Thursday, March 28, 2019

Top Tips for Staying Safe in a Taxi

We put a tremendous amount of trust in a taxi driver whenever we climb into their cab. Whether we are in our hometown or a foreign city we have never been to before, we should always remain vigilant when in a taxi. Here are some top tips to help you keep yourself safe in such a situation.

Know Where You are Going

This one is obviously a little difficult if you are unfamiliar with the place you are in but there are still some precautions you can take. Bring up a map of the local area on your phone and identify some of the local landmarks which you should be passing during your journey.

If you are a local to the city, don’t be afraid to speak out and say something to your taxi driver if they go the wrong way. It could be a genuine mistake, or it could be an attempt to fleece you by taking you a slightly longer route.

Keep Aware

If you feel like a taxi driver is behaving suspiciously towards you, don’t be afraid to phone someone or even fake a phone call if you have no battery. Simply saying, “Yes, I’m just in a cab now,” can be enough to deter a maliciously-minded driver. Likewise, if you are a woman being driven home by a taxi driver who you feel is being overly forward with you, make sure that you do not mention that the address you are going to is your home. Claiming that it belongs to someone else can again act as a deterrent.

You should also follow basic car safety procedure. Always wear your seatbelt; you never know when you will end up in an accident. Read up on how to claim for an accident in a taxi so, in the extremely unlikely event you do end up in a road traffic collision, you know whether or not you could get some compensation.

Only Use Licensed Taxis

You should only hail a taxi from the street if it is a black cab. For any other type of minicab, use an app or phone a taxi office to have a cab come to you. Most reputable companies have a follow-up service where you will receive an automatic SMS with the name of your driver and the registration of the taxi. If you are unsure if the taxi is for you or not, simply open the door and ask who the taxi is for before you get in. If it is your taxi, the driver will be able to tell you the name.

Never Share a Cab with a Stranger

Finally, one of the most important rules of keeping yourself safe in a taxi is to never share a cab with a stranger. You never know who you could be getting into the car with and they could attempt to rob you or worse.

Stay switched on, and don’t relax just because you are in a taxi. Your safety should always be your number one priority.

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