Sunday, October 02, 2011

And the Top 5 MedFriendly Blog Entries in September Were...

Below are the top 5 most popular blog entries for the month of September. This will be a monthly feature of the MedFriendly Blog and gives readers a chance to catch up on the most popular blog entries they may have missed. Overall, a good month for the MedFriendly Blog. As the blog becomes more popular, page views will increase. Please post a comment if you have blog entry suggestions. Here is the Top 5 list:

1. Amazing Images of Extreme Bodies and Body Parts: This is the clear winner with 76 page views. People love the visuals. I’ll try to put up more images next month.

2. Guest Blog Entry: Chakras 101: This was the first guest blog entry since the MedFriendly Blog relaunched. It came in a close second with 57 views. Will a follow-up to this entry be in the works? Stay tuned.

3. White blood cells promote cancer: Cancer will always be an interesting topic for readers. But hearing that white blood cells many play a role in the disease? Definitely of interest. Comes in at 43 views.

4. Abandoning Alzheimer’s Disease: My Response to Pat Robertson. This was my response to Pat Robertson’s advice that a husband of an Alzheimer’s patient should divorce her after putting her in custodial care. It was featured on the popular medical blogging site, KevinMD. Comes in at 42 page views.

5. What to do if You Can’t Afford Medications: A helpful primer for patients on this topic. Comes in at 41 page views.

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