Wednesday, December 19, 2018

How to Reduce Dental Anxiety?

It is estimated that 15% of people have dental anxiety. The good news is that you can take steps to overcome this anxiety and get your teeth the care they need.

Find The Right Dentist

Most dentists will be sympathetic of your anxiety but that doesn’t mean to say they all are. You need to find a practice that gives you the highest possible level of service, such as this Heatherton dentist.

This will ensure that you feel comfortable when you finally open your mouth for your checkup.

It’s important to talk to as many of your friends as possible to find a dentist you will feel comfortable with. You should also talk to the dentist before you make an appointment. This will do more than help to alleviate your fears; it will also ensure the dentist is aware of the issue and can help you through your appointment.

Tell Friends

Getting the courage to go to the dentist by yourself is hard if you already have a dental phobia. That’s why you need to share your fears with a close friend or two. They will be able to accompany you and even hold your hand in the chair if necessary.


Before you visit the dentist it’s a good idea to learn some breathing exercises. This can be as simple as breathing in slowly, holding for several seconds and then slowly letting it back out.

By focusing on the breathing you will be distracted from the procedures the dentist is doing.

Test Run

You may find it beneficial to book an appointment and visit without actually having a checkup.

Simply visiting the dentist and talking to them can help you to be less nervous on the next visit. Of course you’ll need to speak to your dentist to confirm this is acceptable; you may need to pay for an appointment that you don’t really use.

Keep Stress Levels Low

When you make your appointment consider what time of day will be the least stressful for you. You don’t want or need the pressure of having to go somewhere else afterwards.

It is also important to give yourself plenty of time to get to your appointment. Although sitting in the waiting room can make you feel anxious this is not as bad as the feelings of anxiety you’ll experience when you realize that you’re running late.

To combat the waiting room anxiety you should consider taking a music player or even a good book. This will help to keep your mind occupied until your appointment.

Create Hand Signals

It is important to have some simple hand signals that you can use to tell your dentist that you’re okay or that they need to stop. Ideally you should devise this before you visit the dentist but you may prefer to discuss it with them.

These signals will help you to feel in control during your appointment which can alleviate much of your dental anxiety.

Providing you take it one step at a time it is possible to overcome your fear for good.

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