Friday, July 03, 2020

The Dos and Don'ts of Buying from an Online Pharmacy

Buying commodities online has never been more relevant than now. With strict regulations on social distancing, most people find internet shopping not only a safer choice but also more convenient. And nowadays, everything you need is available at a click of a button – including medicine.

Online pharmacies are usually independent businesses but are sometimes also affiliated with brick and mortar stores. These stores can fill your prescriptions online efficiently, and most if not all have physicians available to write a prescription for minor conditions after the customer has completed a questionnaire.

Why are online pharmacies gaining popularity?

The primary driver for the success of online pharmacies is convenience. For people on the go, it's a relief when you have the option to buy essential medication without having to go line up inside a store. Buying online also means you can discreetly purchase medicine that you'd otherwise maybe feel embarrassed to buy in person.

But like any service where you can't physically examine the product you buy, there are risks you need to be aware of and avoid. For instance, if you want to order antibiotics online, you need to make sure that you're getting the right dosage according to your prescription. Let's discuss further the dos and don'ts of buying medicine online.

Do buy from a reputable and licensed online pharmacy

Because online pharmacies are in demand, you'll likely come across some shady shops out there. As such, you'll need to identify red flags so that you can avoid them. First, check if the store has a license. If possible, you may want to cross-reference it with the appropriate agency. Another sign to look into is whether their prices seem too good to be true. You should also avoid spam emails from stores that offer the cheapest medicine online.

Do have your prescription ready

When buying from an online pharmacy, make sure that the store asks for and verifies your prescription. They should also have a licensed pharmacist available to answer your questions. If you don't need a prescription for the medicine you need, the pharmacist should at least help you in buying the appropriate dosage or choose from branded and generic alternatives.

Don't buy from an overseas store

One of the most critical things to avoid when buying medicine online is a store that operates overseas. There have been many instances of people getting duped into purchasing counterfeit or placebo drugs. Not only are these ineffective but also can be dangerous to your health.

Don't experiment with unknown medicine brands

One of the most enticing aspects of buying online is how you get bombarded with marketing information about specific products. Many people end up buying what they don't need which they'll often later regret. The same thing applies to online pharmacies. Once in a while, you'll see an advertisement for a supplement or medicine worth trying. Some of these products won't require a verified prescription from your physician. But without a prescription and consultation with your doctor, experimenting with such medicine will be harmful to your health and might lead to adverse side effects. 


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