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Tips to help you keep fit despite having a busy schedule


Keeping fit is a major goal for most people. This is because of the benefits it has for our bodies, not just physically but also mentally. However, you find that as you get busier with other aspects of life, your fitness routine suffers and you cannot keep up anymore.

When this happens, you need to remember that you can always change your routine to fit into your schedule. Don’t get so caught up feeling bad for neglecting your goal that you forget to look for ways around it.

Here are a few tips to help you stick to keeping fit.

Meal Plan and Prep in Advance


Food is the fuel your body needs for it to work at its best. As such, you have to invest time and money to prepare good food yourself. Take some time out of your week and plan for the following week. Write down a list of meals you would like to have and stock up on everything you’ll need.

For meal prepping, you can do it in two ways: Either decide to cook the food fully, or just cut up the ingredients and store them. Both options work great. However, it is best to always consider how busy your week will be when deciding on which method to choose.

Meal prepping will allow you to keep off all the junk food and take-outs that add no value to your body and help you towards your fitness goal.

Tweak Your Fitness Routine

The joy of a fitness routine is that it can be changed to accommodate you and your needs. If you’re slacking on staying fit, then examine your routine and find those pressure points. Consider changing the time that you workout to later in the evening or wake up earlier.

You could also try to work out during your break no matter how short it might be. These short workout sessions will accumulate and have great benefits on your body. Remember not to focus too much on the duration of your work out. Rather, focus on getting in a workout every single day.

Discover Other Exercise Options


Exercising doesn’t just mean going to the gym. If this was the case, then a lot of people would stay unfit for good reason. Access to the gym can be a challenge especially if you stay late at the office, and have to get in early. This is why you need to explore other fitness options.

Don’t be rigid when it comes to keeping fit, experiment and find what suits you best.

Since exercise varies from one individual to the next, there are different options available for you to consider.

Some of the options you could choose from include;
  • Walking

  • Most people forget that walking is an exercise in itself. Ditch your car and walk to work every once in a while if possible.
  • Cycling

  • If you’re in a position to cycle to work, consider it as part of your routine. This will give you a head start on your day’s fitness goals.
  • Yoga

  • Doing some stretching exercises is important. Consider doing this as you watch your favorite show or as you catch up on the news. This is a great activity to tie into an already established daily habit.
  • Cardio

  • A lot of people prefer exercises that make their blood pump and leave them sweating. If you are one, then cardio exercises are perfect for you. Things like burpees, jump ropes, and squat jumps can easily be done in the comfort of your home.



Always keep your fluid levels up. The most preferred fluid when keeping fit is water. It is recommended to have at least 8 glasses of water or more per day. You could also aim for 3-4 liters of water a day.

The goal here is to stay hydrated to avoid any water retention. Water retention occurs when you don’t take enough water and your body has to hold on to the little it has. When this happens it interferes with your fitness goals by leaving you feeling heavier and less active.

However, drinking water isn’t always a favorite for most people. Some people complain of the taste while others just never remember to drink up. To avoid any excuses, here are 3 things you can do to make it easier;
  • Invest in a customized water bottle

  • Having a quality glass water bottle that you can carry with you will go a long way in influencing your water intake. You could also customize it to include reminders with certain times in the day to help you keep track. Take a look at this website to assess the various options available and to order glass water bottles customized with your designs.
  • Add flavor to your water

  • Adding some flavor will improve the taste of water for those people who dislike it plain. You could infuse the flavor by using fresh fruits, herbs, or sliced vegetables. This will encourage you to drink more.
  • Attach drinking water to a habit you do a lot in your day

  • You could decide to drink a certain amount of water after every bathroom break or each time you finish a task at the office. Just find something that will easily remind you that it’s time to take your water.
Get Enough Sleep

Everyone needs their beauty sleep no matter how busy life gets. Always make sure that you get to sleep for at least 8 hours at night. This should be your time to relax with no interruptions until the next morning. Getting enough sleep both physically and mentally has numerous benefits on your overall health.


It is possible to incorporate fitness into your busy schedule; you just need to make it a priority. If you want something done you’ll find a way to do it.

Exercise daily for as long as you can, and make it a habit. Creating time for this is not going to be easy but with all the benefits it will be worth it.

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