scholarships and some treatment facilities may allow you to pay the money after discharge. Some of them even allow you to pay in installments. Contact your nearest treatment center for more details.

Crowd Funding

Crowdfunding sites like GoFundMe can help raise money for your treatment. The world is full of helpful and kind people. Create a page on GoFundMe and share it with your friends and family and it is bound to pick up some traction and get people contributing.


Selling items from your house or personal stash can help raise money for your treatment. You could also put your car or house as collateral and take a loan from the bank. Material possessions can come again, but your health and well-being matter the most. If the above is not possible you could just directly ask your friends and family for money; they may understand.

Employee Assistance Program

It is a work-based intervention program designed to assist employees in resolving their personal problems. It usually assists people who are suffering from drug and alcohol-related problems. Programs are delivered at no cost to employees. Services are often delivered via phone, online chatting, video calls, email interaction or face to face.


This is one way to acquire federal funding for your treatment. There is the one provided through SAMHSA and is called The Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment Block Grant (SABG). However, this grant is only for selective people like pregnant women and intravenous drug-induced people.

Nonprofit Treatment Centers

Payment need not always mean cash; payment can be done in service as well. There are various nonprofit centers dedicated to helping the needy. Some of them are described below.

The Salvation Army has a program that requires no payment, but the patient must be willing to work 40 hours a week to pay for their room. This is a six-month treatment program and patients work in their offices.

Teen Challenge is another nonprofit organization that helps teens and young adults get the treatment they need at very nominal costs.

Whether you are looking for a 30, 60, or 90 day rehab program, rehab is very expensive and knowing the different ways you can pay for it will make your life easier.

Do not let cost prevent you or a loved one from getting the treatment they need for their addiction and co-occurring disorders such as depression and anxiety etc. There are many options available if you look and take time to look more into them.

So we hope that this article has provided you with some great ideas on how to pay for your rehab.

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