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Starting Your Own Medicinal Garden


Gardening can be a wonderful hobby that's not only engaging and fun but can even benefit your health. The act of gardening itself can be a great way to interact with nature and tend to the land on your property, but what you grow in your garden can benefit you as well.

You're not limited to just growing flowers and veggies in your garden. There are many plants you can cultivate that have real health benefits and can be used for their medicinal properties. While these plants should not be used as replacements for actual medicine or treatments, they can certainly add to the quality of your health.

The Power of Cannabis

There are many medicinal benefits to cannabis in addition to its recreational uses. It's also a plant that you can grow in your own backyard, provided it's legal in your area and you know how. If you're not interested in recreational marijuana, you can still try out its health benefits without the intoxication.

As is the case with the possession and use of marijuana, each state has its own laws regarding the cultivation of the cannabis plant. It's extremely important to look up the legality of growing marijuana where you live. While some states may allow the possession and use of cannabis, that doesn't necessarily mean growing it is legal as well. Some states even consider the cultivation of the plant a felony, while others simply require you to pay a fine, so be very careful and know the laws in your particular area before planting.

When you're sure of the legality, you need to decide exactly what you want to plant. Cannabis has many different strains that produce different amounts, sizes, and potencies. Look up different strains and compare the differences. You can also try a few different kinds to see which you like better or which are easier to cultivate. Try a natural strain or a feminized hybrid like the lemon cherry gelato strain to compare.

Once you've grown and harvested your cannabis plants, you can start benefitting from their medicinal properties. Whether you smoke it, bake edibles, or even make a homemade cannabis salve, it can help with pain relief, anxiety, and overall relaxation. Start with small doses to see how your body reacts and find the amount and method that works best for you.

Aromatherapy DIY

Another great way to naturally benefit your health is through aromatherapy. Essential oils may not have the ability to cure any ailments or heal injuries, but like cannabis, aromatherapy has advantages that can assist in your overall health.

First, you have to know what plants you can use for this natural treatment. It's of course important to choose plants with strong scents such as lavender, peppermint, and lemongrass. Flowering plants like jasmine and lavender also attract pollinators which can not only help the environment but also help your plants thrive. Be aware of any allergies to might have to any of these plants before you make any topical products with them.

After harvesting your aromatherapy plants you can of course keep them fresh in water to add pleasant smells to your home but to best bring out their health benefits, consider making your own essential oils. There are plenty of tutorials online and recipes for different scent blends you can try. Certain blends can be used for decreasing stress, others for helping you sleep, and some are used to boost your energy or improve your mood. You can make a few differently scented blends to have on hand for different uses.

Edibles and Herbs

There are also many benefits to receive from edible plants that you can plant. Obviously growing your own veggies or fruits can be great for keeping healthy, but other plants like herbs or edible flowers can be beneficial as well.

Consider growing a few different plants to be used in tea. Herbal teas like chamomile, peppermint, and ginger can greatly improve your sleep, digestion, and joint health. Tea is also a delicious and healthy drink you can enjoy without unhealthy additives like sugar or caffeine. You can also embellish premade tea blends from the grocery store with herbs from your garden, like adding lemon grass or mint to a black tea blend. Mix and match different herbs and flavors to find the blend that you find not only the most delicious but also the most beneficial.

You can also grow herbs to add to your meals, adding flavor to your dishes while also increasing the nutritional value and health benefits. Sage, basil, rosemary, and turmeric are all herbs you can grow yourself that can provide a tremendous boost to your health while also adding to whatever recipe you're cooking. Not to mention that growing your own herbs and spices will ensure that you have the freshest and best quality ingredients.

If you enjoy gardening or want to give it a try, consider adding some plants that have medicinal properties to give a little boost to your diet or lifestyle. If you put in the work to take care of your garden, it can benefit you and contribute to your health for years to come.

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