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How to Take Good Care of Your Feet

Your feet take you everywhere you go. A healthy body begins from the feet, so it is essential that we take good care of them. If you notice that your feet are aching after a day’s work, you are suffering from infections such as athlete’s foot, or you just want to take better care of your feet, here are a few ways to do so. 

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Wash Often

How often do you really wash your feet - and be honest? Many people allow water to run over their fee but don’t actually take the time to wash them. You should be washing them each day with soap and water. A foot spa is not the way to do it, though, as soaking them for too long will actually strip the natural oils from the skin, leaving them dry.

Dry Them Properly

When you wash your feet, you need to make sure they are fully dry before dressing. If you do often find yourself with fungal infections, this could be why. When drying your feet, take extra care with your feet and ensure that you get in between those toes.


If your face is dry, you moisturize it right? So why do so many of us neglect our feet? Apply moisturizer all over the foot if it is dry, each day. If you have any hard bits, called calluses, you can purchase a foot file to get rid of this. Although it may feel slightly unpleasant, leaving it there could cause other problems down the line.

Cut Those Nails

To minimize the risks of an ingrown toenail, cut your nails often and in a straight line. Never cut down your nail’s edges or at an angle. Trimming regularly ensures that you are comfortable in your shoes and keeps your toes clean.

Shop for Shoes in The Afternoon

This may sound like a strange one, but your feet naturally swell through the day. If shoes fit properly in the afternoon, you know they will be the most comfortable. If you are finding your shoes uncomfortable, it may be worth purchasing an insole. There are insoles for work shoes, dress shoes, and running shoes, but carry the best insoles for every occasion.

Limit Your Time in Heels

Heels cause all kinds of problems for your feet, back, and posture. If you do enjoy wearing heels, its important that you limit your time spent in them. Varying the heel height can also aid in minimizing damage. If you often wear heels that are above 5 cm, you could be damaging your feet and posture and later in life, this can cause many issues. Your heels change how you stand, therefore, misalign your joints over time, causing arthritis and other conditions.

Your feet go through some tough times, so we should always take good care of them. They help you get from A to B, are the reason you finished that marathon, and they helped you through your wedding dance, so help them by following the above tips.

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