Tuesday, May 01, 2018

Going organic — 3 ways natural products can enhance your appearance

Humans have been using plant by-products in healthcare potions and balms for thousands of years.

From Cherokees using blackberries to soothe swollen joints to Druids drinking birch sap for its holistic healing properties, there’s a long tradition of using local flora to cure all manner of ailments.

As time wore on, synthetic chemicals were thought to be more effective than natural compounds for certain applications — but many eco-conscious customers are now returning to the sustainable products that served our forebears for generations.

So if you want to go organic, here are three ways natural products can enhance your appearance.

1. Acne

Acne is a common condition — but extreme cases can adversely affect a sufferer’s confidence.

Papules and pustules can be painful and unsightly, and cysts might even cause permanent scarring.

Makeup and cosmetics can block pores and cause an outbreak of acne — so use them sparingly and remove completely at the end of each day.

In terms of treatment, gentle organic skin care products containing willow bark extract and tea tree oil can be effective for some patients — they’re gentle on the epidermis but strong enough to eliminate dead skin cells, oil and dirt.

2. Looking youthful

If you haven’t managed to locate the legendary fountain of youth or stashed away enough savings for a Hollywood facelift, you’ll need to find other ways to stay youthful.

Good general fitness and a robust facial cleansing routine can keep your visage look young and firm — and organic creams, masks, and moisturisers containing natural products like manuka honey, avocado, lavender and liquorice root can restore radiance and evenly tone discoloured skin.

But staying hydrated is one of the best, and cheapest anti-aging treatments — two to three liters of water per day will flush toxins from your system and can take years off your appearance.

And laughter’s also good medicine — making your facial muscles work together while you smile increases blood flow so that you positively glow.

Between slapping on the honey, guzzling water and having a good old chortle, you’ll soon be looking so spritely that you’re asked for ID to buy a bottle of fizz.

3. Eyes

Even when the rest of your face looks toned and taut, saggy, baggy eyes can be extremely aging.

When your peepers lose their luster and the skin around them looks leathery, it feels like the start of a serious decline.

However, health-enhancing kiwi fruit is a bit of a cure-all — these hirsute spheres might protect your eyes from macular degeneration as well as reducing blood clots and boosting the immune system.

But organic eye defense creams that contain other ingredients like aloe, shea butter and green tea can also be effective.

And for the outside of your eyes, cucumber patches are one beauty cliché that works brilliantly — their soothing effect reduces puffiness and diminishes dark circles.

If you’re a newbie to the world of organic beauty, learning about these three ways natural products can enhance your appearance should convince you to go green and serene.

What organic products do you use? Share your tips in the comments section.

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