Wednesday, May 15, 2019

4 Reasons to Mix Your Own Vape Juice

One of the best things about vaping is the culture that's started to grow around it. You get to create your own mods to ensure the perfect time and your ideal clouds and choose from a wide range of e-juice to suit your specific tastes. But just like mods, you can create your own vape juice. Check out some of the most common reasons why experienced vapers like to test their skills at mixing their own.

To Create a Better Flavor

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Everyone's tastes are different, and odds are you know what you like more than anyone else. You may have found some of your favorite flavors from one of the many places offering vape juice, but they may not be exactly what you're looking for. When you mix your own, you get to create your own flavor. You can start with some of your favorites and tweak them in a way that better suits your palate.

To Have Control Over the Ingredients

When you mix your own vape juice, you have control over what you put into it. Some people are highly sensitive to some of the additives of vape juice, especially diacetyl and nicotine. You also can adjust the levels of other additives to help provide for a vaping experience more like the one you desire.

It Can Save You Money

While mixing your own vape juice may require an initial investment up front, it is a lot more cost-effective in the long run. The most expensive costs include purchasing the safety gear and some of the equipment. But after these costs, you can buy the ingredients in bulk, saving yourself a significant amount of money per container. After some trial and error, you will be able to save even more money once you get your formula down and know exactly what you need to create your favorite juice.

It Can Be Fun

Getting involved in the vaping lifestyle is not only about the experience of vaping, but it is also about having fun. When you mix your own vape juice, you will become part of the vape enthusiast community. You'll also be able to connect with other vapers to find recipes to make and tips and tricks for you to try out. If you are part of a vape club, you can also share some of your experience and help impart your knowledge on those new to the vaping world.

Creating your own vape juice can be fun and affordable, allowing your creativity to really shine. All you need is the right equipment and a little know-how to get started. If you want to learn more, there are many experienced vape juice mixers and websites that can provide you with the information you need. E-juice calculators can help novices creating their own DIY ejuice to know the exact amounts of each ingredient to get the best vaping experience. Don't wait. Let your creativity soar by trying out some of your own vape juice recipes today.

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