Sunday, May 20, 2018

How Fresh Smoothies Can Improve Your Health

If you follow the latest healthy food trends, you probably know that smoothies are one of the most enduring health food crazes of the past decade. From their humble origins as a quick way to gulp down a breakfast before heading to work, smoothies have become a massive industry. Kitchen appliance companies are releasing new, more elaborate blenders ever year, and the supplement industry has capitalized on the trend by marketing protein powders and other nutritional boosters specifically designed for smoothie drinkers who want their breakfast to pack even more of a punch.

In recent years, the smoothie craze has led to an explosion of brands specializing in pre-made off-the-shelf smoothies. Many high-end grocery stores now have entire sections dedicated to showcasing carefully packaged super food smoothies in exotic and compelling flavours. While many of these brands advertise themselves as being a healthy option for people who want to make sure they get their vegetables, fruits, and nutrients on the run, many of these corporate options are loaded with sugar and unnatural additives. Instead of relying on pre-bottled options, the only way to ensure that your smoothie is packed with all-natural ingredients is to make it yourself. 

Smoothies first became popular as a way of easily blending together a variety of fruits and vegetables, making it easier for the busy-but-health-conscious to maximize their plant intake. But while this has always been part of the appeal of smoothies, they have also been lauded as a way to boost anti-oxidant intake (anti-oxidants are vital in preventing and repairing cell damage, and are found in particular concentrations in berries). Smoothies can also be designed around deliver healthy doses of fibre, and if you add nuts and seeds, you can increase your natural intake of protein vitamin E. Finally, using milk and yogurt is a great way to increase your calcium consumption and coat your stomach with healthy probiotics that will aid digestion. With a few basic ingredients, you can build a breakfast smoothie that will increase energy levels, deliver important nutrients, and help you achieve a more balanced calorie intake.

The good news is, making your owns smoothies can be both cheaper and easier than store-bought alternatives. While many pre-made smoothies sell for drastically inflated prices, you can find low prices on a Vitamix blender by looking at online classifieds in your area, and shopping for fresh ingredients like kale, honey, fresh berries, and bananas in bulk allows you to buy more for less.

While the health benefits of smoothies are by now well known, if you want to improve your diet by starting the day off with a smoothie, it is important to understand that not all smoothies are equally good for you — ensure your breakfast smoothie contains all the fiber, protein, and nutrients you need to kick-start your metabolism by making it yourself. With hundreds of great recipes online, and plenty of affordable blenders for sale through online classifieds, it has never been easier!

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